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Teresa Giudice, mom, author and Real Housewives of New Jersey star wanted to set the record straight about some rumors regarding her and her marriage with Celebuzz. Teresa will have much more to share with us about her crazy and busy life in the coming weeks, so make sure to stayed tuned!

What a week for rumors, huh? I feel so bad for Kim Kardashian -- someone she’s never even met makes up a story about her? There are many great things about being on television -- meeting amazing people all over the country, getting to be on Ellen, getting invited to fun parties -- but being the subject of hurtful lies is not one of them!

I can’t believe how many magazines I’ve been on the cover of lately... and for such crazy things! I’m getting a lot of messages of people worried about me and my family, so I wanted to clear them up directly right now.

Joe and I are not getting a divorce. We aren’t separated; never have been. We are happily married. I love him as much as the day we got married. My kids are wonderful. Yes, Gia cried in school one day, but everyone’s been really sweet to her since then and she’s tough, like her mom. I’m so blessed to have my beautiful family!

Even Perez Hilton wrote about me being nice to a person on Twitter who was making fun of me, wondering if did it on purpose of if I’m just stupid. Sorry, Perez, I knew they were making fun of me (I read people’s Twitter streams before I respond to them so I know where they’re coming from. And that person makes fun of everyone!) And I was still nice. That’s how I am. I just think you can catch more flies with honey... I have never once in over 6,000 tweets engaged with a hater on Twitter (or Facebook). I know my other cast mates get into online wars with people, but I just don’t. Never have. Never will. You have the right to your opinion, and I have the right to hit the delete button and not read it. Done, done, done.

I did have some good news this week: my book made the New York Times bestseller list! I could not be more excited!! Thank you all so much for you support, your love, your wonderful messages and prayers... I appreciate it more than you could ever know!

FABULICIOUS is flying off the shelves--if you can’t find it in your local bookstore, it’s still in stock on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com (It’s also available on Kindle, Nook, and the iPad!) I’m going back to Florida this week for a book signing -- I’ll be in Miami on Thursday! I’m also going to NY, CT, and soon SC! My schedule is on my website here.

Thank you all so much for sharing your own stories about your family issues. Everyone keeps asking me where things stand with me and Joey right now. I’d love to say everything is better, but it seems like every day, there’s something new tearing us apart. If you watched last night’s episode (RHONJ moved to Sunday nights on Bravo!), you saw Joey come to Gia’s gymnastics meet, and how happy we were to see him there. I really thought we were going to fix it all--I miss him so much!--but then I saw how upset it made Melissa that we were reconciling...

I love my brother and would do anything to have him in my life full-time again. We were so close growing up, and the more time that passes like this, it just breaks my heart. And it is tearing my parents up. We’re their only kids. But I am at a loss when it comes to Melissa. Clearly we can’t be a family if she doesn’t want us to be, and I’ve tried everything I can think of to love her, accept her, forgive her, apologize to her... what am I missing? I refuse to bash her in the press or on Twitter, even though she has no problem doing the same to me. She not only posts little digs, she compliments the most hateful bloggers that write horrible things about my kids! I would never...

It was all over the new yesterday that Melissa told TV Guide she “never intended to attack” me. I want to believe her, but she told People magazine the opposite: “I knew it would make my sister-in-law go insane if we joined the show. Teresa never wanted us around, so I guess this is karma. She should have kept her family close to her.” Um, ouch. Then she writes on her Bravo blog last week: “I will stop at nothing to fix this.” Anyone else as confused as me? Anyone else figured out how to make peace with a sister-in-law who keeps attacking them? I would love your advice because I’m pretty much out of ideas!

Hope you all have a Fabulicious week! I just posted new pictures of my fabulous fans on my website (including proof that you are all hot bitches!!)

xx Teresa

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  • Lady

    After watching the reunion it's clear Melissa belittles Teresa EVERY CHANCE SHE GETS. As if her disregard for her husbands family and their health was not clear enough. She showed no remorse for her sneaky actions took contacting Danielle S. to initially get on the Real Housewives and portrayed little remorse for the consequences her in-laws had to deal with that followed. It baffles me that she and Joey are in NO WAY ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.

