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Celebuzz has already given away one pair of tickets (plus hosted the presale) for Darren Criss' big New York City concert this Wednesday (June 15). And now, you've got one last shot to snag tickets to the totally-sold-out show.

That's right ... We've got another pair of tickets to Darren's Irving Plaza show set for June 15 at 8pm (doors open at 7pm). So how do you enter to see your favorite Glee/Starkid crooner in action?

All you have to do is "Like" Celebuzz on Facebook and drop a comment on our FB discussion or in this post telling us the one New York City location you'd love to take Darren to. We'll randomly pick one winner on Tuesday, June 14 at 3pm EST / noon PST. Creativity will be rewarded (and keep it classy/PG).

The show is at Irving Plaza on June 15 (doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm). Transportation to NYC and the venue will not be provided.

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  • Laney O'Shea
    Laney O'Shea

    We would go to a moon bounce party at Bounce U! The funnest place in the whole world. We can invite all the starkids who live in the area. All ages allowed!

  • Sarah B.
    Sarah B.

    I would take Darren to the Sunglasseshut because we all know he has a love of sunglasses and anyone could use a new pair for the summer.

  • Gina Bernardo Bergdall
    Gina Bernardo Bergdall

    One word: Brooklyn. I would take him on a "New Yorker's NY" tour. Where those of us who live in this city spend our time. Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill flea market, BAM, the Brooklyn Museum, Botanical Gardens, and possibly a stop at the Grand Army Plaza farmer's market.

  • Nikki Papcun
    Nikki Papcun

    I would take Darren to see underground movie screenings in an old, unused subway line near Atlantic Ave and Pacific St in Brooklyn. They are usually independent films that are randomly shown but announced through an email called "The Rundown." I would take him there because it's a fun and exciting thing to do in Brooklyn - which we all know is where Darren wanted to live before he decided to move to L.A. Plus it's a unique experience, not something touristy or mundane. :D

  • wakijaki

    i wrote this on fb but just in case ill post it on here!!... I think one of the coolest parts of the city is the little stands with people selling things. I have gotten so many amazing bags, sunglasses (including a pair of pink ones!) and other things from those! Plus, the people are so interesting to talk to sometimes. So I think it would be awesome to take Darren around Times Square and just walk around all the little shops, and maybe some of the bigger ones too.. I mean, who doesn't love m+m world?! Plus all the shows are around there. With the Tonys last night it would be awesome to see one of the award-winning shows like Anything Goes, or whatever Darren wants to see. Then after if we weren't too tired we could go to a comedy club! We could end the day with something funny! It would be a long day, but it would be totally worth it :)

  • Maureen Saraco
    Maureen Saraco

    I would take Darren to the Ronald McDonald House New York because helping children who are suffering from cancer, and their families (who are suffering too), is really important to me. These kids deserve something to brighten their day. Darren seems like a nice guy, and I know he plays charity shows whenever he can, so I'm sure hanging out with the kids at the Ronald McDonald House would appeal to him.

  • Olivia

    Also the person above me isn't me we just have the same name!

  • Olivia

    That is too the tune of Ginny ^

  • Olivia

    Let’s go out to the city Theres lots of insanity (pronounced in-sane-ity) (Like ity bity) In New York City We can go out to a movie And probably see HP Darren! We can stop by a broadway show Wanna take you too see Radcliffe He’s on broadway! Dar Dar Dar Dar Darren!

  • Olivia

    I would totally take Darren to a Broadway show. Probably "Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles" because Darren has claimed his love for the Beatles in a couple interviews. Then we could see if we could find a good Sushi place (Sushi being Darrens fav food) and maybe stop by the Public Library of New York and read To Kill A Mockingbird (His Fav. book). Afterwards we could hangout and in Times Square and street perform and maybe jam out to Somewhere of the Rainbow "the best song ever created" - Darren Criss). Then we could go to FAO Schwartz. Which is the coolest toy store in the universe then maybe stop by a nice restaurant for dinner.

