Keenan Cahill Does Ke$ha’s ‘Blow’ in Celebuzz Exclusive! (VIDEO)

Kesha Rocks a Bikini
Check out Kesha hang out at the beach!
Celebuzz readers have spoken! Hundreds of thousands of web surfers await what song Keenan Cahill will be lip-synching and dancing to next on his web site, so we asked you to pick his next cover video. Entertainment at it’s finest — by request — and it turns out that Ke$ha trumped Selena Gomez and Chris Brown in our poll!

With his larger than life expressions and trademark dance moves, Keenan covers the song you asked for; “Blow” by Ke$ha. Plus, the YouTube sensation dropped by the Celebuzz office to talk about his sudden stardom, and his Katy Perry crush!

How do you feel about all the attention that you’re getting as a YouTube superstar?
I like it. It’s cool.

What made you decide to start doing videos on YouTube?
I had a computer that had a webcam in it. I always wanted to be an actor or singer or someone like that. I just did it and then the “Teenage Dream” video took off when Katy Perry tweeted about it.

What stars have you met since then?
I just did a video with the Glee cast. They were really cool. I shot a video with LMFAO in Las Vegas. I have a video with Lil John and David Guetta. There’s a video with Pauly D and Nick Cannon too. A video with Joey McIntyre is coming out soon. I’ll also be meeting Katy Perry soon and I’m nervous about that.

You had a big smile on your face when you mentioned Katy Perry. Celebrity crush?
People keep asking why I’m so nervous to meet her. I listened to her before she even tweeted about me and now I follow her even more.

How did kids at school react to your videos when you first started versus now?
They treat me the same way. I started this during the summer of 8th grade and by the end of freshman year it died down because they got used to seeing me. Now the new 8th grade graduates tell me they want my autograph so the hype is starting up again.

Do you practice first before you make your videos or just go with it?
I just go with it. The fewer takes, the better.

You’re so animated in your videos. Have you ever had any acting training?
I was in an acting school for a short time. A casting director wanted to me in a movie. I can act and sing, and I actually just recorded a single. It’s called “OK Today” and it’ll hopefully be out this summer. It’s catchy and we’ll be doing a music video for it. The song has a good message.

You’re showing people that you can live through diversity. 
It’s for the kids that maybe have a disease and are finally getting to do something they want to do. They can do it and look up to me. Kids with my disease [Mucopolysaccaridosis] that want to be actors or singers ask me how I did it and they want to know how to do it themselves.

Was there a time where you felt angry or frustrated?
I did sometimes. I still sometimes feel like it. It has its ups and downs.

You have a very positive outlook. Where did you pick that up from?
I think I picked it up from my parents. I know I shouldn’t give up, so I just look forward now.

What would you say to anyone who is facing diversity? What advice do you have for them?
For kids who have diseases or any type of medical conditions, no one can say you can’t do something. Even a doctor can’t tell you that you’re too sick to do something. You’re not alone. You’re your own person.

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