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With so many plain and dull flash drives, it is time to step it up and get yourself a Green Lantern flash drive! These uniquely designed flash drives even come in your favorite Green Lantern character from Mimoco

Celebuzz is going to give one of our incredible readers a chance to win an amazing prize pack! The lucky winner will receive a variety pack of all of the character drives. Green Lantern hits the big screen on June 17th, you wont want to miss it!

Here is how to enter: Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, then leave a comment on what your favorite Green Lantern character is!

This contest ends June 22nd at 9 AM ET.

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  • Ken Choy
    Ken Choy

    Kilawog rules. Liked both facebook and twitter.

  • Raymond Medina
    Raymond Medina

    Hal jordan as the Green Lantern!!

  • John Knight
    John Knight

    Hal Jordan of course.

  • Doug Wolfe
    Doug Wolfe

    Hal Jordan was always my favorite.

  • dropastitch

    Like you on FB amy rouse Follow you on Twitter @dropastitch FAV character: Green Lantern, cuz he's a star!

  • Moore Gadgets
    Moore Gadgets

    "To infinity and beyond." Whoops wrong comic. My choice is The Green Lantern.....of course! [img][/img]

  • Amanda Nicolau
    Amanda Nicolau

    My favorite green lantern is Thaal Sinestro. The Greatest Green Lantern there ever was!

  • Ian Santos
    Ian Santos

    There are too many... I love Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardener, Kilowog, Bzzzdt... But, out of those drives, definitely Sinestro. :D Ian @ianmsantos on Twitter

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun

    Hal Jordan - lots of great Lanterns, but since the Challenge of the Super Friends, I have been a Hal Jordan fan

  • Gina

    I vote for green lantern.

  • Andy Begin
    Andy Begin

    My favorite Green Lantern...That is truly a hard choice as so many members bring so many dynamics, but I think honestly, for what he has gone though Kyle Rayner is my favorite. He has truly proved himself over and over that he is a great candidate to wield the ring and to continue the legacy put in front of him as a Lantern.

  • Cruz A. Fernandez
    Cruz A. Fernandez

    Guy Gardner is the funniest Lantern. His outfit is He-larious!!

  • Jake Sparkman
    Jake Sparkman

    Bzzd is pretty awesome, but I think I'm gonna have to go with Mogo. He's my telepathic, planet-sized hero.

  • Josh

    (Follow up to my previous comment) I also think Hal Jordan is the coolest.

  • Josh

    My favorite Green Lantern is Hal Jordan. He's the first Green Lantern I became aware of, when I was just starting to get into Green Lantern. That was back in the early '90s I think.

  • Chris Hoots
    Chris Hoots

    The Green Lantern is my favorite. There have been so many versions of him over the years. I have always dreamed of what it would be like to have the ring!

  • Mike S.
    Mike S.

    My favorite character is Hal Jordan!

  • Jonathan Dibblee
    Jonathan Dibblee

    My favourite Green Lantern is either Ch'p (the squirrel) or G'Nort (the dog). I cannot choose one or the other due to the qualities that make each of them special. Ch'p has seen more action than G'nort however, G'nort has shown determination can make you part of something bigger.

  • Justin Gibson
    Justin Gibson

    My favorite's Guy Gardner, bar none!

  • Richard A Scott
    Richard A Scott

    Krona for starting the whole mess.

  • Juan E. Beto
    Juan E. Beto

    Kyle Rayner the one with whom I lived my childhood

  • Jonathan Ashline
    Jonathan Ashline

    Hal Jordon - The Greatest Green Lantern of all time!

  • D. Lee Grooms
    D. Lee Grooms

    Gotta be Guy Gardner!

  • Chris Dailey
    Chris Dailey

    Sodam Yat is AMAZING!!!!!

  • Kelly McGrath Elswick
    Kelly McGrath Elswick

    Hal Jordan is my fav!

  • Dorene Grover
    Dorene Grover

    Love Kilawog!! Best Darn GL Corps trainer there is!!!

  • Agny Ozziel Panduro
    Agny Ozziel Panduro

    Sodam Yat! Green power ring + superman-like powers +Ion = awesome

  • Wai Skerrett
    Wai Skerrett

    Hal Jordan for sure, followed by Sinestro and Abin Sur!

  • James Albert
    James Albert

    red lantern guy gardner or larfleeze or a ornage landtern lex luthor

  • RA Armentia
    RA Armentia

    Absolute favorite Character is Dex-Starr followed by Larfleeze and Sinestro.

  • Bryan Gaffin
    Bryan Gaffin

    Mogo. You can't beat him!! Oh sure, you can blow him up by shooting at his core after he's sucked down all the Black Lantern corpses and Black energy, but THAT'S IT. Otherwise, can't be beat.

  • Logan Beavers
    Logan Beavers

    My favorite is a tie between Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner. Jordan a lil more.

  • Andrew Krajewski
    Andrew Krajewski

    My favorite would have to be Kyle Rayner!

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez

    Hands Down Hal Jordan, Simply awesome!!!!

  • Jonathan Maddox
    Jonathan Maddox

    I've been collecting Green Lantern memorabilia for over 25 years. My over-all favorite GL is Hal Jordan. But there have been many others I have liked throughout the years. Kilowog, Arisia, Guy, and Salakk round out my top 5.