  • Sophie Riscigno
    Sophie Riscigno

  • Sophie Riscigno
    Sophie Riscigno

    Well, I wrote this little ditty about where I'd take Darren. Follow the link to watch me playing it [I tried my best!],cause I can't seem to embed it here :] and here are the lyrics: Dear Darren, I Know exactly where I'd take you in New York I'd take you out for sushi cause that's my favorite treat [and you like it too!] Don't worrk, I have no problem paying for you NO seriously, It's the least I can do! We'd have a wonderful evening Of sushi-bar-hopping! And then we would go walking around the City, cause at night it's really pretty and I really like the lights, cause I come from a small town! So Darren, I hope you'd enjoy this lovely day with silly old me. Cause I can't really imagine anywhere else I'd rather be. Then in New York, Just DC and me! :]

  • Christie Pate
    Christie Pate

    I'd take him up to Winnipeg... oh wait that's in Canada. Whoops.

  • michellej12

    I'd take Darren to one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York. Alphabet City thrums with vibrant creativity. Its food and music never fail to make me incredibly happy. Sugar Sweet Sunshine flaunts Bob and Ooey Gooey! Cupcakes, Chocolate Bombs, and Pistachio Bundts. Their sweets will endow you with the necessary swagger for the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. In its weekly slams, New York's miscellany spit mad verse. I once heard an MC spin a tragicomedy about perverted grandfathers and perseverance. I saw a teacher weave the stories of her students into the hearts of her audience. Here, art thunders.

  • michellej12

    I'd take Darren to one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York. Alphabet City thrums with vibrant creativity. Its food and music never fail to make me incredibly happy. Sugar Sweet Sunshine flaunts Bob and Ooey Gooey! Cupcakes, Chocolate Bombs, and Pistachio Bundts. Their sweets will endow you with the necessary swagger for the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. In its weekly slams, New York's miscellany spit mad verse. I once heard an MC spin a tragicomedy about his perverted grandfathers and perseverance. I saw a teacher weave the stories of her students into the hearts of her audience. Here, art thunders.

  • Sarah W.
    Sarah W.

    I would take him to Chelsea Piers, where we would play basketball, go rock climbing, sailing, ice skating, and bowling. In an interview he said that while shooting the prom episode of Glee, he and some of his castmates played basketball during breaks, so he would probably like that. He seems like an active guy that likes to have fun :)

  • Alexandra Simonian
    Alexandra Simonian

    I would take Darren Criss to the New York City Highline. Darren's character and the music he sings on glee unite many types of people who would not have crossed paths otherwise, much like the NYC Highline. The Highline is one of the most beautiful places in the city. It is a public park up above the streets where everyone is able to marvel at the city below. Watching Blaine and all the unique characters who have appeared on Glee has truly impacted me. I suffer from a rare genetic disorder and tuning in every week to watch authentic people experience real-life struggles has given me a sense of hope and confidence in who I am. If I ever got the amazing opportunity to meet Darren, I would thank him for what he has done for me.

  • Theo

    I'd take him to Alice's Tea Cup because frankly I just want to enjoy a warm, delicious croissant with the guy. Afterward, we'd head over to Metropolitan Museum of Art for some inspiration. And, maybe, if I play my cards right, he'll serenade me with a rendition of Teenage Dream.

  • Lori Abichandani
    Lori Abichandani

    walk through highline park, dinner in Chelsea, and karaoke-ing at night!

  • Sheridan Merrick
    Sheridan Merrick

    I would take him to the People's Improv Theater, where the screening of Starship was!

  • etucker

    The two of us would begin the day by taking in Harry Potter: The Exhibition at Discovery TImes Square. He's played the character and we share a love of the series. Most importantly though, the two of us would visit his friends and fellow Starkids in NYC, while hopefully seeing the lovely Charlene Kaye perform...because we all know friends are the most important thing to Darren. A truly perfect day!

