The Meet & Greet: Andy Grammer – Find Out Why Taylor Swift Is a Fan!

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Andy Grammer is coming up on the music scene. His top 10 single “Keep Your Head Up” has been all over the radio — and won over a celebrity fan in Taylor Swift! The country cutie has been seen at his shows, even writing lyrics on her arm during certain performances.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Penelope Cruz
in Vanilla Sky, I’m pretty sure her name was Sophia or something [fact check: he’s correct]. Ridiculous!

What was the inspiration behind “Keep Your Head Up”?
I had just left the 3rd Street Promenade after a long day of street performing and not selling many CD’s. I ended up going home and writing that song to try and encourage myself.

How would you feel about a duet with Taylor Swift?
Yeah! Let’s do that. So much love for Taylor. She’s amazing. Of course, I would do a duet with her!

Who are some of your favorite artists out right now?
Loving K’naan, Mos Def, One Republic, Natasha Beddingfield, Taylor Swift, The Script, Bruno Mars…lots of great music out right now.

Andy’s self-titled album is out today and he’s got the single of the week on iTunes with his song “Miss Me” — which you can download for free.