The Meet & Greet: ‘Kickin’ It’ Star Dylan Riley Snyder

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Dylan Riley Snyder stars on the Disney XD show Kickin’ It, all about a martial arts academy, and it may not look like he could bust out some karate moves on you, if you think he couldn’t you’re sorely mistaken!

With a background in theater and dance, Dylan has taken a liking to his new martial arts ways. Celebuzz caught up with the young actor and talked to him about his summer plans, the show, and how he got started in the business.

Tell us a little about the show and your character.
The show is called Kickin It which is a Disney XD television show about a karate dojo called the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy run by Sensei Rudy who is played by [Hannah Montana star] Jason Earles. It is about five kids who are at this dojo who release we are stronger together than without each other. My character is Milton, who is a thin wispy kid. He joined to try and boost his confidence.

Are there any similarities between you and your character?
We both are very smart and get good grades, also both love to hang with friends.

Did you have fun trying out karate?
When we need to do karate on the show we had choreographers teaching us the moves, but I really enjoy doing the kicks. I lived in New York for five years prior to this and while I was there I did mainly theater. I did a lot of dance so getting into karate was a little easier for me.

What is your favorite part of filming the show?
I would say the ever-changing script. I love coming into work knowing that the script will be different and there will be a challenge.

Do you ever get to do improv?
If we have an idea where we think will be fun I often seek our head writer. Sometimes if you think of something in the middle of a scene it is good to go just forward with it and see how they like it. You can try and sometimes you will fail but what if that idea is a huge hit. It is good to improv.

Do you prefer dramatic roles over comedic pieces?
This is my first comedic role, so it is hard for me to say. They are very different fields but I love the freedom of comedy.

How did you get your start in acting?
Well, back in Alabama my sister would take me to her musical theatre rehearsals where I really began to become interested. When I was four they asked me to go on stage and smile then run off this is where the directors noticed I could take direction very well. I was then cast as ‘Tiny Tim’ and has blossomed ever since.

Do you want to pursue singing down the line?
Yes I do, but that would be a little farther down the road.

What would one of your ultimate career goals be?
I would love to continue with acting for as long as possible and see where that leads me. My back up plan is going into aerospace engineering or computer engineering, but for now I will focus on acting.

What actors do you look up to?
I really look up to Tom Hanks and Matthew Modine. These are very great actors but would definitely love to mirror my career after Tom Hanks.

Do you have any big summer plans?
We will still be filming during summer but over weekends and hiatus I want to go to the beach. I feel awesome beach waves in my future.