Kourtney Kardashian: Win A Signed Copy of 'Shape' Mag!

Kourtney Kardashian 'Shape' Magazine

To celebrate the release of my Shape Magazine cover issue this month, I thought it would be fun to do a signed issue giveaway! I have 5 copies to give away, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite workout or diet tip!

I’ll have fun reading all your comments and we can all learn some new workout tips in the process, lol.

You have until Tuesday, June 28 at 12 pm PST to enter. Good luck, dolls!

Also, you can pick up a copy of my issue on newsstands NOW for all my workout routines and lots more pics from my beach shoot.

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  • Terah Cloud
    Terah Cloud

    My Favorite tip is pretening you are in the world in which you desire and working out is part of your daily schedule. You can be anyone or anywhere. It helps to get your adrenaline going motivating you. Also educating yourself is a great diet tip. If you research FDA regulations on some foods you'll never eat them again. EX> for tomato soup as long as the number of good tomatoes outweighs the rotten ones then it is okay to mix them. they can also have maggots. There goes pizza and spaghetti.

  • Jessica

    Hey Kourt, My name is Jessica and I really don't have time to work out during the day because I'm a single teen mom and working out is time consuming. So what I do for a diet plan is cut out all delicous junk food. This helps me drop at least 10 pounds : )

  • Joni Elliott
    Joni Elliott

    Eat vegetarian or vegan for two meals of the day and whatever you want for the third. Within reason. :)

  • Danielle Marie Adams
    Danielle Marie Adams

    I replace normal things I would eat with a low cal items so I feel like I'm still eating some of my favorite foods and lots and lots of water!!

  • jocimastroianni

    I LOVE leaving processed foods like chips, cereals, breads, etc. out of my diet and coming up with recipes for organic home cooked meals! Crossfit 5 days out of the week, and occasional jog with free time, and yoga to relax on the weekends! Exercise releases endorphins and creates happiness giving you more confidence and the motivation to spend your time cooking healthy foods to enjoy with your family!

  • Vanessa Reyes
    Vanessa Reyes

    My Favorite work out is "The Plank" it works out everything your core, arms, legs, & butt. I like it because you can go how ever long you'd like and just keep adding to your mins.

  • Brittany Rambo
    Brittany Rambo

    Hey doll, Hi my name is Brittany Rambo, I"m such a huge fan of you Kourt and Scott and baby mason,you guys are stylish and faboulous and I just adore you for mostly being YOU! anyways a way for me to stay in touch with my work out routine is to set goals and make myself a chart of progress which means it keeps me motivated in staying healthy most importantly when Its time to check it out I see how much i've improved and it motivates me even more or teaches me how much further i need to strive for,my most favorite work out is cardio getting the blood flowing it always gets me pumped&also running and doing sprints which builds more muscle and also most favorite as well is jump roping I love to see the patience i've overcame by enjoying the actual workout in it self,also takes it back to cardio you can burn up to 26 calories a minute by doing it the right and fun way! anyways Kourt its always a pleasure doing your contests I would love love to win a sighned copy it would make me the happiest lady ever! u inspire me in soo many ways thats why i love working out its something I know we both enjoy! love you dollface i know this is super long sorry

  • Gina Marie Buehler
    Gina Marie Buehler

    Simple, no need to make it hard. Just make sure that everything you put in your mouth is healthy and move everyday. Being happy helps too! =)

  • Sarah Davis
    Sarah Davis

    HI Kourtney, I am 13 years old and I love you to be active. My favorite dieting tool that I use is... I watch what I eat also, something fun i do i take my dog on nice long walks! thats my FAVORITE walks can really make a difference!! kthxbiii Sarah

  • Bailey

    i use a smaller bowl and keep active!

  • Richisonfire Shepard
    Richisonfire Shepard

    start your day with some protein. I eat a cup of greek yogurt most mornings as my protein. also remember to drink LOTS of water.

  • onelove84

    My favorite workout is jogging with my dog. I burn calories and he runs off some of his energry. And the scenery is alot better than being stuck inside a gym, you never know what we will see :)

  • cierra

    I have a love hate relationship with my workout actually.. I do Insanity & if you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it!! Then I run until I feel like death, do some squats, wall sits, some free weights then on a declined bench(I think it's called, not positive) I do abs with a medicine ball & it is killer, but SOOOOOO worth it. I also do not drink any soda!! (I stopped once I heard that by just cutting soda out of your diet alone in one year you'll lose ten pounds). After not drinking it for so long though I just don't get a craving for it anymore.. (only wish this was possible to do with my chocolate & ice cream cravings!!) My all time FAV. meal is a spinach salad with almonds, dried cherries (or dried cranberries), grilled chicken, feta cheese and freshly squeezed lemon juice!!! YUMMM!! Don't knock it before you try it!! ;) <3 your biggest little troll P.S. My birthday is approaching & it's my 21st... I'm not saying, but I AM just saying :)

  • Shabelys.

