Sparah Spotted! (PHOTOS)

Sparah: So in love!
Sparah Lunches at The Ivy
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Hot couple alert! Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll were snapped by the waiting paparazzi at the Ivy in Los Angeles, looking very much in love (or is it lust?) with one another.

With their assistant in tow (and carrying all of their gear) Sparah (as they’re better known) canoodled down famous Robertson Blvd as onlookers got an eyeful of some serious PDA. One fellow restaurant patron told us she saw the couple sidling up to one another in a back booth of the high-profile restaurant, while they fed each other tasty treats.

Our source added, "They look like they are so in love. I would have never guessed it was all manufactured by Virgin Mobile."



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  • danielleakame

    who are these people. only sparah i know is the one from that virgin mobile commercial, making fun of shiz like this. lol

  • Molly

    who the eff are these people?