Suri Cruise’s $150,000 Shoe Collection! (VIDEO)

Suri Goes Shoe Shopping
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Suri Luvs Starbucks
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Suri Gets Swim Lesson
Katie teaches Suri to swim while in Miami, FL.
Yes, believe it! At just 5 years old, Suri Cruise has already reportedly racked up a shoe collection worth about $150,000, including designer pairs that mom Katie Holmes had commissioned for her fashion forward youngster. 

Suri’s obsession with heels is well-documented, and as she gets older she seems to be wearing nothing but. As a result, Katie had a pair of Christian Louboutin’s custom-made to keep her happy, and it doesn’t stop there.Suri has also taken a liking to the styles of designer Marc Jacobs! It will be interesting to see how her parents keep up with her high-end taste as she grows up! Thankfully money shouldn’t be an issue given her A-list parents.

Check out the video above, as well as some photos of Suri, to catch a glimpse of her expansive, and expensive collection!