Giveaway Alert! Our BIGGEST Giveaway Ever: 5 Nights at Aqua Waikiki Wave in Hawaii, Plus a $250 Eve's Apple Gift Card

Aqua Waikiki Wave Hotel Stay: Celebuzz Giveaway
UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Prepare yourselves for the biggest Celebuzz giveaway EVER! Get ready for the star treatment, because we're hooking you up with five nights at the Aqua Waikiki Wave and a $250 gift certificate to Eve's Apple. How’s that for aloha spirit?!

From the moment you step into the elegant marble lobby of the Aqua Waikiki Wave, you'll be instantly transported to the lap of luxury. This incredible boutique hotel in Honolulu sits in the heart of Waikiki Beach -- with access to great locations for dining, shopping and sightseeing.

Natch, a Hawaiian getaway requires the right wardrobe -- beachwear, sandals, etc. -- so the second part of this deal is just as sweet with a $250 gift certificate to Eve's Apple. The online retailer offers more than 100 of the fashion industry’s top brands; including Diane Von Furstenberg and more. 

Total value for both the trip and gift card is $1,500! NOTE: Travel to the hotel is not included.

HOW TO ENTER: Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, then leave a comment below telling us your favorite vacation activity. 

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  • Kimii Adams
    Kimii Adams

    My favorite vacation activity is sightseeing! Getting to know the history, the culture, the people, tasting the foods. Shopping is a VERY close 2nd place. lol... Hope I win mama has a tropical itch only Hawaii can cure lol

  • Jayde Hillier
    Jayde Hillier

    My favourite activitie would have to be hanging out at the beach with my son, building sand castles n boogy boarding.

  • Tara

    My favourite vacation activity is experiencing all the different sights and sounds, from exploring beaches to trying local food, its all amazing.

  • jxlot

    My favorite vacation activity is to check out the local cuisine and local beverages while enjoying the culture around me.

  • lisav

    My favorite vacation activity is seeking out and befriending the natives. I hate those sightseeing buses that you hop off and on and snap a pic or two of something you really have a one-line description fed to you by a tour guide. I love to find those winding pathways that lead to the city or town's people. And have THEM show me their real world. :)

  • Jan D
    Jan D

    My favorite vacation activities are just cramming as much fun stuff into a day as I possibly can and then having a nice relaxing evening by the pool or on the beach with a tropical something to sip on while I watch the sun go down.

  • mercedes

    My favorite vacation spot is las vegas.

  • mary

    My husband has been in the military for so long that we now want to catch up on vacationing with the children, as our last is on her way to college, hope it's not to late to make some memories for a lifetime!

  • Sharon

    My fav vaca thing is lying in a hammock with a good book and a drink

  • cindy champion
    cindy champion

    I like on FB and follow on twitter @ladyboarder9669 My fav activity is lying on the beach soaking up the sun!

  • Angela Cash
    Angela Cash

    My favorite vacation activity is sailing.

  • Jo Anne Watkins
    Jo Anne Watkins

    My favorite vacation includes lots of new foods, new places, taking a ton of pictures to remember it all and meeting new people. A bit of sunshine, clean blue seas and palm trees enhances the whole thing by about 1000 times. :)

  • Kammi

    I live in Oahu so it would be awesome if I had staycation!

  • chirs

    My favorite vacation activity is relaxing , sleeping in , and eating great regional foods.

  • Carol Spilman Melodia
    Carol Spilman Melodia

    Shopping and listening to the sound of the waves!

  • Naomi

    I love sitting at the beach or by a pool reading a good book and sipping on an ice cold beverage

  • elle

    my favorite vacation activity is shopping because i love bringing back mementos from trips to other places that will forever remind me of the good times, great eats, and gorgeous sights i've been fortunate enough to enjoy! :)

  • tfacey

    My favorite vacation activity is SEX... loud noisy slopping the kids arent here kinda sex. Oh and drinking and eating.

  • Ann

    My favorite vacation is one where me and my family can lay on a beach, be pampered and not have to exert much energy....except for getting in and out of the water. We love fresh foods and yummy drinks. We work so hard during the year that our vacation is our time to re-charge our batteries and reconnect with eachother.

  • blesspete

    love vacations by the water; sun, fun, food, sleep. Most relaxing of all; really helps me unwind.

  • Helen Song
    Helen Song

    swimming in the ocean on a buggie board with my 5 and one year old.. love it!!! :)

  • rdavis23

    Visiting famous landmarks

  • Adrienne Crook Bireley
    Adrienne Crook Bireley

    My favorite vacation is ANY vacation. It's been so long I don't remember. But I like to relax. Not too many activites.

  • Lisa Bromley
    Lisa Bromley

    My dream vacation would be to swim with the fishes in the sea,bask in the sun with the sea lions and eat fresh fish like them! I know I should have been born with gills!

  • chichijunk

    my favorite vacation is anywhere involving sun and the beach! Love it!! following on facebook and twitter! chichijunk at cs dot com

  • rdavis23

    My favorite thing to do is sightsee famous landmarks.

