‘Teen Wolf’ and Other Hot Guys Who Play Monsters (PHOTOS)

The drama is heating up on Teen Wolf, and the eye candy isn’t bad either! In his breakout leading role, Tyler Posey is bringing teenage angst to a boil as the soft-spoken Scott — a high school student bitten by a werewolf . So far, the series (which airs Monday nights on MTV) has followed his transformation and infatuation with a girl in his class. 

Although the object of his desire is a hottie (Crystal Reed), with his multiple shirtless scenes all eyes are on Tyler!

That got the Celebuzz staff thinking…there are several Hollywood hotties who play big ‘ol scary monsters, from other werewolves like Taylor Lautner and Joe Manganiello, to vampires like Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt. While we can’t say for sure what attracts these guys to such roles, it usually leads to almost immediate fan attraction.