    I'm 14 & I like to keep it fit! I go to the Gym everyday* I do 30-45 minutes in the treadmill & 20 Minitues of the stair-like machine thingie. & then I do 100-200 sit-ups & when I get home I eat Salad with either beef or Chicken. This makes me feel good about myself:)

  • Amanda Tellez-Gaytan
    Amanda Tellez-Gaytan

    Hi Kourt, you are an amazing mom and inspiration! I am a mom of three and love finding ways to get and stay in shape, not only for myself but for my FAMILY :) Recently my FAMILY had to make a drastic change to our diets. My oldest son was diagnosed with pre diabetes and needs to control diet and lose weight to beat getting full blown diabetes by the age of 15, he is now 11. We made a pact to all do this as a FAMILY! I think one of the best ways to exercise is swimming, not only do you get a great workout in all areas, have less stress on your body and most of all you get to spend time with your FAMILY. The other things that are very important is to have support, commitment, love and FAMILY <3 Winning this would be an awesome inspiration to show my FAMILY that there is support from everywhere!

  • catherinelodge

    Hi Kourtney, It's coming up to my 21st birthday and i can't wait, but to get in shape I go the gym as often as possible and I love using an exercise ball but i have recently joined a dance class which will help me both ways by getting in shape and still having a lot of fun learning how to dance and I also use the wii a lot too. But my special tip is called 'swim don't snack' and that's when I push myself to do 50 lenghts in the swimming pool (because I love the water) and then later just have a banana. Love you Kourt and i'm a huge fan, Bye xoxo

  • Luana

    Hey Kourtney, Hope your well. I believe that by ensuring a proper warm up including streches before a workout and a warm down including streches after a workout to help ensure that you get the maximun benefit out of your workout. By having a supportive family who encourage and supports your choice to live a long and happy healthy life.

  • divina97

    Kourth Hello, I am a biggest fan your! I’m Italian and I live here, but I follow all the programs on E! Kardashian up, I know all about your family and I love it! I like your style and the your way to do, I feel like you in all so much and I hope to come to LA and meet you one day … My healthy advice is: EVERYTHING BUT SHORTLY! Think of foods high and slender (as we would have physically) and eat them! For example, celery, carrots, vegetables in general, but it is also important to eat meat for protein and fish for phosphorus. The diet must be accompanied by 'PHYSICS! I, for example, pratice aerobics. It 's funny and very slimming! Please contact me, I hope! Kisses to you and to all the Kardashian! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • divina97

    Kourth Hello, I am a biggest fan your! I'm Italian and I live here, but I follow all the programs on E! Kardashian up, I know all about your family and I love it! I like your style and the your way to do, I feel like you in all so much and I hope to come to LA and meet you one day ... Please contact me, I hope! Kisses to you and to all the Kardashian!

  • Francine

    I have six children!!I was walking, then once again I started getting lazy with myself, no motivation!!You Look so Amazing!!God Bless!!

  • Bonny Joplin
    Bonny Joplin

    Companies do give out samples. They are looking to put their products in potential consumers' hands. They wouldn't do it if it didn't work one of the place that always worked is "123 Samples" search online

  • Chantelle Stoltz
    Chantelle Stoltz

    Your in the office the whole day.. Do "bum crunches" while working, sqeeze your bum tight, and release.. do a few of them.. I also have those chairs that turn, swing it from side to side while facing forward, nice for the abs.. ;) Chantelle. South Africa.

  • Merry Briones
    Merry Briones

    The best workout diet tip, would be drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruits and always portion your food!

  • alyssa

    Drinking water before my meal makes me feel full and hydrates me...u can never get enough water...also running outside w/ my fav songs...now that its summer u get a great work out and get to work on your tan too!! :) There is something about the california glow to your skin that makes anyone feel prettier about themselves! You and your sisters are absolutely stunning...you guys must be doing something right! ;)

  • Dana

    The only diet tip I know is that when you eat chew your food for 30 seconds, because every time when someone eats they don't saber the food and enjoy it, which you take bite after bite versus when you do the 30 second chew this way you enjoy it and tricking your brain being full. You can eat anything, but try keep in mind eating the healthy foods. That and cardio works wonders. You lose more being more active of course.Myself and my friend lost at least 20 lbs in 12 weeks.

  • Maylin L
    Maylin L

    Hi Kourtney, I just had twin babies 4 months ago and I'm back to my normal body weight, my twins were pretty big they each weight 6lb, 10oz... I was huge! But my secret has been drinking one to two glasses of water before each meal and of course portion control for all my meals and snacks... Thanks for reading my comment, hopefully I will be one of the lucky winners...

  • Lori

    Hey Kourt! I love yoga, it's great for your body and soul! And I start every morning with a bowl of yogurt and lots of fruit. If you start off eating well, it sets the tone for the rest of the day!

  • Amy

    When I'd go to the gym I loved doing leg lifts with the weights. But now as a mommy, I lost all the baby fat and then some breastfeeding my little boy. I went down 15lbs less than when I started my pregnancy.

  • Marielos

    Kourtney =) well my favorite work out is started off by using quick trim extreme burn! then i go run for a while then ride my bike around my neighborhood while listening to my ipod! then come back home and just dance to some pitbull music very relaxing and a work out all together =) LOVEE IT! im 19 years old soo it works for me! =)

  • Monica

    I work out by doing yoga and exercising with my 2 year old son. He mimics my yoga poses and I use him as my weight and do push ups on my back as well as let him sit on my stomach while I am doing sit ups. I do this so he learns to exercise when he gets older as well as learns to keep his body healthy at any age!

