Jason Derulo Talks About His ‘Sexual’ Stage Performances

Oh, la la! Jason Derulo is sexing it up on stage — but says he’s rather reserved in person. Celebuzz had a chance to talk to the music star about his new album, and the AT&T “Music for You” concert series, where you can catch him kick off in New York at Webster Hall (ticket giveaway info below).

Can you tell us more about AT&T’s “Music For You” concert series?
We are doing a show a night, it’s an event, it should be a lot of fun. It’s all promotional. You have to win tickets, so everybody there are true fans, they had to win competitions and stuff.

Do you get nervous at all before you do a show?
No, not at all actually. I perform everyday so it’s part of my life. I actually come alive when I go on stage, some people think I’m like a different person.

Are you much more reserved when you’re off stage?
Yeah, I’m like a laid back kind of guy, but when I get on stage I’m the opposite. [On stage], everything is amplified. I am a sexual person in life, but on stage it’s times ten.

What are you looking for relationship-wise?
In a woman, I really like someone who is confident but emotional. I like someone who is a little sensitive at times. I like to be the one that comforts. I really like someone who has a big heart. My mom is the sweetest woman in the world. I would love to have the second sweetest woman in the world. I am a very caring person myself, so if someone is not really in line with my thought process it makes things hard.

Do you have a lot of fans that come up to you and try to give you their number? How do you deal with that?
I’m just pretty much myself. I’ll take it, I won’t say that I am going to call them, but I will definitely take it.

Would you ever consider dating a fan?
Yeah, I think the person I’m with has to be a fan of what I do. It’s my life. If you are not really into what I do then it will be kind of impossible. I would like them to be able to come to the studio with me at times and if they aren’t really enjoying it, it’s not cool.

Do you feel any pressure with your new album following the success of your last one? That album had hit after hit! 
No, especially not at this point because my first single is unexpectedly going faster than any of my other singles on my last album which is pretty crazy … I have put in the time in giving every last bit of effort I could have possibly put in. I make music for the right reasons. I am not in it for numbers, I am not in it for chart positions, or what the critics may say, that’s not what it’s about for me. I love making music, I love being in the studio, I love my fans and I just want to make good music and make the best music I can and at the end of the day that’s all that matters to me.

Jason’s second album, Future History, is coming out this fall. We’re offering up a chance to see him live — or attend another AT&T “Music for You” concert show in Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago or Dallas. Transportation to the event is not provided. 

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June 17 – Jason Derulo and Miguel, New York City
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August 23 – Lupe Fiasco, Chicago
September 10 – Gym Class Heroes, Dallas