  • Leanne

    I would say my favorite vacation activity would be finding the islands hidden treasures and really embracing the culture of the islands. One thing I would consider a hidden gem of Oahu is Manoa Falls, hiking a trail through a bamboo forest to a waterfall...where do I sign up? I would have to say one of the things I take most seriously about the culture of the islands is respecting their beliefs. As tourists we've become so accustom to taking artifacts (such as seashells/lava rocks) as souvenirs. In Hawaii it is something they believe to anger the gods and bring bad luck.

  • Cortney

    My favorite part of vacation is relaxing by the pool and eating at fabulous restaurants!

  • kclarksonfnatic

    my favorite family vacation activity is sightseeing. I love exploring and learning about new and exciting things. whenever my family and i go sightseeing we have a lot of laughs and memorable experiences. It also makes for a great Kodak moment!

  • Kelly

    My fav. vacation is laying down on the long chair under the sun and close to the beach. Snorkeling is way to go too.. and a lot of yummy food!

  • Megan Pozza
    Megan Pozza

    My favorite vacation is one which combines relaxation with exploration. I LOVE visiting new places, embracing new cultures, and "mingling with the natives"! Plus, with as hectic as my day-to-day life is, I would welcome a vacation with a healthy dose of R&R - rest and relaxation. So my "ideal" day would be exploring a local Hawaiian village, trying new foods, experiencing Polynesian culture, and then spending the rest of the day on the beach with a good book. Just PERFECT! (thanks for the opportunity!!)

  • sgumer

    my favorite vacation activity is to hike to a beach and then relax after the long hike on the sand and in the water with my family.

  • sgumer

    i follow u on twitter

  • sgumer

    i like you on fb

  • Jess Eiben
    Jess Eiben

    There is only one answer to this... SHOPPING!!! I love checking out the different styles and bargains wherever I go, My girlfriends and I drive to melbourne once a year and shop for 2 or 3 days straight, definately my best memories :) neverfailing, we come home severely broke but we have a ball :)

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    What an amazing giveaway! What I would GIVE to win this for my boyfriend and I to actually have our own getaway. We live an hour away and are trying so hard to save p for a vacation. My favorite vacation activity is sightseeing and relaxing in beautiful scenery with my loved one!

  • Raymond Medina
    Raymond Medina

    My favorite vacation would be site seeing. Hawaii is a must see. oooooyes, I'd love to just sink into that sand with a drink in hand. I need some color on my skin. Massage and all. My bf totally needs a vacation. Hes been working so hard. Over five years together. This would be a nice romantic getaway. "Sighs..." lol

  • kanani5

    My favorite vacation activity is just enjoying the AC of a mess free hotel room.....ohhh tranquility!!!

  • Kimi Adams
    Kimi Adams

    My favorite activity on vacation is everything & anything, lol but my fav is sightseeing you get to know the people, the place, the history. Shopping is for sure a close runner up! lol. I wanna catch a "Wave" in Waikiki...does the hula sway woooo.

  • Hualani

    Favorite vacation activity is to do as much as I can; see all the sights, go shopping, mingle with the locals and just have a grand time!

  • Francis M
    Francis M

    My favorite vacation activity is nude ping pong!!!! Oh, and parasailing! YES!!!

  • Colleen Carillo Lawrence
    Colleen Carillo Lawrence

    My favorite thing to do on vaca is to vacate my everyday life, catch up on all of my trash reading and enjoy the amenities at the hotel. Who doesn't love leaving their room a mess only to come back to it neat and tidy with fresh towels and soaps.

  • gillybean604

    Favourite activity would be just walking and seeing what I can find on foot.

  • Melanie

    I love taking my family to new and exciting places so they can experience the unknown and see how other people live. It makes for a better holiday and the knowledge they can learn is massive

  • Mark Poehnelt
    Mark Poehnelt

    my favorite vacation activity is visiting the hawaiian islands and hiking through the rainforests to see the waterfalls and then relaxing on the beach watching the sunset over the ocean.

  • Pat Alls Royse
    Pat Alls Royse

    Watching the water and enjoying its beauty. This would be perfect for my son, he got out of the Navy to come home and take care of me on a hardship discharge and he joined to see the world, he has never even seen the ocean, so this would be a great suprise for him and one way to show my gratiude,

  • KMB

    definitely stand up paddling off the shores of Waikiki!

  • Brian Sakamoto
    Brian Sakamoto

    I would love a free staycation haha

  • John Walter
    John Walter

    my favorite vacation activity is getting to explore as much as i can. the wildlife, food, people - LOVE to explore and get to know a special place..........

  • heffbeth

    Being at the beach, reading, eating, drinking, hanging out with my awesome niece. I love to vacay!

  • John Walter
    John Walter

    i love to explore a new city... i love the beach...

  • John Walter
    John Walter

    i love to explore a new city... i love the beach...

  • Joice Schmidt
    Joice Schmidt

    My favorite vacation activity is traveling...and I like you on Facebook and am following on twitter....

  • Carol Hensley
    Carol Hensley

    Any day away from my work life is a fantastic vacation. If it happens to be in a great hotel 5 star no less, and on a wonderfule island 5 star no less then thats all the better.

  • 0170kennedt

    My favorite vacation activity is trying new restaurants and new foods! I always end up gaining weight when I take a trip!

  • Melanie

    I love getting lost while on vacation ... that way I really see what the city is all about and you usually find the best food and people while lost !!

