Suri Cruise’s $150,000 Shoe Collection! (VIDEO)

Yes, believe it! At just 5 years old, Suri Cruise has already reportedly racked up a shoe collection worth about $150,000, including designer pairs that mom Katie Holmes had commissioned for her fashion forward youngster. 

Suri's obsession with heels is well-documented, and as she gets older she seems to be wearing nothing but. As a result, Katie had a pair of Christian Louboutin's custom-made to keep her happy, and it doesn't stop there.Suri has also taken a liking to the styles of designer Marc Jacobs! It will be interesting to see how her parents keep up with her high-end taste as she grows up! Thankfully money shouldn't be an issue given her A-list parents.

Check out the video above, as well as some photos of Suri, to catch a glimpse of her expansive, and expensive collection!



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  • Sarah

    Totally agree with dhaneshaney, no 5 year old needs to have $150,000 worth the shoes! So many children out there without. What Katie Holmes and any other celebrity that indulges their children this way is doing is socially irresponsible.

  • Melissa

    Gee. Too bad they didn't do something USEFUL with that money instead of wasting it on a 4 year old little girl. That could have paid for a college education or two. Disgusting how selfish and wasteful these people are when there are people who can't even fix their homes right now. They should take a cue from Elvis who actually cared about regular people and donated time and money to help them.

  • dhaneshaney

    Way to raise you child to be selfish and silly. Realluy Cruises.. there are children all over the world who have no shoes.. how stupid to you really want to look. Shame on you!