  • just lil ol me
    just lil ol me

    I want to know what show a couple of you a watching. Teresa needs help, her gears are slipping. She belittles everyone. She threw away cookies that her sister in law tool to her house? Thats rude, i dont care how much i dont get along w someone, i wouldnt stoop so low. She is disrespectful & im thinking maybe a bit paranoid. Its one blow after another & i dont see why she has so many fooled into believing she is the victim. Shes the new Danielle & almost just as crazy. The 2010 Christmas, she didnt give a rats ---- bout her smiling kids, only the in her words "so no diamonds" Her cousin mentioned opening a restaurant... ooh ooh me too me too! Her sister in law wants to sing & she embarrasses her by trying to call her out. She puts on a fake persona to lead others to think she is a kind person when the only kind words she has are for herself, her thieving husband & her spoiled kids. She always insults Melissa about everything. Its nothing more than petty jealousy from a forty year old who acts 5. I wouldn't want to be around her either. She always throws her parents at her brother, if she was concerned about her parents opinions then she should focus on improving herself & not playing some "im better than you" game when she isnt even playing w a full deck.

  • Caro

    Teresa's husband is the one saying nasty things all the time ... Teresa loves him but please girl don't be blind! He is a jerk!

  • JJ

    Both you and your sister in law need to stop playing the "Im better than you" game. You need to learn how to be kind and say "that's wonderful" or "Im so glad for you" instead of trying to put everyone down. Even Caroline and Jacqualine are starting to get annoyed with your behavior.

  • Guilty

    Jessica, I completely disagree with you. I think Melissa likes to play nice in front of the camera, and her husband as well. But I think off camera she just brainwashes her husband with little comments, drawing his attention to small things and twisting them to suit her needs & keep the tension between her husband and his sister. I know this....cause I'm ashamed to admit that I have done this myself. It was because I was jealous of how close my husband was with his sister. I felt threatened. I honestly believe that is how Melissa feels and really in her heart of hearts doesn't want them to reconcile...ever. She wants to be the most important person in her husband's life.

  • Joanna Renee
    Joanna Renee

    were you paid for this comment!!!! They are just as nasty to their family members as their family memeber are to them. they all need to stop being assholes and Teresa's husband is the BIGGEST ASSHOLE OF ALL!!!


    Why dont you just stop taking jabs at your sister in law and concentrate on the good things that you have such as your beautiful daugthers and your book and the success this show has brought you If it was not for the show, what would you guys be doing? It was clear on the show how jealous you are of Melissa.

  • Honestine

    Sharyn just STFU. Teresa is not jealous of Melissa. You must not watch the show dumb ass. Why would she be jealous? Teresa loves her brother and is not jealous of Melissa being in his life. It's just when your brother marries a bitch like that and his wife starts stirring him in the wrong direction and putting shit in his head of course your gonna be pissed. Teresa's been trying to make things work and is being the bigger person of wanting to hatch things up for the sake of her brother. She clearly loves her brother and only wants happiness in his life even if includes that witch Melissa. Teresa keep up the good work cause you are the star of the show. Trust me, if you weren't on the show along with Caroline that show would be junk. You guys keep it real and are straight up. One more thing...Please can you guys take that immature bitch Kim G off the fucken show already. SHES A BITCH!

  • Honestine

    Stfu Jessica, your probably one of Melissa's bitch as sisters thats on the show or Melissa indeed. Melissa is a two face. She always tries to play the victim with her husband and that's why he was treating Teresa that way, but we can clearly see the hurt he had in his eyes when her name was brought up. He will always love his sister and Melissa can't take that away. In his heart she will always be a big part of it. That's his only sister and Melissa should stop fronting about Teresa. I've watched Teresa from when this show first started and she has been my favorite along with Caroline because they both keep it real. Oh, as far as Teresa's cousin, Bravo need to kick her two faced ass off the show cause she is not bringing anything to the show but non-sense. She's irritating with her big bubbly eyes and also her irritating midget ass husband. TERESA YOU ROCK AND KEEP DOING YOU!!!!!

  • Honestine

    Melissa is a bitch!! Teresa you rock, stay the same and don't change for anyone.

  • blueglitter

    what?? i love housewives!

  • courtneybaaaby

    hey Carol C, so cant be fucked reading your comment!