  • Sam

    Fav holiday would be to spend time with my family enjoying each other which seems to get pushed aside due to our hectic life. Beaches sun good food fantastic.

  • karen

    my favorite holiday activity is anything as long as im with my man :)

  • dropastitch

    Like you on FB Amy Rouse Follow you on Twitter (@dropastitch) Fav vaca activity: seeing local sights! And checking out the local cuisine.

  • Cindy A.
    Cindy A.

    Facebook: Cindy A. Twitter: @normawatson My favorite vacation activity is just being able to relax and have fun. It could be a weekend road trip or a dream vacation. I don't care what we do as long I'm having a good time with my favorite people.

  • Nina

    My favorite vacation activity is meeting all the locals! i love learning new phrases and finding out the places that I must see in a new town!

  • Tony V
    Tony V

    My favorite vacation activity is anything that involves a boat! whether it be sightseeing or fishing! hawaii would be amazing! thank you for the great giveaway!

  • Jade Stephenson
    Jade Stephenson

    My favourite vacation activity is doing absolutely nothing. Going out to eat, cruising the stores. Enjoying the persons company that you're with.

  • Gina

    My fav activity during my vacation is to walk to discover new streets, fun places. Love to walk and enjoy the fun of discovering neat places.

  • Sylvia

    I have actually never been on a vacation without my children so I am not sure what my favorite activity alone would be! Perhaps just relaxing by the pool/beach might be enough for me :)

  • Sammo C
    Sammo C

    My favorite vacation activity usually involves water or the beach. I recently became obsessed with stand up paddle boarding here in Austin, so I would LOVE to try it in hawaii!

  • Jenny

    My favourite vacation activity is relaxing on the beach in a foreign country soaking up the sun and just forgetting everything around you. Then waking up and taking in all the beauty that sounds you.

  • Jenny

    My favourite vacation so far was to the Pacific Islands. I love being in a country where everyone speaks a different language, the sun is shining and the locals are so welcoming of tourists, it just makes your trip just that little bit extra special.

  • Carola Werth
    Carola Werth

    my favorite holiday past time is lazying around in a spa with candlelight around me and soft music playing and getting a massage from my partner and eating awsome food and winning of course and being grateful for competions like this

  • Gia

    Definitely a tie between running on the beach at sunrise or talking to the locals in a crazy accent and pretending to be from somewhere that I'm not and making up crazy stories about things I do there!

  • denised01

    By far other than exploring each place we’ve traveled too…the best activity we’ve done is ziplining through caves n water in Mexico… Loved it!!!! Best experience by far! My husband and I have been wanting to go to Hawaii for our Anniversary. Our love has defintely grown even more everytime when gone on vacation because of the memories you have. I hope we're able to plant memories in Hawaii and we're able to explore and zipline through that beautiful island! :-)

  • Susan

    My favorite vacation activity is swimming and snorkeling. I competed in synchronized swimming for 10 years. I just love the water, and have always wanted to swim in Hawaii. I survived cancer 30-plus years ago which has robbed me of my health. I'm afraid if I don't go to Hawaii soon, I'll never be able to swim there.

  • Denise

    By far other than exploring each place we've traveled too...the best activity we've done is ziplining through caves n water in Mexico... Loved it!!!! Best experience by far!

  • Kasey Martin
    Kasey Martin

    I am not sure what my favorite activity would be on vacation, considering I've never been on one since I've been an adult. I would think that I would want to sit by the ocean all day every day, since I've only seen an ocean twice. I can't imagine what a vacation like this would feel like... it would be like a dream.

  • Staci Tauscher
    Staci Tauscher

    My favorite vacation activity in Hawaii would be soaking up the sunshine. Coming from Alaska, which has dark days during the winter, we need sunlight. And our summers here have been rainy and dreary for several in a row now and this one is no different. It gets pretty depressing so sunshine would be at the top of my list. And then doing some of the regular adventures that most of us would do and spending time with my family doing them would be incredible. Besides I have heard that everyone should visit Hawaii and since I haven't been this would be fabulous. Thank you Celebuzz for this opportunity.

  • Jennifer

    I just wanna be on the beach by the ocean!!

  • Kari Andersen
    Kari Andersen

    I love to surf and hang out on the beach! I took surf lessons from Ty Gurney Surf School in Waikiki and I'm hooked. I didn't think I'd stand up but I did by the 3rd try!

  • Amy Huckabee
    Amy Huckabee

    My favorite vacation activity (besides relaxing with my new husband, of course) is to relax while still being active. Renting bikes to ride around town and taking lots of walks on beautiful beaches is not only great for my mind and spirit, but allows me to keep in shape while I'm also spending lots of time eating while on vacation!! Experiencing the local cuisine is also one of my favorite things and usually gives me inspiration for things to cook once I get home! :) I liked you guys on Facebook and am now following you on Twitter. Hope to win this wonderful contest!

  • jcarreno

    Hawaii is totally on my bucklist of places to vacation!! My favorite vacation involves trying out new foods, Umbrella drinks in hand with a gorgeous scenery pool side. Spending time with loved ones on a Tropical Island being stress free, what more can one ask for??

