Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund’s Flirty Night Out?

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According to a new report Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund had quite the night at The Roxy this past weekend.

“Kristen and Garrett were sitting next to each other laughing” an eyewitness told HollywoodLife. “They definitely seemed connected in some way. They had drinks and stayed at the club until about 2 a.m. They didn’t leave out the front door — in order to try and avoid the paparazzi.”

Should Robert Pattinson be worried?

Umm, not exactly.

See, sources close to Hedlund tell Celebuzz the night never happened.

We also reached out to The Roxy for a statement, because they gave comment saying Stewart was not at the venue.

Garrett and Kristen, who star together in On the Road, hung in London last week and went out with a group of pals, including Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller. Some blogs speculated there was more to it than just a friendly night out, but again, we are assured that’s not the case.

“They are good friends, that’s it” a source confirms of Stewart and Hedlund’s relationship.

Kristen is very much with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, who was spotted hanging with their dog Bear over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Rob got some down time from Cosmopolis, and went out with a group of friends who were visiting him in Toronoto.

Let’s give the couple a break shall we?!