  • Angela

    Strength training a few times a week as opposed to cardio and avoiding grains and dairy gives me really good results with minimal effort.

  • ashley drew
    ashley drew

    Walking ! walking, walking WALKING! saves the environment and also provides a beautiful view.

  • Amy

    I would say my favorite workout is taking my 2 year old daughter to the park and just playing with her and running around.....after all its really a workout. :)

  • Allysha Woods
    Allysha Woods

    go running with my two dogs and head to the gym. :)

  • Viola Bibriescas Mauricio
    Viola Bibriescas Mauricio

    I use an excersise ball beacuse of my back. It helps the pressure on my back but at the same time i feel like my abs get a workout as well.

  • Erin

    I live in Chicago and I like to go for a run by the lake in the mornings as a part of my daily workout routine ... It relaxes me and clears my mind I just get up and go and it feels great!!! A Diet tip I give myself on a regular basis is eat small healthy portions throughout the day and never deprive yourself of a snack that is not so healthy but that you love : ) Like my fav Oreos just have 2 or 3 not the whole bag ... Just do it in moderation and control how much you have and you will be ok and shouldn't feel bad about it !!!

  • Karina Flores
    Karina Flores

    Hello! My favorite workout would have to be Kim Kardashian's workout videos. I really enjoy the Abs and Upper Body workout video. I have been doing it for more than a year now and I don't get tired of it! My diet tips are eating a lot of salads, fruits, and vegetables as well as a lot of water. Eating light meals is another tip and when it comes to sweets and snacks, a bit or two won't hurt! Thank you :)

  • Kimberly

    i LOVE doing anything for my butt! aha i love lunges and balancing squats on the balance ball helps core and my legs :) and i love my hour of cardio! keep it tight keep it right! ahaha for my diet i do portion control im a small 5'0 girl and i had a baby 3 years ago so i love my body more now then before i had her & i finally got a booty so i want to keep it and keep a nice tight tummy <3

  • Alyssa Landry
    Alyssa Landry

    my favorite work out tip would have to be using the half circle ball and turning it over by balancing on it and doing squats it really works your legs and butt.

  • shopgurlnfl

    Jillian Michaels workout videos will get your butt into shape... her CardioBlast workout is amazing!! & you can work out at home.. great for summer!

  • Stacie

    Jillian Michaels workout videos at home... CardioBlast will kick your butt into shape.. Just in time for summer! I workout to her at least once a week ;)

  • taylorr16

    well im 15 and i play volleyball and swim...ive been swimming since i was 7...so that kept me in good shape..during swim season i really watch what i eat and make sure im eating enough protein..but like right now im only in volleyball season so my ordinary day consists of waking up, eating something small like a granola bar and then going running and then later in the day i do some ab workouts, crunches the bicycle ab workout and on the medicine ball ab workout and then later when the sun cools off i go for a walk with my family. i try to eat healthy like fruits and vegetables....i still also eat the sweets and chips and ice cream and pizza of course im still a teen but i just watch how much i eat and watch the portion sizes I think eating healthy and excerising makes me so much happier and of course at the same time makes me healthier....i know its not much of a big workout or special foods to eat....its just my ordinary day and im happy with the way i am!! I love all of the kardashians and your guys' shows! It would meann the world to get a signed copyy of the shape mag! my birthday is coming up and it would be the best birthday gift i would ever had in my lifee if i won! :)

  • Shaun Ridder
    Shaun Ridder

    A run on the beach sounds better than the treadmill... Too bad most of our beaches here are rock bluffs...

  • Ricardo

    Hola Senorita Kourtney, Me as a male i do about the usual Running, crunches and a couple weights however . . I have a Big azz for a man so I try working that out by being on all 4s and one at a time stretch a leg back and the opposite arm forward then switch. I also have weights that go around my ankles and I extend one leg back as im standing. I call my azz a Kardashian Azz so i gotta rep da name rite and firm . . Wit class cause i gotta a big Ass Jajajaja . . eating wise i drink lots of H20 and eat my greens but as a Latino i cant resist food so I jus don't stuff my face to where i feel Like a fatty mac patty. Con AMOR, Fan of yours Forever and Ever Ricardo C.

  • Cheryl Wenhnitanoron Beauvais-Cataford
    Cheryl Wenhnitanoron Beauvais-Cataford

    My workout tip would have to be squats in heels. It works your buns and thighs, and doing them in heels also works out the lower part of your leg below the knee.

  • Amy Davis
    Amy Davis

    Find a great partner in life and have a very healthy active love life ;) I am 24 and have been with my boyfriend for 10 years and I have to say I have not found a better workout yet! xo

  • madi

    Portion control is definitely the key! but overall just not stress about losing weight!

  • moniquedevin

    Hi Kourtney and all dolls! My tip comes from the one and only Dr. Oz. I just recently found out that we may think we are doing good by eating fruit for dessert. However, eating fruit after meals may not be as good as we think. Dr. Oz says that a full stomach will cause the acid in the fruit to curdle. This makes it even harder our bodies to process.

  • Tara

    I believe find what works for you..know your body! For me, I like to jog outside with my boyfriend or use the treadmil a few times a week, along with a yoga/ pilates class once a week for toning. I LOVE ALL food and going to out to eat is something that comes up often in my life, so it's hard to avoid those great appeitizer samplers! Yum! Therefore, I let myself have the things I love when its around without over indulging, drink lots of water and heatlhy snacks throughout the day to keep my metabolism working!!