  • Jess Dellen
    Jess Dellen

    My favorite vacation activity is hiking/taking in local scenery on foot. I like to vacation in areas with a lot of parks and outdoor activities. Swimming is a close second favorite.

  • wheat636

    I don't like to plan vacations out for the most part. My favorite vacation activity is just walking around the area during the day and night. And I love lounging on the beach!

  • hammdawg07

    my favorite vacation activity was probaby swimmin with the dolphins in cancun! They are such cute little guys and have the cutest personalities! Ours was the little rebel of the group so it would go off and splash the other groups and swim off it was a little flirt you could say haha! We got to dance with them, took us for a ride, kiss them, and all kinds of stuff they are so smart i definately recommend doing it!! :)

  • parkisc

    To me, vacation is all about relaxing and spending time with those who you love and love to be around. Oh, and sipping a little something poolside would just be the icing on the cake.

  • Urte Maciokaite
    Urte Maciokaite

    My favorite vacation would probably be exploring new cultures and meeting new people, seeing diferent places, i've never been before.

  • cheapdate2

    My real name is Sunnie Soaps and I LIKE you on Facebook and I am following you on Twitter as CiciOnLive. Good Luck to EVERYONE!!

  • cheapdate2

    My favorite thing to do on vacation is sightseeing and relaxing in a soft lounge chair on the sandy beach sipping an orange martini with an umbrella poking out of the top of the glass. Breathing in the salty air and chillaxin to the sound of the crashing waves and warm breezes. Mmm I can almost feel it .... yeh!!

  • Siul Sooeroto
    Siul Sooeroto

    favorite vacations is going to the beach and not worry about every day things and seeing new sightseeing

  • Liza Anicas Guiao
    Liza Anicas Guiao

    fav vacation activities are jet skiing, sight seeing & shopping

  • Paul Wintner
    Paul Wintner

    My favorite vacation activity is scuba diving and sun bathing.

  • Theo

    I like your page on facebook and I follow you on twitter as well. Thank you kindly for the chance!

  • Theo

    I'm just going to be real with it--aside from getting to wake up at my leisure and get the opportunity to walk around without having to rush--my favorite vacation activities is visiting different brunch hotspots. I enjoy trying out different kinds of breakfast/lunch cuisines. Good food always leads to meeting interesting people while on vacation and of course you never forget a mouthwatering treat!

  • Kate Donlon
    Kate Donlon

    My favorite vacation is...any country to which I haven't been yet! Ideally with a friend to share in the fun and the (sometimes unavoidable) frustrations.

  • jordanraynor

    sunbaking on the beach in an itty bitty bikini, looking and feeling like a superstar !!



  • maya622

    I love exploring new restaurants in other cities. I am always interested in what locals are eating, especially when it comes to healthy eating. I liked on FB and am following on twitter!

  • jhipolito

    my favorite vacation activity is definitely snorkelling in the ocean.

  • ariela koslowsky
    ariela koslowsky

    I love going on vacation and i am really up for doing anything. I would have to say my favorite vacation activity is anything involving the water and tanning!..

  • Nick Westerfer
    Nick Westerfer

    My favorite part about vacation is exploring and learning new cultures and ways of life. Its great to be some where new without worrying about the craziness of life. You get to breathe and let your worries go for a short time.

  • Marys2sweet

    My favorite vacation activity is Hiking and seeing the beautiful nature of of world, I also enjoy going on picnic's, going to aquariums, and museums, or trying somthing I have never tried doing before, but no matter what I do it is my number one rule to relax and have fun and leave all my stress and worry behind.

  • Jason Tibbrine
    Jason Tibbrine

    Liked you on facebook.. My favorite vacation involves lot's of food, and tequila sunrises and my beautiful wife. Where i work I don't get to take alot of vacations, so when I do it's 100% relaxation.

  • Lyaman Izmaylova
    Lyaman Izmaylova

    Favorite vacation activity definitely depends on location. But you can never go wrong with a perfect mix of sightseeing and lazing about on the beach/ by the pool and reading a great book; exploring the local cultures/ sights that aren't on the usual tourist to do list is a must too.

  • Laura

    My favorite vacation activity is going hiking! There are so many beautiful places to see that you can't just drive to, which makes it even more fun!

  • Elisabeth

    I like you on twitter and FB! My favorite vacation activities are swimming, shopping and most importantly... sleeping in! :)

  • Cortnie McClintic
    Cortnie McClintic

    It's so hard to choose just one favorite vacation activity between all of the wonderful things there are to do! If I absolutely MUST choose just one, I would have to say finding something unexpected, whether it be a local place, a new found hobby, or a new reason to smile. I love just letting go and really taking in every part of what's going on around me. That is probably my favorite part of vacation.

  • judebabe

    My fave vacation activity is to RELAX on the beach and check out celebuzz! of course!

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    Ou favorite family vacation activity is exploring the place where we're at. We take the time at every destination to see what the place is all about and learn about the culture. We go to musuems and art galleries around the area. We try new food and even try new things to do. How are we going to enjoy the experience if we dont know anything about the place. I want my boys to forever remember the experience and without learning something about it, it will be hard to remember. Always make something fun a learning experience for your children.

