Because He’s Hot: Hugh Jackman Shows Off Huge Muscles (PHOTOS)

Hugh Jackman Works it Out
Check out Hugh hit up the gym!
Hugh Jackman is jacked! The Wolverine actor proved that the working out is paying off as he stepped out of a New York City gym with a friend. 

The actor wore an Adidas tank top that showed off his huge arm muscles that he paired with some basketball shorts. Back in February, Hugh revealed his diet and exercise routine to bulk up for the new Wolverine saga. 

Hugh told the Los Angeles Times, “It’s 6,000 calories a day, it’s rough.” When interviewed, the actor was at 210 pounds and counting, which was already 20 pounds more than he weighed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The actor described what he was going for with his Wolverine character this time around, saying, “Yeah, he’s thick and it’s chunky and it’s powerful. I always think of Mike Tyson when he first came on the scene. Sometimes, he was a full foot shorter than his opponents and bent over [with this] massive build. There’s real power. You said bulldog, and that’s it exactly. Exactly. That’s what I’m going for…”