Birthday Sisters Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's 25 Wild Styles (PHOTOS)

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are hailed as the most stylish twins in Hollywood and they're turning 25 today! In honor of the child actresses-turned-fashionistas' birthday, Celebuzz looks back at 25 of their most outlandish outfits over the years. 

Click the pics and determine what styles you think they pulled off and which ones were a bit too over-the-top!

The twins' loose fitting fashion has been described as hobo-chic and at times maternal, but they still keep taking chances when it comes to clothes. Mary-Kate and Ashley also have an fashion line of their own. 

They named their fashion collection The Row after the famous shopping street in central London called Savile Row. "The first piece that we really explored was a t-shirt, and from there we've just expanded on all different categories," the twins said of the origins of their line in a documentary-style online video posted by Bing back in October.

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  • Tea

    gorgeous. soo thin though. I'm glad she is looking much healthier these days. I'm in love with their style.

  • natalia

    ashley is sooooo pretty.

  • natalia

    i love this look. they are so creative and uniquely stylish

  • Abraham Finkle
    Abraham Finkle

    I'm going to Hell, 3rd one over I'm blaming the eyes, now I believe I'm done....

  • Abraham Finkle
    Abraham Finkle

    Ok so I messed up on 2, the second one looks like (2) looks like Goldie Hon, and MK looks great (changed the way I looked at it. I am really done this time.

  • Abraham Finkle
    Abraham Finkle

    Here I’ll play pick the beautify one , first pic, second pic I don’t see my love, 3,1in4, top down left right, 2, I’ll skip MK needs hair tossed;(, skip its ash, wow, ash again, 2?! (I like her cheeks), and it’s to slow so I’ll give up and not finish the whole set.

  • Abraham Finkle
    Abraham Finkle

    I like the first

  • Louisa

    I seriously love this outfit! The accessories made it look great!

  • danielleakame

    um how are they stylish? look like hobos most of the time. they are cute so why not show it?