  • Marla Salas
    Marla Salas

    My husband, Perfecto (that's his real name! it was his grandfather's) and I actually MET when we were BOTH living on Kauai, HI~ He is the love of my life~ we moved to LA where our son was born, and then to NH to help my mother~ it's been 4 years since we've been back to the islands and we miss it~ I know he would love, as I would to just stick our toes in the sand, soak in the warm salty water and talk story with the locals~ We miss the Aloha Spirit and would love to renew our vows on the island, since we were married in the backyard here in NH (just us!! with no guest! But he rented a tux and I found a wedding gown for only $100!!) That would be the ultimate vacation~ xoxox (I attached a photo from the first time we hungout :) if you see my facebook it's P, Joaquin and me always, they are my sunshine and my love and my everything <3<3<3)

  • Felicia

    My favorite beach activity is to search the shore for shark teeth while drinking a pina colada. It keeps you busy for a few hours and you get a great tan without even realizing it! Last Summer when I went to the beach I came home with about 10 sharks teeth. It's super neat to see all of the different shapes they come in!

  • ogreggory415

    I love a vacation that involves a swim-up bar. You can't go wrong with a swim-up bar. Does the Aqua Waikiki Wave have a swim-up bar? I will still accept this prize if not. :) CELEBUZZ is awesome!!

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    My favorite vacation activity is spending time on the beach ....early morning walks to see what the tide washed in, evenings in the sunset, all day in the water.

  • Brittany Sefiddashti
    Brittany Sefiddashti

    Playing around in the water all day and exploring the town at night!

  • Millie

    Best vacation is letting loose and doing whatever comes to your mind...wherever you go, its something new so have an open mind and go with the flow without a plan and agenda....whether it is hiking, rock climbing, sky diving, clubbing, running naked on the beach because no one knows you(lol), being silly and freeee, oh, almost forgot, and accidentally running into..lets say...Khloe!:))))Can you compete with that??? XOXO

  • Regina Holmes
    Regina Holmes

    My fav vaca thing to do is sight seeing. I also like soaking up the sun because the sun gives me a burst of energy to explore more of my desitnation. I would love to win this vaca so that my hubby and I can go on our first vaca away as husband and wife. Thanks !!

  • Allysha Woods
    Allysha Woods

    favorite thing to do on vacation is hanging out with my husband, whatever we do, if he is around, is fun :)

  • Andrew Westerfer
    Andrew Westerfer

    My favorite activities would have to be hanging out on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and lounging in the beautiful hotels!! I love being on the beach and that fun environment!

  • Tricia

    My favorite part part of any and every vacation is laughter. The excitement of a new place to explore always brings smile and fun and laughter to everyone that you get the share that time with. I truly enjoy encountering new adventures and enjoying all aspects that a new place has to offer. Mt family and i always seem to laugh so much on vacation...whether it's doing what we call "people watching" or just simply smiling at the oddities that other countries and places present to us seemingly secluded Americans. I truly love laughing and smiling at life!!

  • cass4west

    Followed on Twitter &Liked on Facebook. RELAX!!! We have never had a family vaca before. My kids and I are always on the go. It would nice to do nothing. It would be more fun to do nothing on a beach with sun.

  • monid123

    My favorite vacation activity is definitely parasailing, def. the best feeling ever especially in the beaches of Mexico, loved to try it in Hawaii ♥ [img] 2009 426-340_453.jpg[/img]

  • bonin315

    I like chillaxn in the hot tub!! So fun, but I've always wanted to swim with the dolphins & see volcanos!!

  • Nciole

    My favorite thing to do while on vacation is sight seeing living the culture in which i am visiting!

  • Maria

    I would say that my favorite vacation activity is visiting the tourist attractions and also kicking it back by the pool with my family ! I hope I win really need this vacation!!!!!

  • Jennifer Lukich Becker
    Jennifer Lukich Becker

    My favorite thing to do on a vacation is, NOTHING! I like to lay around in the sun, enjoy the water. No phone, no email, no tv. Just relax and explore my surroundings. Ahhhhh.

  • Kayla1

    My favorite vacation activity is checking out the local landmarks and special areas that make that city worth visiting!

  • xotaytayxo96

    My fav thing to do is enjoy the long summer days with my friends and family by hanging at the pool or beach. Also, I love going for frozen yogurt and shopping.

  • Liz Coughlin
    Liz Coughlin

    Favorite family vacation....spending quality time with my family. Relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sun and sand. Leaving the everyday stress back at home.

  • Kellie Gast
    Kellie Gast

    My favorite thing to do on vacations is just going around and sight-seeing. I like to go off and see the non-tourist things. If I did ever get a chance to go to Hawaii I would go snorkeling and go in a cage to swim with the sharks. I think it would be a great time and something that is once in a life time. Hawaii has always been a dream vacation of mine! Love following you guys on twitter and facebook!! Its where I find out most of the celeb and hollywood gossip!

  • Jessica Ariel Reiner
    Jessica Ariel Reiner

    My favorite vacation activity is just watching my parents relax. They are always so stressed out and when we can finally go on vacation its such a relief to see they are having a good time. We havent been on vacation in years but that would have to be what my favorite thing is!