  • Laila

    Teresa, remember America loves you.. without you the show is nothing... keep on being the great person that you are. As far as Melissa goes, whatever... she'll never understand your hurt or love for your brother. I love you Teresa, stay fabulous!

  • Jenna M
    Jenna M

    Teresa, you are great! Melissa is a snake and I'm not falling for it. Its so unfortunate that this girl is breaking up you and your brother's relationship. She says she wants to fix things, but that is such a lie. When she met up with you one of the first things she said was how she didn't know if things could be fixed. She's not even trying. Yes Melissa it IS your fault! Love you Teresa!!!



  • Carol C
    Carol C

    Hey Theresa, When your relatives came on the show I could not believe how immature a person could be, how they trashed you every chance they got when the camera was on, all in hopes that it would make THEM look GOOD!?!! It was too funny!. Heck no I'm not confused, they are SO jealous that you've been on the show without them, that is SO obvious. The recognition they've been trying to get by bashing you has really backfired, in my opinion, they have made colossal fools of themselves, and I'm sorry for them, and for you because you have to claim them as family! I watch RHNJ to laugh at the dumb people, I'm sorry. Right now they're just using you to feel better about themselves, so it's best for you to just step back, make fools of themselves on their own and wait for them to grow up. You've already done that, I've watched you grow so much, and I've really come to like you more and more because you've really worked on owning who you are, since the show started, and it's paid off, good job! You're genuine and responsible for who you are, and I can really relate to such a geunine person, it's fantastic, YOU are Great! Keep being genuine! And Joe, he did too, so great! The rest of your family needs to do the same, and they will, when they see themselves, the way they were trying to use you by trashing you, they won't like it, and the change will come gradually, eventually. They are nice people, they just need to see it yet, like you! You and Joe are honest, responsible, respectful, kind, genuine, gracious, keep it up Theresa and Joe! The same will happen for your relatives, don't worry! -C

  • candace marie
    candace marie

    Melissa and Teresa are two bitches of a kind, but now that Teresa is broke and juicy Joe is about to do 10 years and her life is a wreck, she is trying to play the victim. Bitch that victim role is not gonna work, you were the biggest Bitch last year wants to play victim this year…I don’t think so. KARMA is a bitch and you are a bigger one

  • candace marie
    candace marie

    Melissa and Teresa are two bitches of a kind, but now that Teresa is broke and juicy Joe is about to do 10 years and her life is a wreck, she is trying to play the victim. Bitch that victim role is not gonna work, you were the biggest Bitch last year wants to play victim this year...I don't think so.

  • Sharyn

    You have to love your family and those they choose to marry. If you want to have a relationship with your brother, you will have to accept Melissa, she is the mother of your nieces and nephew, Joe loves her, so just accept her. and understand their love for each other They come FIRST to each other as your relationship with your husband does. That is the way it should be. You and your brother have love for each other, your all grown up with families just ACCEPT his choice

  • Joelle

    I also have a sister in law who is full of poison. She doesn't want to hear both sides of any situation, she just assumes she knows everything about us, even though we have barely been in touch for 10 yrs. My husband and I moved away from his family because of his job and his sister has taken it personally and as soon as she found something to attack me with, she ran with it. All I can say is, I'm happier with her out of my life and I'm sad she is such an unhappy person. She could have her brother in her life, which I was trying to accomplish, as he had already decided she couldn't be trusted, but she just pushes him away by attacking me. It might be better to let your brother walk away for the time being, until he has finally had enough and deals with her in his own way.

  • Tina Bryant Williams
    Tina Bryant Williams

    have to say hey, what program are u watching??? melissa is a immature, selfesh, self protesting, baby. If it wont her teresa do you think she could tell the whole world about her nasty sex life, and brag, and show off.? Funny thing is u can be on top one day and bottom next.

