Christina Aguilera Reportedly Makes $225,000 an Episode on ‘The Voice’

Xtina Performs on 'Voice'
Team Christina sings 'Lady Marmalade'
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Javier performs an acoustic song at Celebuzz.
Giving American Idol stiff competition, NBC’s The Voice has garnered positive press since its debut last month. The reality TV singing competition features four all-star team leaders who didn’t come without pricey costs.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Christina Aguilera is pulling down more than $225,000 an episode for The Voice, while the other judges — Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green — make $75,000. (In comparison, Jennifer Lopez signed a $12 million contract for her first year as an Idol judge.)

With the series already picked up for a second season, we’re sure the cast will be demanding much more. But hey, if any of the celebs bail, the executives might be able to snag John Mayer, who was apparently considered for this season.

All the celebrity stars joined this season because of the show’s positive message. Shelton told The Hollywood Reporter:

“It’s not showcasing people who suck and making a mockery of anybody. It’s just about good singers who all get that it’s a competition show.”

No word on who will be back on board for round 2, but Voice executives revealed there will be some major changes to the format. They will increase audition episodes, show more of the coaching process during “battle rounds” and provide more contestant backstories.