  • rayyymarie

    My favorite thing to do on vacation is to spend time with my family and RELAX. We always love swimming, talking, snorkeling, and basically just hanging out! We always have fun together & this would be awesome to do with them!

  • Amanda Beatty
    Amanda Beatty

    My favorite vacation is just having vacation! I dream about it all the time…but if I have a vacation my favorite activity will be visiting places and eating local foods. Spending a lot of time with my lover relaxing and shopping and holiday-sexing!

  • Leah Vildaver
    Leah Vildaver

    My favorite vacation activity is... ANYTHING! Basically anything that allows me to get away from the chain linking me to my cubicle at work and relax is amazing. Vegging on the beach and reading while sipping a tropical drink is fabulous. So is running around a strange city with nothing but a guide book. I love it all!

  • Jessica

    I love laying out in the sun!!

  • Kathryn

    Beach all the way. I love snorkling and relaxing in a hammock while reading a book.

  • Renee Snyder
    Renee Snyder

    I definitely have to go and see all the sites. It's nice to relax on the beach sometimes, but if I'm taking time off of work and spending the money to travel, I want to do something that I can't do at home. I like to meet the local people and eat the local food.

  • Renee Snyder
    Renee Snyder

    I definitely have to go and see all the sites. It's nice to relax on the beach sometimes, but if I'm taking time off of work and spending the money to travel, I want to do something that I can't do at home. I like to meet the local people and eat the local food.

  • fms1291

    My favorite vacation activity is scoping out the hot men! Hahaha no really, I love spending time with my family!!

  • tracy p.
    tracy p.

    favorite vacation activity is swimming and arcade games, oh and shopping

  • Gina Fette
    Gina Fette

    My fav thing to do on vacation is relaxing my a pool with my favorite frozen drink! then,shop,eat,work-out love vacations!

  • sarahmayy

    Basically i'm commenting on this because obviously this is a dream prize and i'd love to win, my favourite place to vacation is America, it's simply to beautiful. More on the fact i entered is to be noticed by the kardashians, they're just simply incredibly and i admire you all so so much. It would be more than a dream come true if i could ever meet you. I just can't even put into words how what the three of you say influences my life and the actions i make. I just think you're all so so incredible and i've love to hear from you somehow! x

  • Dominika Szymon Manka
    Dominika Szymon Manka

    my favourite vacation activity is swimming !!!

  • Elaine Gomez
    Elaine Gomez

    My favorite vacation activity would have to be traveling. I just enjoy traveling in general because it's so fun taking your family to exciting and new places, going site-seeing, food tasting, fun for the kids, etc. We haven't done traveling in so long so Hawaii would be the best trip!!

  • Ashley Hughs
    Ashley Hughs

    My favorite vacation activity is laying out on the beach reading a book and relaxing. Pretty much anything that doesn't involve work is great in my book though!

  • Jaye Mills
    Jaye Mills

    A tie between The Jupiter Hotel and Doug Fir lounge in Portland, and anywhere in Bermuda.

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    my favorite vacation activity is spending time on the beach & shopping!

  • Kaylee Miller
    Kaylee Miller

    Playing cornhole and having a few coronas with my competitive family on the beach is absolutely amazing and definitely the definition of a good time.

  • Angelica

    I love to try the native food! Anything new is the best when on vacation! :)

  • dawnlea

    I love the beach so anything to do with the water and sand is my number one thing for vacations.

  • Christina

    NICELY PUT!!! I feel the same! Good luck to you!

  • Christina

    Nothing beats being with your family on a summer vacation. My husband & 3 CHILDREN ARE MY LIFE. Nothing is more precious than spending family time together. They grow up so fast. Unfortunately we have not been on a real family vacation in a couple years, due to unemployement :(. If we win this trip, it would be such a blessing! Good luck to everyone!

  • ambermiller86

    haha that's the hotel me and my husband got scabies from on our honeymoon. anywho.. maybe it would be nice to give this place another shot? My fave activity is traveling around and seeing all the different sights.. LOVE hiking and visiting different places. With my hubby of course :]

  • Becca Klinger
    Becca Klinger

    I haven't been on an actual vacation in years, but I love just being able to relax and enjoy time away from the real world. The beach and I are bffs on vacay!

  • Natalie

    My favorite vacation activity definitely has to be laying out by the pool/on the beach! It's so relaxing!!

  • Rayleen Delacruz
    Rayleen Delacruz

    Never been on vacation and thats the God honest truth BUT I do dream about it. Most def have to be soaking in the sun,splashing in the waves,and enjoying a killer view from the hotel room! Cheezy and desperate right? Don't feel bad for me I am obviously not the only person in the world whose never been. :)

  • Nina

    My favorite vacation activity is doing nothing and just relaxing! I don't want to need a vacation from my vacation!!

  • Tyler D
    Tyler D

    My favorite activity is sightseeing and learning about the new place we travel too!

  • Divina Villanueva
    Divina Villanueva

    My fiance and I love taking trips! Our favorite activity anywhere is something new! We've gone skydiving, kayaking, fishing, etc. We have always wanted to swim with dolphins in hawaii, though! So that would probably be our favorite activity thus far if it did happen!