  • JoyceM

    you'll all make peace when you all decide that is what your goal it "PEACE". It will happen when you all all stop saying/doing hurtful things and ask yourselves; Do I want to be right? Or do I want to have peace? You're all adults but you're hurting each other using your kids too. Either you adults get it right or get it over with and leave each other alone. Don't keep putting the kids in the middle because that is never "right" and will never bring anyone "peace". Might also help if you all start asking what would I feel like if someone did or said that to me? Then bite your sharp tongues and let it pass. You don't need to say the last word to have the last word. JMHO

  • Trefan

    Joe Giudice doesn't talk to his brother's wife, he said it on the Friendsgiving episode...Who said Teresa doesn't talk to her? Where are you getting your information?

  • Trefan

    If you're tired of it, then don't watch it.

  • Trefan

    Melissa is only on the show to bash Teresa...has there been an interview where she doesn't talk about her? Everytime Melissa does an interview, they always ask her about Teresa! They don't care about her singing career. Wench?!?!?! Really Melissa?

  • MMC

    Team Teresa! We all see how Melissa really is and it's just sad that she wants to come in between you and your family to feel more secure in her relationship with Joe. She's threatened by you and Joe's relationship.. so obvious! Love ya girl... keep smiling and stay strong! =)

  • team teresa, melissa must go
    team teresa, melissa must go

    are u in love with melissa or something or is this one of her evil sisters trying to stick up for her? melissa is a bitter, jealous, rude, disrespectful "wench". teresa has tried to please that evil woman and she is never satisfied. she is the cause of the family feud. if she continues to pit joe against his own sister. eventually,joe will see how ugly she really is and resent her. so she should really mind her attitude and stop being a snake.

  • team teresa, melissa must go
    team teresa, melissa must go

    what the hell are wrong with the haters that love melissa so much?! are u people blind and stupid? since the beginning melissa has been rude and making rude comments about teresa and her family. melissa says one thing but does another. she either wants to make up or fight. she is confused. clearly she is jealous of teresa and is only manipulating the situation between teresa and her brother. i call that evil, conniving and heartless.

  • Lady B
    Lady B

    Teresa, I have read your comments about your sister-in-law week after week and to be quite frank, I'm tired of it. Yes, you were on the show first, but what does that really mean. Melissa is beautiful and talented, not to mention that she obviously makes your brother happy. So, why do you hate her? She has no reason to hate you. Stop being mean to her. Admit that your upset that your brother now has a woman in his life that ranks higher than you! She SHOULD! She is his wife! Would you want any different from your own husband?? This whole thing is so silly!

  • souther biscuit
    souther biscuit

    He's has a pizza place

  • Thandie

    Well Maria sounds like a mature woman who loves her brother enough to stand by him. She is not manipulating him to turn against his wife like Melissa does.

  • Thandie

    Melissa ADMITTED in her bravo blog that the card & redone word was a dig. She did not try to open a path to a conversation. Teresa is not innocent but the way Melissa manipulates her husband shows me that her heart is not right

  • skin

    Oh my, it broke my heart to see the family fight at the Christing and the way Melissa is left out at family gatherings, like at the gymnastic place. Oh please do stop being so angry Teresa. Also a little advice on the card Melissa sent you about rebuilding your home.. it was probably her why of trying to open a path to a conversation, but no you are so angry Teresa that you can't even let your heart open for someone who wants to bend a relationship. I hope you can calm that anger inside of you and just be nice, especially to your family. I only say it because I have family that leaves me out and laugh at everything I do.

  • Tara10

    No, I am not talking about Joe Giudice's sister Maria. Yes, she NOW stands by her brother. She NEVER has been a Teresa fan until now. Well, she isn't a fan she just feels bad for her brother. The other sister in law is Joe Giudice's brother's wife. Her and Teresa do not get along and never did. Teresa has always been mean and nasty. You didn't even know she had another sister in law right????????

  • Flowers

    You must be Melissa!!

  • Kiki

    Teresa- you are amazing. All the negative comments towards you are just nasty and miserable people that want to talk trash. Continue to be great... so many people love you! Please make peace with your brother & melissa... drop everything... no more pointing fingers... if you don't, and god forbid something happens to either one of you... how are you going to live with yourself... throw all the drama away... it's not worth it... start fresh... say sorry... say it over and over until it works... it takes more energy to FIGHT & HOLD GRUDGES, then to LOVE someone... You are a great person, spread that love to your brother & melissa... tell them life is too short... don't give up... your brother loves you so much... and you love him... and the kids love each other... save what you can... xoxo... good luck!!! Tanti baci per te :)

  • rochelle

    Teresa was the first to be on the show, now who else is? no one realized that teresa had a falling out with her family on the show, i say that was the bigger person of her. since her family has been on the show why do we know everything now? teresa you need to stop letting them exist, make your own family and your own traditions now, dont give them a reason to talk. we will understand that. PS i really like you teresa you're my favorite, you relate to about 80% of americans.

