Wow! 'Entourage' Star Jerry Ferrara's Dramatic Weight Loss (PHOTO)

Jerry Ferrera's Dramatic Weightloss
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Turtle, is that you? Entourage star Jerry Ferrara showed off the fruits of his weight loss efforts when he stepped out in West Hollywood with a female friend on Tuesday, June 14.

The Brooklyn-born actor reportedly got serious about dropping his weight back in 2010 when he modified his diet to include tofu and organic fruit and vegetables. The star also reportedly started exercising by taking hikes through LA's Runyan Canyon.

Although Jerry has been shedding pounds for a year now, this is the slimmest we've ever seen him. You look good, Jerry!

What do you think of Jerry's new weight loss – does this make him outshine Adrian Grenier as the hottest guy on Entourage? Vote in our Celebuzz poll and share your thoughts in the comments!



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    Weight loss jar

    "just what fat burning meals" contrary to parents think, pounds using nutriment isn't meals which melts away fat. The idea is, food that will uses up a lot more calories when compared with it offers.

  • Miki

    I think Demi Lovato found it.

  • Emm

    Good for him! It doesn't hurt to learn to eat healthier and if you happen to lose weight as a result, awesome.

  • Teajaye

    Love that the "journalist" who wrote this misspelled "Runyon." Takes a genius to be published these days...

  • mary

    he looks great just get arms and chest a bit more cut up - then give up the large shirts/jeans-nobody saying to go euro-trash tight but show off your hard work w/ more fitted wardrobe. still standing w/ a big guy kinda stance---wont feel fit and slick until he captures it totally!he beats adrian grenier! adrien's too hairy