  • Kirsten Braun
    Kirsten Braun

    I would take Darren on a whirlwind tour of all of NYC's flashback movie sites. We'd start with the Ghostbusters lecture hall at Columbia and work our way downtown, stopping at famous establishments such as Al's Soup Kitchen from Seinfeld, the Huxtables’ house from The Cosby Show, the apartment building from Friends, and the Plaza from Home Alone 2. We'd swing by the News Building, which housed the Daily Planet in the 1978 version of Spiderman. Then we'd have some fun playing in FAO Schwarz, like Tom Hanks in BIG. We could finish up the day with a rendezvous at the top of the Empire State building, a la Godzilla and King Kong meet Sleepless in Seattle! Random and unforgettable!

  • Marie S
    Marie S

    If i had the amazing opportunity to bring Darren Criss somewhere in New York i would bring him to JFK airport to go on a plane to London so we could see all of the Harry Potter sights together such as Kings Cross, the place where they filmed gringotts. if i had to stay in NYC i would bring him to a Broadway show, probably How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying so that he and Daniel Radcliffe could meet, the two Harry Potters. Or the Stardust Cafe.

  • Lauren S
    Lauren S

    You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. And YOU (Darren)are the guy who'll decide where to go. Oh, the places we'll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all. (Basically we can go where ever he wants to bc it would be a blast bc hes a cool guy!)

  • Amelia Durbin
    Amelia Durbin

    If I had the pleasure if Darren's company for a day I would take him to an afternoon flamenco class, it's a wonderful type of dancing that lets you let loose and have fun. Dinner at Flor De Sol, a fantastic restaurant with live music and lovely food, with some great thoughtful conversation. To finish off the day we'd go see 'All's Well That Ends Well' in Central Park. I think he'd really enjoy watching a great Shakespeare romantic comedy.

  • Ashley Henderson
    Ashley Henderson

    Well a picture is worth a thousand words, so here: [img][/img]

  • Ashley Henderson
    Ashley Henderson

    I've never been to New York before but I've heard of a little place called Russian Samovar. It's a small restaurant and bar that makes its own vodka and comes well recommended. It's on 52nd street across from the Neil Simon Theater. Also, Circ de Soliel came out with a production called Zarkana and it's off broadway but it looks fantastic. I'm not really waxing poetic here, but oh well.

  • ksalerno928

    I would take him to central park, and we'd stroll through nature. I'd set up a picnic, where we'd have a checkered red and white blanket and a basket with food (sandwiches, chips, and fresh fruit and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies) and beverages (soda, water) that I'd all make/push together for him. Then afterward we'd play frisbee in the grass and then just lay back/sit back and just people watch as we talk and get to know one another. It'd be casual, but sweet.

  • Naomi

    I'd take Darren Criss to W53rd & 6th Ave for the best halal food in the city.

  • Dana

    I would take him to the spot where we first met and he told me he loved me: the garage outside of the Regis and Kelly studios. My sister and I waited for him for many hours in our pink sunglasses, and when his car drove out I screamed "We love you Darren!" and he rolled down his window and said "I love YOU guys!"

  • Pamela Mennel
    Pamela Mennel

    I would love to take Darren to Washington Square Park for an early evening of people-watching. At any given moment one can experience the best humanity has to offer - community and togetherness. Under the shadow of that gorgeous arch gather families and friends, community meet-up groups, and individuals who offer their talent for others' enjoyment. Magicians, trick-performing dogs, tai chi practitioners, LARPers, musicians and dancers - all just enjoying life and each other. The atmosphere is joyful and electric, making it a wonderful place to just be. It is easy, too, to blend in and enjoy an intimate conversation, becoming part of the scene - background noise. This experience is best enjoyed with a friend, or future friend, and some banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery. :)

  • Danielle Swantek
    Danielle Swantek

    Well there are a lot of places that would be "totally awesome" to take him. I think i'd like to take him to the Harry Potter Exhibit in Times Square since i know he's a HUGE Harry Potter fan (as am i) We could geek out together at the cool exhibits that they have and buy Harry Potter gear. It'd be a Potter-tastic day and to get to see Darren fanboy would be adorable in person.

