Lindsay Lohan’s House Arrest BBQ Bash (PHOTOS)

Lilo Bikinis in Miami
Click pics of Lindsay Lohan on the beaches of Miami.
Just because Lindsay Lohan is under house arrest doesn’t mean that she isn’t allowed to have a little summer fun! The Mean Girls actress was spotted over the weekend enjoying a low-key BBQ party with a few close pals on the roof of her $1.4 million rented home in Venice Beach.

Covering her electric monitoring bracelet with a pair slouchy boots, LiLo relaxed under a red umbrella with a couple of male companions. Later, the actress changed into a loose-fitting black maxi dress as she prepared a bench for some sunset-watching.

Lindsay is currently serving a 120 day house arrest sentence for stealing a $2,500 necklace from a boutique earlier this year. LiLo began her house arrest on May 26 and is expected to only serve 35 days of her sentence due to budget constraints. Lindsay will also serve 480 hours of community service.

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