  • Astrid

    My favorite vacation is just having vacation! I dream about it since so many time... I never go away from my land...but if i'll have vacation my favorite activity will be visiting places and eating local foods. Spending a lot of time with my lil girl and my hubby too! I hope winning!!!! wooo!!! Thanks much

  • alisontsails

    holiday sex. anytime, anywhere, it's just better than at home!

  • Marissa

    Since I was five, my family and some of our family friends have gone camping in Santa Barbara. It may not be the most extravagant vacation, but its always nice to get away from work and school and live simplistically even if it is just for a week. However, vacationing in luxury wouldn't be a bad alternative!

  • Heather Sebastian
    Heather Sebastian

    My favorite is playing and relaxing at the beach! xx @KaizenFashion

  • Amy Gillespie
    Amy Gillespie

    My favorite vacation activity, just one, thats going to be hard.....I enjoy anything on the beach, from volleyball to just laying around. I also like to explore new areas. I am very outdoorsy.

  • Allison Blaine
    Allison Blaine

    The best vacation activity is LOUNGING! I want nothing more than to kick back in a beautiful place without thinking about stress!

  • Christopher Cooley
    Christopher Cooley

    I dont remember my favorite vacation activity bcz i haven't been on one in sooooooooooooo long. fml. also, Wes your link to the twitter page doesn't work. =)

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    My favorite vacation activity is swimming and spend some quality time with the family. @momtoem

  • Carolyn Beer
    Carolyn Beer

    My favorite vacation activity is swimming at the beach. I love taking pictures, shopping and sightseeing and I LOVE the sun!!!! I have never been anywhere NEAR the West Coast and I would LOVE to go to Hawaii!

  • jgiesler1

    Liked on facebook, following on twitter My favorite thing to do on vacation is exploring! Seeing new sights in the world and taking tons of pictures. Laying on beaches, going o hot spots and anything dealing with water I'm there for sure! =)

  • Amanda Buckles
    Amanda Buckles

    My favorite vacation activity is seeing the sights with my boyfriend!

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    My favorite activity while on vacation. While not being on the computer or having access to the phone. Just enjoy some relaxation and step away from the usual. I love to go sight seeing and enjoy taking pictures.

  • ecaterina29

    like u on facebook and follow u on twitter favorite activity would have to be sight seeing. spending all your days outside and enjoying the vacation

  • Ashley Steinberg
    Ashley Steinberg

    My favorite vacation activity is sight-seeing with the people I love the most. It doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you are with people who’s company you enjoy, and who you can have fun with, the place will be amazing. There is nothing better than discovering a new place with great friends. It is always an adventure. Its also fun to leave all your fears and problems behind and find new activities that you can't do from home. This would be a great getaway from work, school and drama!

  • mizchivious247

    My favorite vacation acitivity is exploring what the place has to offer with my family and the ones I love. What could possible be better than quiet time appreciating our beautiful planet and family.....wouldn't you agree? So tranquill and a great stress reliever, takes you back and puts what matter into prospective. [img][/img]

  • Ashley Steinberg
    Ashley Steinberg

    My favorite vacation activity is sight-seeing with the people I love the most. It doesn't matter where you are. As long as you are with people who's company you enjoy, and who you can have fun with, the place will be amazing. There is nothing better than discovering a new place with great friends. It is always an adventure.

  • tjpina1

    Unfortunately, I never been on vacation. I know it's sounds weird but its true. So, this would be a wonderful experience for me. I never been away from my family. So, I might not know how to RELAX. So, thank you the chance. Following on FBK n Twitter @tjpina1

  • don brooks
    don brooks

    my favorite vacation activity is sipping a pina colada, laying out on the beach and pretending i'm unemployed. lol

  • twinklemepink06

    like on FB and twitter. My favorite thing to do on vacation is to let go of everything and sleep in the sunshine on the beach. paradise right there!

  • Crystal Baraza
    Crystal Baraza

    My favorite vacation activity is to definitely see the sights! I also love shopping and seeing how the locals live. As long as I'm with my family anything is fun:] I would love to spend a lot of time on the beach, this would be my dream vacation!

  • clarissa

    Fave vacation activity is to sit by the beach with my husband and lounge all day with a drink in hand. and eating at all local restaurants!

  • Shannon Paulk
    Shannon Paulk

    Definitely surfing!

  • erinthompson123

    Vacation is truely an adventure, I try to do everything possible!Some of my favorite things to do is walk on the beach,swim in the ocean,sight see and just relax!!!My high school sweetheart and I are finally getting married after 8 years together this August 27th!We have never been to hawaii,and this would be the greatest honeymoon in the world for the two of us!It would be a dream come true:)

  • Cate
    Cate drinking in the sun!

  • Mari Desilva
    Mari Desilva

    My favorite vacation activity is relaxing at the beach. There is nothing more calming and good for the soul as listening to waves crash on the sand. We don't get to take much time for ourselves these days or get to just sit and relax. This is the one place that demands it!!

  • emorgan223

    My favorite vacation activity is doing anything with my friends and family. Even the most boring activity like watching TV is made better when surrounded by loved-ones. But activities like laying on the beach, hiking or swimming are only fun when done with others. Although I must admit I'm not sure what I would enjoy most in Hawaii, everything from tanning to snorkeling would be the greatest vacation activity ever due to the location!