  • Ivy Jane
    Ivy Jane

    playing badminton once a week from 4pm to 9pm... and cut on carbs .

  • Becky

    I live very very far away from gym of any sorts for I use nature to my advantage. I jog about 2 miles 3 times a week and then I do long hikes on all the trails around my house. Plus having 3 girls to chase around the house helps as well ;)

  • Medelin

    Best exercise tip is to do 3 minutes of cardio 2 minutes of strength exercise following 1 minutes of abs for 20 to 30 min. this burns maximum calories and keeps your body tight.

  • Abigail

    My favorite workout is going on the tredmill or just jogging. My mom is always complaining about my belly lol. A good diet tip is to rationalize your workout and weigh yourself every day. I absolutely love your show and wach it almost everyday with my sister. Always has merolling and laughing on the floor

  • Marianne

    Kourtney...I am 31 years old and a single mother of a 14 year old. I try hard everyday to get in some kind of workout. I have done P90X and now am in the process of doing Insanity. If I find that I do not have the full amount of time to work on these strenuous workouts I stair climb, do sit ups and walk/jog/run. I have also found that I really enjoy Yoga and Pilates. I try t eat as healthy as possible being as I have a growing young man to raise. Thanks for doing this, it's amazing to me all you and your sisters/family do to reach out to your fans!!! psst...you're my fav :)

  • Bella

    I've heard of that. They say it's a form of an eating disorder...chewing and spitting. Google it.

  • theresa james
    theresa james

    I walk to and from work everyday and keep a very low carb diet!!!!

  • Silje Krogh
    Silje Krogh

    Hi Kourtney :-) You look great on the cover. I have 3 small children and not much time on my hands, but I try to do this every day:1. Lie on your back on a bench with your legs sticking outside of the bench. Then grab the bench with both hands above your head. 2.Stretch out your legs and bring them down towards the floor, but only as far so you can still feel your whole back on the bench. 3. Push your legs all the way up and also lift your hips. I do this about 3 x 10 times. It tightens your stomach really good :-) Have a great summer and say hello to your beautiful family! A big hug from Norway!

  • Lorie

    Brush your teeth and then put lip gloss on. Who wants to eat after you do that??!!!

  • Jessica Arvizo
    Jessica Arvizo

    My best workout suggestion would be: 1. Get motivated. 2. Find/Join a gym. 3. Get into excercise classes and stick with them! :D

  • Nicole

    My friend is a model and years ago she told me the greatest, most effective way to exercise. Standing straight and tall, leaning side to side with weights in each hand. I saw results so quickly and swore by it ever since! No gym necessary! ;)

  • meganrb

    I think the best diet tip is being a vegetarian and eating ALOT of fruits and veggies! You are basically forced to eat healthy. Its perfect because you don't have all the stress of trying to diet and portion size and you can eat as many veggies and fruit as you want!

  • erica

    Im 30 years old, recieved a kidney transplant about a year ago I started doing kims work out video everyday and it helps so much with stress and peace of mind! I also try to go for walks that helps as well! Oh and if you stand on one leg while brusing your teeth you burn extra calories by that FYI Lol You gals are my Fav!!!

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    My Favorite tip is Playing with my boys. That never goes wrong, Its fun for them and for you. Plus it takes your mind off of the working out since I am chasing my boogers around. I also like putting the excersize videos, my 4 year old loves to make it a competition. We do the wii fit and the dance games, those can be a work out if you make them that. I always try to have fun with it, and my boys. Its like killing two birds with one stone. Love it! <3

  • Serena Joseph
    Serena Joseph

    ZUMBA ZUMBA ZUUUMBAAAAAAA!!!!! thats all i have to say to you girl frend!!!! hahahaha i sweat it out with Beto and the gang!! Its cold in London so im getting my beach bod ready for VEGAS!!!!!

  • Faith

    You have to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruit. You have to play with your children, don't just sit around the house. You have to make time yourself to workout, do a rumba class with a girlfriend, yoga and don't forget about your abs. I am constantly sitting here holding in my abs as I sit and by doing that you are actually working your abs. But that isn't it, you have to do crunches, and mix it up so u don't get bored but you should do this a few times a week. It seems a lot easier when you break it up around your hectic life!!!!!!!

  • michele

    Hot Yoga melted away all my baby weight along with spin class!!

  • kmbrlruiz

    5am- 30 min of intense cardio-kickboxing. 15 min abs curcuit. (mostly lower abs. because i just had a baby) breakfast: 1/2 cup of yolpit yogurt and 1 whole wheat waffle. i take vitimans(calcium,fish oil,multi-vitiman, D3) lunch: tuna garden salad or tuna sandwich dinner: (im hispanic) rice,beans and baked chicken. snacks: 2x a day (when needed) apple or fruit bowel. 8pm: workout includes 1hr of yoga and turbo jam (i eat same thing everyday) but sat & sun i either do sushi or crispy chicken salad from friendlys (yum) same portions so i never over eat and as a full time mom the faster the better so has to be healthy and easy to grab. and i only drink water & tea nothing else. been doing this since i was 15yrs old and im healthy strong and beautiful <3 9yrs and baby later never lookedand feel better

  • Natalia

    I lost 30 lbs in 6 months, went from a size 11 to 3. Two simple tips: Run 2 miles everyday and cut your portions in half. Dont limit your food options, if you want a brownie eat it, just cut it in half and share w/ a friend! Now to keep it off i do basically the same, but i alternate my running w/ workouts such as yoga and i also enjoy Kim K's workout video, "fit in your jeans by friday"! the 5 min ab workout at the end is AWESOME!

