Taylor Swift Is a Golden Girl at CMA Music Festival (PHOTOS)

T-Swift Rocks Italy
The country cutie belts it out.
Wearing a gold dress and lyrics scribbled on her arm, Taylor Swift was ready to close out the CMA Music Festival Nightly Concerts for good.

Swift performed during the finale of the Nashville concert series, taking the stage in her usual “uniform.” As she’s been doing of late, Taylor’s left arm bore a bunch of words — this time around, they turned out to be some abridged Sugarland lyrics: “Remember me in ribbons and curls … Love, your baby girl.” Taylor’s arm reads.

The writing on the arm/hand bit has been going on with Swift for years. Before each big show, performance or interview, she scribbles “13” on her hand, as it’s her lucky number. It’s even a part of her Twitter handle, @taylorswift13.

Swift even spoke about the big show on Twitter, saying: “Just played the last night of CMA Music Fest (um,you guys were amazing!!). Then I went home and baked until 2:41 AM.”

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