  • Tony Salerno
    Tony Salerno

    Hal Jordan IS the favorite, how can there be any other Green Lantern that is more liked than him.

  • Ben Collet
    Ben Collet

    Whenever I feel fear (mostly of spiders!) I remember Hal Jordan so he's got to be my favorite Green Lantern character! :D

  • Valeria Marques
    Valeria Marques

    I'm torn between Hal Jordan and John Stewart, I can't pick one!

  • Rick Obert
    Rick Obert

    Hal has been my favorite GL since the post Crisis relaunch in the late 80's. He's a complex character. Watching his transformation from hero to villain and back over the years has been great.

  • Janna Gabrek
    Janna Gabrek

    I'm a big Sinestro fan personally. Those drives are badass! @jannertons

  • Fernando Bajo
    Fernando Bajo

    The best GL character ever is Guy Gardner. He´s a badass!

  • Nolan Graley
    Nolan Graley

    favorite Green Lantern Character is the Red lantern Corps. pure evil, and they have the best Oath.

  • Ralph Harless
    Ralph Harless

    I like Sinestro. If you really look at it, Sinestro just wants peace and order. The way he decides to do that is through fear (yellow). He eventually looses his way and goes to far, but there is more to him than just a bad guy with a yellow ring.

  • seth


  • RThong

    Sinestro would have to be my favorite character from GL.

  • Nathan England
    Nathan England

    My favorite Green Lantern character? Carol Ferris (aka Star Sapphire!) of course!

  • gre3nl4nt3rn

    Oh man, so many choices for my favorite GREEN LANTERN! Ch'P, G'Nort, Hal, Kyle, Sinestro, Guy, Tomar, Abin. BUT! you gotta go with the BIGGEST and BADDEST of them all!!! MOGO!!!!!!! RULES!

  • Eleanor Kirakosian
    Eleanor Kirakosian

    Carol Ferris Star Sapphire. What girl can't relate to the Star Sapphires?

  • icey

    hal jordan and i am true green lantern fan i have the lantern and all the stuff

  • Matjaž Gert
    Matjaž Gert

    Soranik Natu! <3

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    my fave GL is Ch'p. He's the best GL ever.. period.

  • Juan Bizoso
    Juan Bizoso

    Atrocitus Red Lanterns rule!!! Maybe the sequel will explore the Sinestro Corps and the Blackest Night

  • Ryan 'Ey Govna' Palleschi
    Ryan 'Ey Govna' Palleschi

    Bzzd. A little bee/fly/alien hybrid. That's just awesome

  • Billy Spencer
    Billy Spencer

    My favorite green lantern is Hal Jordan, in the comics he just goes through alot.Becoming paralax and then regaining the trust of the corps,just an amazing character overall.

  • King Rollo
    King Rollo

    My favorite character is Hal Jordan, the best Green Lantern there is! XD

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean Anderson

    My favorite is Mogo because he doesn't socialize.

  • King Rollo
    King Rollo

    My favorite character is Hal Jordan, the best Green Lantern there is! XD

  • Henry Sabala Jr.
    Henry Sabala Jr.

    Hal Jordan!!!!!

  • ray

    Kyle Rayner. period

  • ray

    Kyle Rayner. period

  • Chelsea

    Hal Jordan is my favorite!!!

  • Jorge Murcia
    Jorge Murcia

    I would say Kiliwogg!! He is BEAST! But i love Hal just a too, <3

  • Todd Jamrose
    Todd Jamrose

    Kilowogg is the best one!

  • Mike Schneider
    Mike Schneider

    Golden Age Green Lantern... Alan Scott. He dressed weird to distract people and when they were distracted he would sock them in the face.

  • Andrew Westerfer
    Andrew Westerfer

    My favorite would have to be Green Lantern. My favorite color is green and with the powers he has it makes it that much better!!

  • becca1932

    My favorite is the Green Lantern!! :D

  • luckybrit

    Kilowag is my favorite. He has been voiced by some cool dudes. Currently Michael Clarke Duncan.

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    My favorite character is the Green Lantern @momtoem

  • pamlin

    pick me pick me! My fave is Green Lantern of course, Ryan in a green skin tight suit any day! woo! and I totally follow Celebuzz on twitter and FB :) @pamelalinphoto

  • danielleakame

    i have to go with the green lantern on this one. plus look at that flash drive...i just wanna put it in my pocket!!! how cute is that! would spice up my work!

  • Chelsea White
    Chelsea White

    My favorite character is the Green Lantern. There have been so many different versions.

  • wheat636

    My favorite is Tomar-E..cute and creepy!

  • Mano Ol
    Mano Ol

    these drives are so amazing...i cant wait until green lantern will be released on dvd's since i'm a big fan of ryan and i have a folder with most of his movies....i feel so bad that he's getting a divorce...were such a cutie couple

  • emorgan223

    My favorite character must be the surprisingly smart, Kilowog.... never would expect a scientist out of him.

  • Lisa Aukstinaitis
    Lisa Aukstinaitis

    This wouldn't even be for me it would be for my boyfriend who loves the Green Lantern. He once had a Green Lantern t-shirt but it had seen better days so it's been thrown out. These character drives would be the cutest surprise for him; he would love them! (@l_marielle)