  • Jessica Radtke
    Jessica Radtke

    before I got married, I stopped drinking soda and putting sweetener in my tea and coffee-i did this and worked out at least one hour three times a week-it was wonderful for a quick 10 pound weight loss!

  • tkkerr

    My mantra for working out is: I refuse to believe this is as good as it's going to get!" I keep at it and don't give up!

  • Christine

    I think mixing up your workout gets the best results. I take yoga and a boot camp class every week. Along with weights, cardio and watching what I eat. I like the results!

  • Brittany

    A year ago, I lost over 130 pounds, on MY OWN. It took about a year to accomplish and I've kept it off.. My main tip is using a food journal, to keep track of your food intake to make sure you dont over or under eat! I also allow myself a "cheat" day on saturday so I never feel deprived and still get to have a bit of my favorites.. I also just worked out in my house on a gazelle, proving the theory that you dont need fancy equipment to stay healthy, just determination!

  • Gabriela Bertand
    Gabriela Bertand

    I'm trying to get back in shape so I have learned that I need to get to know me first so this are the tips that came helpful to me: • Discover the right foods for your body type and metabolism. • Find out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight successfully. • Learn how to put together delicious meals with recipes customized for your body type. • Get diet-friendly strategies for fine dining and fast-food restaurants.

  • Halle

    My best diet tip is when you eat a salad, don't overload on the dressing. It adds carbs. I just love the show.. stay beautiful :)

  • Aryanna Harrell
    Aryanna Harrell

    Hey Kourt! I'm now 20 years old, and I'm in a student college. About 2 years ago I lost around 70 lbs and have managed to keep it off. My most helpful and easy tip is to limit salt consumption! If you stop putting salt on your food, and stop eating foods high in sodium your body won't retain water, lose weight a lot faster and never be bloated!! Give it a try :)

  • Megan Moore
    Megan Moore

    I LOVEEEEEEE chicken sausage!

  • Antoinette Quiñones
    Antoinette Quiñones

    Eat frequently to boost my metabolism and jogging with my 11 month old he enjoys being in the jogger while I exercise!!

  • Amber Marie Valis
    Amber Marie Valis

    Hey Kourt! My favvv workout routine is with the biggg blue yoga ball. I do my crunches and situps on it along with some core toning in between.The yoga ball is amazing for almost all of your body, if you don't use it, you should try it!! I love it and it gives me amazing results! You are my idol, and can't wait to meet you one day! :)) Peace and love, amber!

  • Priya Dutta
    Priya Dutta

    I really like how you talked about alternatives and didn't talk about just cutting certain foods, which may be peoples favorites, out!

  • Nadia Y
    Nadia Y

    Being in shape and staying motivated involves both the physical and the mental. Not one method will be the same for everyone, you must pay attention to your body throughout the process and listen to it. If you find something does not feel right, try a different method, don't give up because you feel your body working, learn the difference between good and bad pain. Keep yourself interested by doing various activities, whether that includes dancing or sports or doing classes at the gym. Make sure to get up and walk a couple times a week, speed walking is a very great way to tone and take advantage of using the stairs. Try running up and down the stairs a couple times a week (depending on the amount of stairs, if about 10 stairs, do about 10 reps). This is great cardio as well as skipping. Once you have increased your heart rate, do some ab work, pilates is an amazing way to get lean long muscles, lunges are great, tricep push-ups. Of course watch what you eat, everything in moderation. Cutting out animal byproducts as much a possible really makes a difference. Try switching to rice and almond milk rather than regular milk, which cannot be absorbed properly since it is intended for bones the size of cows we end up leaking (through our urine) calcium as a result. Encourage yourself and make sure to stay positive, everyone sees results differently, weighing yourself is not an accurate measurement of how much you lose since muscle weighs more than fat. Goodluck, you are beautiful..learn to love yourself and accept the things one cannot change. Being in shape is about being healthy, it is not a competition or a way of fitting in, but looking and feeling good inside and out :)

  • Sam VanNorden
    Sam VanNorden

    Sex is my favorite workout. Haha. Just kidding. Honestly, I am 22 years old and two months ago I gave birth to a big 9lbs10oz baby boy. I had a c-section because he was so big and because of my incision it was really hard to workout at first and I honestly felt like a whale (I sort of was, lol). Since I had my son though, I have lost 55lbs! My routine is feeding the baby in the morning, then going for a run for 30-45 minutes and then doing sit ups. In the afternoon I will take my son for a 45 minute walk and I feel great! Also, I used quicktrim to help kick start my weight loss and clearly it helped! My son was such a surprise obviously, because I am pretty young to be a mom but he literaly changed my life and because of him I am healthy and very happy!

  • sarah

    i do crunches every night and i run 5k every other day.