  • rochelle

    jessica you kinda seem like melissa is writing this!!!!!

  • rochelle

    Teresa was the first to be on the show, now who else is? no one realized that teresa had a falling out with her family on the show, i say that was the bigger person of her. since her family has been on the show why do we know everything now? teresa you need to stop letting them exist, make your own family and your own traditions now, dont give them a reason to talk. we will understand that.

  • Tara10

    Joe Giudice has a brother Pete....she doesn't talk to Teresa or get along with her either. She is on TEAM MELISSA...don't you find that odd???????

  • Shannon Zarsang
    Shannon Zarsang

    Jessica you are watching a show...bravo shows you what they want to show you. youre an idiot for making such a comment on someones personal life you know nothing about. :smacks you with a stamp on your forehead that says " do not engage conversation, Im an idiot that makes opinions where they are not needed NOR have any truth to " : Asshats, I swear.

  • Tonya Yow Furr
    Tonya Yow Furr

    Love you Teresa....Melissa is so jealous over you....Don't worry about all the haters....You ROCK!!!!

  • PJ

    You adults are going to have to fix this for the sake of the children. It broke my heart to see those children want to be together but couldn't because of the adults. If nothing else, please the children......

  • Ptd

    Melissa is clearly a competitive and jealous person. It probably infuriated her that you became a famous celebrity and she didn't. She will never change because she clearly is an evil person. Unfortunately, there is probably nothing you can do untill your brother realizes the type of person he married.

  • alexb

    I dont think anyone expected what happened at the christening. There was too much alcohol involved on Joe Gorga's side. Everything could have and should have been handle differently. Both Melissa and Teresa admit to digging at each other. Maybe because I'm in a similar situation as full blooded italian with a bratty sister-in-law i see where T is coming from and maybe your on the Melissa side of a situation. I don't know but like i said it takes all kinds for this world to go round. Everyone has their fans and their haters regardless if you're on tv or not. However, it was CLEAR in the last episode that as soon as Teresa and Joe Gorga saw how happy their children were together that possibly the drama would end. That was until Joey and Melissa got home. I could care less if Teresa and Melissa tore each others heads off as long as they could BOTH shut their mouths, feelings and opinions up long enough for the kids to spend time together. I think eventually they will even forget what they were fighting about.

  • Treape Hater
    Treape Hater

    Yes I agree that NEITHER is innocent. What irks me is Teresa pretending to be a saint. They BOTH need to grow up and stop this bs for the kids sake. Teresa may talk about Melissa but she is no better by talking about her in the press and in her blog every week. Not to mention the 1st episode of the season when she acted like she had no idea why her brother told her she was fake and asked her why she was saying hi. She acted like she was blindsided and NOW is changing her tune and saying Melissa has ruined her family. She also posted on her twitter during the summer that the blogs saying there was a family fued were LYING but now that it's out there it's clearly true. Teresa needs to stop blaming everything on Melissa. Both she and Joe need to grow up and work it out. Plain and simple.

  • alexb


  • alexb

    reading some of these comments make me remember it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round! People really don't see Melissa a brat and an instigator? Yes, I get sometimes teresa is no peach but as a veiwer of RHONJ we have gotten to see multiple sides for Teresa. Melissa not so much. She came out of the gate swinging in a jealous fury! She is the baby of her family and it is obvious and only natural that she would be jealous and angry if someone else was in the spot light. There was a comment about the other sister-in-law.. Do you mean Joes sister who was shown defending them at the christening and should up on time to Gia gymnastic meet? Or is there another one that you would have to go digging to find this information about? Jeez I wish i had that kind of free time!

  • Treape Hater
    Treape Hater

    Whatever he does as far as we know he doesn't owe 11mil.

