Kim Kardashian to Take Kris Humphries' Name (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian is a traditional bride! The reality star revealed to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that she does plan on changing her name to "Kim Kardashian Humphries" once she says "I do" to her NBA beau Kris Humphries. 

So have these lovebirds set a date and will the wedding be aired on TV?

Kim revealed that she will be a married woman by the end of the summer, but isn't sure about televising her big day. "We haven't made our minds up about a TV wedding," she disclosed. Kim did hint, however, that the couple have decided to draw up a prenup. She says she doesn't think it "takes away from any kind of love."

The reality star/fashionista says she new after two months that Kris was the one for her. She told Leno, "From early on we always talked that we wanted to spend our lives together."

Leno commented on Kim's 20 1/2 carat engagement ring and challenged her to prove that the huge rock is real!!! See what he found out in the video below! 



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    Jurgen R. Brul

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  • Ala

    Of course she's going to have a TV wedding! The Kardashians have already sold everything: Kourtney's pregnancy, Mason's birth, Khloe's engagement and wedding, Kim's engagement ... I would be VERY surprised if they didn't try to cash in on this wedding too.