  • singh

    I try to make working out as fun as possible and try to do it with as many friends as possible. I do things I enjoy doing, for example: swimming, playing football, tennis, etc. I not only have fun doing that with friends but you're also loosing weight by doing it. Also switch to healthier alternatives in your diet. Instead of pork sausage, make chicken sausage as Khloe does in her show. If your really craving ice cream, eat frozen yoghurt instead.

  • Stephanie Schauer
    Stephanie Schauer

    Currently, I am hooked on Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson. These routines are high-energy with constant room for improvement and challenges which is essential with improving your body and your mind. :) It is also important to switch up your regimens because it keeps your body guessing and in an effort to keep up with the constant changes, calories are burned at a higher rate. Plus, I have exercise ADHD so that theory on exercise is a good enough incentive for me.

  • Jesse Martin
    Jesse Martin

    Kourtneyyyyyyyyy . I work out 5 days a week at fiezek gym. Soccer 2 hrs a day every day. on a strict 1700 calorie diet, and i jog each and everyday. TRAIN INSANE....or stay the same! Love the show!!!

  • Stephanie

    I eat a bunch of small, healthy snacks and meals every 2 hours and it has helped tremendously to speed up my metabolism. I also walk as much as possible! I work in NYC and rather than take a cab every where, I fast walk about 2-3 miles every day! I find these tips are helpful for someone such as myself who does not have the time or luxury to diet or excercise as much!

  • Claudia Gardea
    Claudia Gardea

    I do spinning every day and take a walk with my boyfriend three times a week (:

  • Christa Nolan
    Christa Nolan

    I love working out with friends and family! It's really motivating to have someone encourage you and keep you accountable. I always work out better when I have someone next to me doing it too!

  • Hannah Galloway
    Hannah Galloway

    Hi Kourtney, One of my favourite exercises is to go for a daily run, I also find it more fun if i go with my friends as it makes it less boring and its great for keeping in shape. Also try out all different fun sports to keep exercising exciting and not boring. Another good tip for doing exercise is to sign up for a charity run, It gives you a challenge, it will keep you fit, and its for a good cause! <3 you Kardashians

  • Julie Cyr
    Julie Cyr

    Kourt, you're awesome !!! My favorite workout is doing lounge with 15 pounds dumbells in each hand... I have a pop out ass like your sis and I've got to keep it in shape...LOL.... You don't need any advice on workouts, geeeezzzzz look at you !!!....Gr8 shape woman. You're an inspiration... -x0x-

  • dolce

    I am not really into working out so I make it fun. I ride my bike on a bike trail to a beach near my house and I love it! I also eat small and more frequent meals/snacks through out the day and I feel so much lighter when i do!

  • Maria Gutierrez
    Maria Gutierrez

    I have to confess that I love jogging, and if I can go with my dog better, so I can stop at a park to play with, will lose many calories, time passes faster yun forget that exercising. When I have the opportunity, I canopy is so exciting! It is in the midst of nature, above the trees and the timing for the feeling of jumping is great.

  • Christina Marie
    Christina Marie

    When I work out, I tell myself that I will and can lose the weight! It may sound silly, but it totally works. It helps me feel less discouraged. I also work out after I have jogged. I am already warmed up, and I feel more limber. It feels great to work out!

  • Patsi

    I drink a glass of water in the morning with lemon and eat Quaker Oatmeal to fill me up for the morning. Eat a salad with grilled chicken at lunch and take an hour long walk to burn off calories and to keep that energy going I eat a handful of almonds. Yoga is so great to keep stretched and it works so well on all the muscles in the body. Drinking lots of water is a must. ps: I think you're fantastic and such a wonderful inspiration. Thank you :)

  • loiskoz

    For breakfast i drink a fruit smoothie which fills me up.. For lunch i have a health sandwich or a fruit salad i then have a good portion sized meal for tea of whatever i fancy. Then i do some walking/jogging/sit ups afterwards just to burn of the carbs! much fun! love you kourt!x

  • dancechic13

    I play wii fit everyday. I always do 50 jack-knives, the lunge and the tricep extenstions. I love wii fit! Its so fun and you're toning your body at the same time! My diet tip is...to only eat when you are hungry. Sometimes people eat when they are bored or just feel like eating. If you only eat when you are hungry, you will cut back alot! :)

  • Patricija

    Hey!* i think the best you can do is, that you don't push your self to hard, that you drink a lot of wather and do everyday sport, if you can, do it before breakfest! I like to workout in fitness. It helps me to get my body in good and health shape.. and always when i watch Tv i do shoulder exercises with 3kg weights. Have a nice day & Greetings from Slovenia! Patricija

  • Michelle M. Laboy
    Michelle M. Laboy

    Hi Kourtney! Guess what? Our babies are two days a part. My son was born on the 16th. We are very blessed! After my birth, I began walking 4 miles everyday with my son in his stoller (quite a workout! lol), I drink a lot of water, and do not eat a lot of junk food. Being active is the key, especially after a pregnancy. Also integrating the walking and jogging with my son makes it fun. He is my inspiration for everything. Take care and God Bless you and your family!

  • Edwin Alvarado
    Edwin Alvarado

    if you were not dating scott i would say something different but since you are i like to do situps

  • Michelle

    "Dont let others determined your workout , YOU determine how far you can go...its your body not theres...so always modified and go at YOUR own pace." Best workout: a nice run @ the beach =] becuase it never fails.

