There’s a New Star in the Family: Elle Fanning Steps Into the Spotlight

For years, Dakota Fanning has been known as one of Hollywood's most reliable and likable child stars but as she graduates high school and heads off to college, younger sister Elle Fanning is ready to step into Dakota's shoes and become the next go-to young actress.

Elle has showed promise in small roles in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Deja Vu, but she proved she can carry a film in last year's critically-acclaimed Somewhere. Now, she is taking the next step toward stardom as a budding fashion icon and as one of the leads of the new summer blockbuster Super 8.

Check out Elle and more famous sisters in our gallery, and get acquainted with some faces you may be seeing a lot more of in the coming months and years.

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  • Chris

    someone didn't do his full research. Or he would know that Elle was also the star of Phoebe in Wonderland, which was before Somewhere and she had to carry that film as the central character. Did a dang good job of it as well.

  • Mel_M

    Dakota hasn't put "...her career on hold while she heads off to college." In fact, her commitments appear to be rather heavy--IMO, quite heavy. Dakota has said that she wants to make movies while attending college. From what I've read, it looks like that's exactly what her plans now are. This year, she's signed up for 6 new movies: The Motel Life, Mississippi Wild, Now is Good, Very Good Girls, Girl's Night Out, and Furious Angel. I believe The Motel Life was filmed around Feb-early March, Now is Good will start in July; Very Good Girls is scheduled for Sept , and both Girls' Night Out and Furious Angel are scheduled for around the end of the year. Mississippi Wild was to start in late March, but I've not been able to find out what its status is or if she's worked on it at all. If she's pulled out of any of these movies or the projects have died, I've not read anything about it. I hope (because I think it's what Dakota wants very much) the flexibility of NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study (the school lots of us believe that she will attend) will allow her to make movies; I expect that Dakota has it all figured out.

  • Herman Bumfudle
    Herman Bumfudle

    wow! she is brilliant. dakota, did you teach her all that? wow! good job!!! yeh! three boinks. smile.

  • Kate

    since when was somewhere critically acclaimed?