  • Nicolle Lampe
    Nicolle Lampe

    My favorite activity is to go hiking. I feel that's the best way to see the place you're visiting. I love finding secluded places that not many people have seen. Makes me feel like I'm in a different more simpler time.

  • gurpreet

    my favourite vacation activity would have to be just relaxing on the sandy beaches and being stress free and most of all having loads of fun with everyone! it gives me time out of our busy lives to forget about everything and connect with everyone creating memories with all your loved ones! :D oh and cant forget those nights that I cant remember, spent with the ones that i will never forget xoxox

  • Courtney Saari
    Courtney Saari

    My favorite vacation activities are SCUBA diving and fishing with my husband! And of course relaxing on the beach!


    My favorite things to do are anything that the locals are doing!! Finding out from people that live there what the best restaurants, bars and boutiques are! PARTY and have a good time at the beach!!! You only live once so do it up good! :)

  • tkkerr

    I "liked" on Facebook and Twitter! My favorite vacation activity is taking advantage of all of the different and unique sights to see! Wherever the destination is, the best part of the trip is always exploring the landscape and/or tourist attractions!

  • danielleakame

    Just looking at the picture looks like a vacation. I would have to say exploring the culture of where ever I am. and scuba diving, it is like a whole different world!

  • Tanya Ladouceur
    Tanya Ladouceur

    Well I actually never left the country (or gone on vacation), so I can't really say what my favourite vacation activity is. But knowing me, it would mostly likely be tanning and swimming. I love the water!

  • Birna

    hi my favorite vacation activity is shopping, swimming, get tan ,spend time with family, surfing and so much more

  • catherinelodge

    hi ! My favourite holiday vacation activity would have to be snorkleing and seeing all the different types of fish and then coming out of the water and drying off on a sunlounger in the sun !! - heaven Bye xoxoxo

  • Angela

    I love being in the water!!!! Whether it's tubing or jet skis to laying out with my feet in drinking an ice cold drink! We've never been out of the U.S... so this would be O_Mazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathryn Perkins
    Kathryn Perkins

    I have to say my favorite vacation activity is taking my daughter to theme parks and seeing her gorgeous little face light up like a Christmas tree!! It's truly magical to see the wonder of everything through a child's eyes!! :)

  • Deda Minor
    Deda Minor

    My favorite activity to do while on vacation is relaxing! I love lying under an umbrella or on the sand & watching the waves & people go by!!

  • Viv

    Raising a glass of cold frothy goodness to my lips, soaking in the sun, gazing endlessly at the ocean through the palm trees and swimming in beautiful blue ocean water.

  • Monica Prete
    Monica Prete

    My favorite vacation activity is just going out and having fun with your family! and lounging on a beach chair =]

  • Sarah Taylor-Spangenberg
    Sarah Taylor-Spangenberg

    My favorite summer activity (this year) would be spending a few uninterrupted days with my thirty year-old husband, who finally graduated from college this year (I say "finally" because it took him FOREVER, as he returned to finish his Master's during my pregnancy and had zero time for anything at all between school, working, and helping me raise our four-year-old daughter). It's been a long time coming that we'll be together like I hope!

  • Kim

    My Fav Summer Activity: Going on tours, seeing the sights and learning the history behind the place. Plus of course, the beach!

  • Angela Keresztes
    Angela Keresztes

    Followed on Twitter &Liked on Facebook. My favorite vacation activity are spending good, quality time with family and friends. Nothing is better than being in a stress free environment with the ones you love.

  • joy

    I follow you on facebook and my favorite summer activity is spending time with the kids and letting them do things (like going for ice cream, or staying up late to play board games) that we don't usually do. Also, a good bbq is a nice summer time treat!

  • Laura Roesch
    Laura Roesch

    My favorite activity is just going out and having fun with your family! There is nothing like just doing whatever you want! I have always wanted to fo to Hawaii so this would be amazing! There are so many options to choose from, my number one would be snorkeling!!

  • brendonschulze

    It's no secret that my favorite activities on vacation are generally restricted to spending nearly every dime i have on local delicacies such as daiquiris made from fresh strawberries and rare cobras. You may think you have lived without having a Malibu and Cobra Strawberry Daiquiri but let me assure you the contrary. Also, i enjoy blackout waterskiing, on the go self-dentistry.

  • Jessica

    My dream vacation is do any & everything I possibly can! I love traveling & visiting local shops, or getting to know the people in a new place & trying the local food. It's wonderful to be able to live the way other people do occasionally.

  • worksy

    Fave summer activity - lounging on a beach chair and sipping mai tai. Because summer is all about relaxing and recharging.

  • juliannex18

    My favorite vacation activity is to definitely see the sights and in this case tour the island and look at all the beautiful beaches and mountains. I also love shopping and seeing how the locals live. This would be my dream vacation!

  • Allison B.
    Allison B.

    I would say my favorite vacation activity is snorkeling in the ocean! I think it is soo cool seeing all the different kinds of fish and swimming around the corral. One time I even tried to pet a fish in the Caribbean and it bit me! But there is nothing better then being on vacation with your family. I love spending time with my family and just relaxing by the pool or ocean with them. Anytime time with my family is fun, but make it in Hawaii and thats better! Hope I win!