Dianna Agron Hearts Toronto (PHOTOS)

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Dianna Agron Hearts Toronto
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Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but Glee blondie Dianna Agron knows how to use her head! 

During a break from the Glee Live Tour in Toronto, Canada, she headed out and about town wearing heart-shaped glasses and bright green headphones with a colorful sweater. Just a few weeks ago, she shared a video of her taking some shears to her gorgeous locks -- and the result is a super cute summer cut that perfectly accentuates her kicky outfit.

The whole Glee gang is on the road this summer, also Dianna has thankfully avoided the fate of co-star Darren Criss, who was pulled off stage by a rabid fan in Washington D.C.! Whoops! Although he's okay, we're suggesting the remaining show dates feature padded flooring, just in case. 

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  • LoveLea_Michele

    she's dressed interestingly! but i love Dianna! Love Lea more though! i'm so excited for my London Glee Live! Think i might cry when Lea comes on :')

  • Justin Chan
    Justin Chan

    Hi, Hey man leave her alone! she can wear anything she wants.The headphones are great and nice colour too. People still wear them the headphone or any types.

  • Frank McBee
    Frank McBee

    What the hell is she wearing and why would she wear it. Even the head phones are stupid.