  • LcDrsIn

    I would take him behind the middle school and get him pregnant ;) (I can't take credit for that one 30 rock reference!)

  • meganmattox

    What is the one place in New York City that I would like to take Darren Criss to? Well, let's see... I could take him to one of the tallest buildings in the world- the Empire State Building. If we went there, he could see an iconic building that is as enormous as his talent. [img][/img] Or, I could take him to Times Square at night. If we went there, he could stand in the center of "The Crossroads of the World" and bask in the glory of lights as bright as his personality. [img] - Copy-340_174.JPG[/img] Perhaps, instead, I could take him to Strawberry Fields in Central Park. If we went there, he could be inspired by John Lennon's memory and memorial and know how so many people feel that are inspired by his music. (I know I, personally, feel inspired every time I hear Darren's song, "Not Alone.") [img][/img] Maybe, I could even take him to the Grand Central Station market to see the golden-rooted olive tree-shaped sculptural chandelier that is suspended above the street-level entrance. If we went there, he could see something as beautiful as he is inside-and-out. [img][/img] However, if I had to take him to only one spot in the whole city, I think I would take him to this exact spot in Central Park. It would also be great if, when we went there, the weather was just as beautiful and misty as it was the day I took this picture. [img][/img] I would like to take him here, because it is beyond gorgeous. I think anyone would appreciate the natural beauty of the entire park, but I really loved this spot. Not only is it oh-so-lovely, but it's relaxing. After all the stresses in Darren's life, I think he could use a nice spot to rest in. This place could be somewhere for him to go, think and rejuvenate. He deserves that after all of the hard work he does and after all he does to give back to the community, with participation in projects like The Trevor Project, and to his fans. Thank you, Celebuzz, for this opportunity!

  • myka101

    I would take him Central Park because it is nice to walk around in a park especially Central Park or the top of the Empire State building for the view of New York, then I would take him to a broadway show like How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and eat Red Vines together.

  • Kari West
    Kari West

    I'd take him barhopping in the Village. Drunk Darren would be awesome! The best trips to NYC are spontaneous ones, not having a plan makes for an amazing time!

  • bemyeskimo

    Oh I'd take him to see Book of Mormon with my student rush discount (yay still being in college!). It would be a matinee so we could spend the rest of the day doing whatever he wanted to do :)

  • Angela

    Day in NYC with Darren Criss: planned. Comment: posted. Fingers: crossed.

  • Nina Luongo
    Nina Luongo

    I'd love to take him to The Lion King. Because let's face it, Darren Criss loves Disney songs. He's a total dork and I'd love to hear him singing the songs afterwards.

  • Asequui L Rollins
    Asequui L Rollins

    I'd have to take him to see How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying! I mean, honestly, BOTH Harry Potters in a room together? It'd be way too epic, and I want to see him fanboy over Radcliffe. I mean, I'm sure he's seen the show already, or met Dan, but come on. As a Harry Potter fan, myself, I know it's something NO fan can avoid doing! I've seen the show once already, and I know I'd fangirl like mad! Why wouldn't he? XDD

  • Jamie Secor
    Jamie Secor

    Dinosaur Playground in Riverside Park! I'm sure he'd appreciate its awesomeness. That or Dylan's Candy Bar. We could have Red Vines.

  • Heather Gaun
    Heather Gaun

    Yes, I realize I misspelled notch...after I hit submit... :(

  • desireemichelle

    Bow Bridge in Central Park. There are ducks there! And boats. I'm not certain really. Probably somewhere cool. Darren is cool.

  • Heather Gaun
    Heather Gaun

    Darren, thanks for kickin' it up a knotch!