Should Pippa Middleton Be Leery of Dating Her Ex? Celebrity Matchmaker Weighs In!

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Apparently, Pippa Middleton is back on the market. According to People, she has reportedly called it quits with boyfriend Alex Loudon — and is already looking for a new man.

Even though everyone was hoping for a Prince Harry love connection, Pippa seems to be enjoying the company of her former flame George Percy, who is the son of the Duke of Northumberland. As her love life takes center stage in all the tabloids, many are left wondering if Pippa should really be running back into the arms of an ex-boyfriend so quickly.

Celebuzz caught up with celebrity matchmaker Samantha Daniels to discuss Pippa’s love life and why she needs to be leery of her ex’s intentions.

Pippa’s newfound celebrity was reportedly a major factor in her breakup with Loudon. Do you think it will affect her relationship with her ex, too?
Pippa is getting a lot of attention right now because of her new royal connections. Perhaps she feels like her ex would be able to empathize better with her situation given the fact that his father is a Duke. Maybe he has dealt with this sort of thing in the past. Also, perhaps her other boyfriend was not as comfortable in the spotlight given that he has never experienced it in this way before.

Should she be leery of getting back with an ex-boyfriend?
I think that when someone is thinking about going back to an ex, that person needs to make sure to really remember why they broke up in the first place and whether things have or can change this time around to make things better and more workable. Sometimes when you have been broken up for a while, it’s easy to forget the negative of a past relationship and romanticize the good. Pippa needs to make sure she isn’t doing that and is looking at the relationship for what it really was and what it really can be.

Say, hypothetically, she came to you for advice on dating. What would you tell her?
I would tell her that maybe she needs to take a breath and be single right now. She should spend sometime thinking about what kind of relationship she really wants and whether or not either of these guys are actually right for her. Maybe there is a completely different guy out there who is right for her. She needs to figure out what and who she really wants.

How do you think her sister Kate Middleton’s royal romance and wedding has affected Pippa when it comes to dating?
I think that Kate’s wedding and public romance has catapulted Pippa into the spotlight as well, so she might be feeling pressure to figure out her own relationship because everyone is talking about her. It probably has also made her give some thought to whether she would like to be with a Royal as well. My best advice for her is to ignore all the paparazzi and comments from outsiders and just follow her heart.

Samantha Daniels is a Celebrity Matchmaker and the owner of Samantha’s Table Matchmaking.