Check Out Zendaya in ‘From Bad to Cursed’ Book Trailer (VIDEO)

Exciting! Celebuzz has a behind-the-scenes video from Zendaya (who you recognize from Disney Channel’s Shake It Up!) and young adult author Katie Alender.

From Bad to Cursed is the brand-new second book in Hyperion’s Bad Girls Don’t Die book series by Alender. The supernatural thrillers tell the story of Alexis Warren, a pink-haired, ghost-fighting high school girl.

Check out the book trailer:

“The best thing about a book trailer is that my readers get a glimpse of the story world the way it looks inside my head,” author Katie Alender tells us. “Zendaya is a complete pro. I was in awe. She just came in and got it immediately! Her performance really makes the trailer for me.”

“On my show, I’m kind of upbeat and cheery all the time, but definitely for this I had to bring out my dark side,” Zendaya says, adding she totally gets why people obsess over supernatural books:

“It’s kind of like opening these weird doors we never like get to experience in our daily life.”

From Bad to Cursed goes on sale today, pick up a copy!

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