  • Treape Hater
    Treape Hater

    Teresa is so innocent and never does or says anything bad about her family or Melissa but Melissa does? What bloggers have talked about your children Teresa? Or better yet, did your poor child get teased in school when you flipped the table? Or how about when it came out that you owe everybody $. Better yet, what about when you called Danielle a c*nt on last season's reunion show and tried to fight her. Oh goodness and let's not forget how you tweeted about Melissa having a nanny and not knowing the words to Amazing Grace last night but YOU NEVER tweet or talk about anyone or anything in a negative way. You're such a victim! (Insert Sarcasm Here)

  • Deb

    What type of work does Joey do by the way? Is it legal ?

  • Deb

    Seems to me Melissa and her Husband are the jealous ones. Gee Theresa couldn't even have a reality show without Melissa horning in on it. She's very jealous of the relationships she has with the other girls too.All she has are her sisters.Melissa wants to be the center of attention and can't stand it when Theresa gets more. By the way which she always will.

  • Gissy

    What other sister-in-law?

  • Deb

    Jessica,What a twit you are.You can truly see Melissa wants to play both sides.She's a little troublemaker.

  • speechlass1

    You know how to fix this...all you have to do is shut up. Silence...give them nothing. No words no recognition...and stop playing the victim.

  • m.

    why yous being so nasty ? teresa is great mum and person and cook:) so stop slating and hating :) .

  • sharon p
    sharon p

    It's all just ridiculous and a waste of time and energy on both sides. I believe you both are at fault and should get over yourselves and move on. Don't do to others what you don't want done to you, regardless of the tv ratings you get from it. Your right, Karma is a bitch! Can we please see more interesting topics on this show?

  • Gabby22

    Teresa Giudice‘s new cookbook ‘Fabulicious’ was released yesterday and promised to have 60 flavorful recipes to enjoy with your familia. that doesn’t sound very thrilling does it? Well, rolling in true Teresa style, even in her cookbook she can’t keep her horse mouth closed and takes a jab at her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga for basically copying everything Teresa does. “I see my brother, Joe Gorga, his wife Melissa, my niece Antonia, and my nephews Gino and Joey several times a week. same with all of Joe’s sisters and brothers, and their families, my cousins, my aunts, and my mother and father-in-law… and no, we don’t always get along. do I sometimes wish my cousin would stop with the lame jokes? yes. Do I wish my baby sister-in-law didn’t copy everything I do down to the shoes I wear and the chairs on my front porch? of course! But you know what they say: “You can’t pick your family.” Yep, you can count on Teresa to make a dig whenever she can. seriously, does she constantly have Melissa on the brain and can’t help but mumble and nag about her whenever she breathes? I’m so glad I’m not related to Teresa.

  • Dina5041

    I can see you are a real peace maker since you wrote a nasty comment in your book about Melissa. It doesn't seem you wanted to repair anything with a comment in print like that. Give up the act....you are so transparent. Can't wait until you guys go to court in July, I hope justice is served.

  • Maria Z
    Maria Z

    Why don't you tell us about your other sister in law who doesn't speak to you.....It's not just Melissa....I can't wait to hear her side of the story. My bet is that she doesn't like you for the same reasons Melissa doesn't. So you don't flip tables and chase people anymore? You are a saint who does no wrong? PLEASE honey.... give us all a break.

  • Jessica

    You are so full of it! You keep on playing the victim. You are so fake! Melissa is exposing you and you can't stand it. TOO BAD! You are just jealous! You don't love anyone buy yourself.

  • Momma S
    Momma S

    Stop engaging Melissa. Treat her like a chimpanzee. She will do whatever she thinks will make Joey happy. When he turns his back, she is playing in her own poop. If you realize she doesnt think like an adult, you will better understand how to deal with her. Concentrate on your relationship with your brother.

  • Tammy Evans-Ingles
    Tammy Evans-Ingles

    The best advice I can from my previous experience with a hard to get along with family member is to Kill her with Kindness no matter what her actions may be. Sometimes you have to go above and beyond the norm to win over someone and keep the peace.

  • Denise Madison
    Denise Madison

    Every family member has fallen outs. Don't worry everything will be back to normal soon.Your family and that LOVE is strong. Keep your chin up. Your beautiful inside and out.