  • Brynhildur

    I like to run on the treadmill, do situps and eat regular and healthy meals in small but regular proportions

  • Mike Lux
    Mike Lux

    My fitness tip is to work out using a slosh pipe. For those who don't know it is a pvc pipe that is filled with water. It weights only 25 pounds but when working out with it you feel like it weights a ton. It works on you core and helps with balancing.

  • Annie

    My Favorite workout is taking my puggles for a run each day to the park! And my favorite diet tip is making sure I drink a giant glass of water before each meal so that I don't fill up on just food!

  • isabelmaldonad09

    cardio and zumba is my favorite.....my diet plani s eat in portions and have a salad in one of my meals . and eat breakfast! hope i win and ilove you your soo funny

  • Samantha

    I love this class called Body Flow which is a mixture of Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates. It also has a fantastic relaxation/guided meditation exercise at the end. I ove Zumba too, but if I don't get at least one hour of Body Flow in a week, I don't feel complete.

  • Rebecka

    I spend my day chasing around my 3 kids who are all 1 year apart! Yes...I was pregnant for 3 years straight!! :) Plus, I try to drink lots of water!!

  • SS

    Drink a tall glass of cold water right when you wake up. It awakens your senses, and starts up your insides. Great for 'ridding of waste' ;)

  • Desiree Fernando
    Desiree Fernando

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ DRINK LOTS OF WATER. At least 8-10 GLASSES/DAY. Also have at least 2-3 cups of GREEN TEA/DAY. I know this is alot of fluids but if you're trying to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight this helps you in so many ways. Also try and stick to LOW SODIUM and/or FAT FREE products :) sodium and salty thinks makes you bloat ALOT. Have alot of PROTEINS in your everyday diet too. Try and eat LEAN MEAT, and nuts, and avocado. Also WHOLE GRAINS!! Lot's of CORE workouts too. Running sheds body fat as well. I LOVE YOU KOURTNEY! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • mmunoz33

    [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/14/24671_1371583733390_1345653544_1044041_2473997_n-340_255.jpg[/img] Kourtney, I enjoy eating anthing I want/desire, so long as I don't swallow it. I can consume all my favorite items, but spit it out before it does any damage! It helps me maintain my fit body for my Air Force Active Duty position. This should qualify for one of the 5 autographed copies as this will most definitely be the strangest discipline. diet tip; only eat carbs before your workout. After that I only consume EAS Myoplex. Sincerely your biggest fan in Oklahoma, Mike Munoz Yukon, OK

  • Alissa Nicole Peterson
    Alissa Nicole Peterson

    My Fitness tip is making sure that you are consitent. Don't just work out hard for one week then skip the next. Instead workout 3 to 5 days a week even if it is just a 30 min walk. This helps you to stay in a routine which leads to achiving weight loss goals and a healthier lifestyle.

  • khoops06

    my favorite workout is doing 30 minutes on the treadmill, doing a ladder on resistance. I start out at resistance 8 then go up to 12 and back down to 8 for 2 minutes and do it again for 3 times(:

  • Maranda

    I do a Jillian Michaels workout video and run on the treadmill and eliptical intervals everyday. I also read in a magazine that you eat steel cut oats every morning and eat small portions with little snacks and I try to follow that same routine. :)

  • Sue

    Small meals throught the day and cutting out alot of sugar!

  • Gregg

    I tie a stick to my back with twinkie attached to it. The stick is 4' long leaving the twinkie out reach...

  • Maisie

    basically when I diet, I use a money jar and once a week I put 3 pounds (dollars) in it which is about how much a week i'd spend on sweets. I use what i'd save up to go on days out or trips and it made me notice that i'd much rather have fun than eat unhealthy food.

  • William Rigos
    William Rigos

    I drink lots of water then I walk around NYC on a hot day and sweat my @$$ off. It cleanses the toxins out of my system. Then I take a cold shower and do push-ups before bed. :)

  • Jonah Scholl
    Jonah Scholl

    Kourtney you're my favorite Kardashian of all, Scott's a lucky guy. I love to swim laps at the local gym. It's a great low impact workout and you don't feel the sweat because you're already wet!

  • Sarah Grimley
    Sarah Grimley

    I make sure to keep the carbs and fat down, and I don't eat past 5pm. I also drink plenty of water as well as watch my sodium intake which causes fluid retention.

  • Libby

    Low fat meals can often leave you still hungry after a meal, so if you have a medium amount of fat in your food it will fill you up for longer and you will avoid snacking :) It works for me! :)

  • Emily

    I follow the biggest loser diet. i love it there is no way you wont lose weight if you follow it correctly! I also do Yoga and run daily!

  • Damon Stewart
    Damon Stewart

    Doing anything on the floor working the core :p

  • Marysa Jo
    Marysa Jo

    I love going to the gym 4-5 times per week. I do an hour of cardio and 20 minutes of strength training. I love doing my abs on a medicine ball because my entire core is tight due to keeping my balance. I eat a lot of dark green veggies/mixed greens opposed to iceberg salad mix because they have higher nutritional value. I cut of a lot of junk food and snack on rice cakes instead!! :)

  • Damon Stewart
    Damon Stewart

    Doing anything on the floor working the core :p

  • mmunoz33

    Kourtney, I eat whatever I want/desire, just as long as I don't swallow it... You can enjoy it all, just spit it out before you swallow. It's the strangest discipline, which qualifies for one of the 5 signed copies!!! As for diet tips; I only eat carbs before my workout and EAS myoplex after that. It helps me stay thin and fit for my Air Force Security police gig.. :) Sincerely your biggest fan, Mike Munoz in Yukon, OK

  • Amanda

    First off i love you kourtney. As I am a mom of two i find it hard to keep in shape, so i use Quick trim and i also use the dance central game on kbox. with that i eat right and drink a lot of water and juice to have keep hydrated. I have keep my weight right where i want to and it gives me energy to be able to chase after my two kids everyday.

  • Jackie Evand
    Jackie Evand

    I am 24 years old and had a Baby and I love doing Zumba !!!!! Hopefully I will loose all this baby weight.... And also I AM A HUGH FAN OF THE KARDASHIAN'S.. Please if u can give me some tips on how to loose more weight feel free, Always listing :) Have a Blessed Day

  • Olivia

    I love running with my dog! It helps me stay in shape & get to love him up a bit :) Or going to yoga with my mom, it's great mother-daughter bonding time! As you know, family is very important!

  • Kaitlin

    Crunches! I do 100 of them every night.

  • Marysa

    I gave up junk food 6 days out of the week and have a cheat day on Saturday! That is when I am alowed to have one snack of choice. I also go to the gym 4-5 days per week...the stair master is the best workout! All you do is sweat. I eat a lot of dark green veggies/spinach/mixed greens opposed to iceberg salad mix because these veggies have a lot of nutritional value! Doing abs on a medicine ball is great because your entire core is tightened in order to keep balance :)

  • Sara Crandell
    Sara Crandell

    I like to eat a piece of fruit before my workouts and drink lots of water. I have been doing a workout DVD with a friend it is fun and a good workout.

  • vanja

    I do push ups every night before I go to sleep, and i also go for a run when I come home from school three times a week. xo from Norway!

  • Jose A. Muñiz
    Jose A. Muñiz

    I just like to look at you!

  • Nancy Potts
    Nancy Potts

    Nancy from PA: I'm on the backside of 40 and I love to work out with Chalene's Turbo Jam videos. I also like the P90X for building muscle. I also love your son's name. I names my oldest boy Mason...22+ years ago.

  • Karolina

    my best trick to stay fit is lot's of sport (gym, skiing, rollerblades etc.) and not eating after 7 p.m. It would be marvellous to recive this unique copy of Shape from the opposite site of the globe :) Love you K.

  • Sabrina

    I live right next to a school and love to go walking every evening around the school track. I also love to do the Zumba workout! I love making my own fruit/veggie smoothies and drink as much water as possible! I love you Dash girls! <3

  • Ashley

    I use a weighted hula-hoop and anytime i find my self going to sit on the couch to watch tv, i stand up and hula-hoop while i watch the tv instead.. time flies and it tones quickly!

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L

    I drink a ton of water, eat healthy and i quit drinking all soda! thats the easiest way to stay fit!

  • Lori Wain
    Lori Wain

    My favorite diet tip/exercise tip is to use lemons. I use lemons in water to help with the body's natural anti-inflammatory process, and it can also be used on foods such as chicken to help not only season it, but to help with appetite suppression.

  • Michelle R Wright
    Michelle R Wright

    Such a fan Kourtney! I have lost a staggering FIFTY-FiVE pounds over the last year all on my own!! I have implemented a few different things....being carb and sodium conscious, portion control, not eating past say seven at night and working on feet rather than behind desk! Woo Hoo! and the pounds keep coming off, down one size so far--almost two!

  • Deneen

    I stop eatting junk food, walk in the morning, zumba at night and wii fit at least once a week..

  • Allison B.
    Allison B.

    Hey kourt! I have 2 workout tips...1. make sure to have a lot of protein in your body! so many people lack on protein and its a key source to a healthy body! 2. Form. I dont know how many times i have been at the gym and people just have the worst form! having good form wether its swimming or lifting weights is major important!!!! Hope I win because I would just die!!! Lots of love!!

  • Leticia

    I dont agree in taking diet pills or starving yourself to lose weight. i think just eating healthy and not too much is a start to lose weight or to maintain your weight!

  • T

    I do crossfit daily =)

  • Pris

    I like to drink a full glass of water before a meal, it helps me eat less :)

  • lucy ariana
    lucy ariana

    im 15 years old and i do the ab circle pro for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night as well as limiting my carbs i eat and playing sports , it really helps me (: id reccomend the ab circle pro to anyone , altho the earthquakes have been rattling and thats probably good excercise running from buildings and things but yeah xxxx

  • amanda

    i do hot yoga twice a week, its good for your body and soul oh and i also eat healthy..lots of protein and greens :)

  • Chelsey

    Interval training on the treadmill! and steel cut oatmeal :)

  • Kimberly

    My favorite diet tip is to use a smaller bowl i call a "portion control bowl" for my snacks or meals so i do not over eat :)

  • Sharon

    Im 15 years old and I do situps every night and every morning before going to school. It makes me feel good when I got o sleep and when I wake up.