Obsessed: ‘True Blood’ Star Ryan Kwanten Talks Season 4, Emmy Chances and Those Naked Scenes

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Welcome to Obsessed – Celebuzz’s love letter to our absolute favorite stars of movies, TV and music that we just can’t get enough of. 

With the season four premiere True Blood quickly approaching (it kicks off Sunday, June 26), Celebuzz had the pleasure of chatting with Ryan Kwanten – the ridiculously good-looking star of our summer TV obsession. And in case you didn’t know, the Australian native is more than just a pretty face (and hot body) — he’s got some serious acting chops that have kicked up some Emmy buzz, and recently he became a life-saving hero.

The down to earth, humble, and flat-out awesome actor took the time to talk with us about the new season, the Emmys and … well … getting naked:

We are big True Blood fans here! How has filming season 4 been so far? 
We are at the tail end, we have about another month to go. It has been a whirlwind of a season. We are certainly not getting smaller, it’s been taken to a whole new level.

What can we expect out of your character, Jason Stackhouse, this season?
Jason got it so low on the evolutionary totem pole, so every season he grows more than any other character. This season is no different and probably his biggest growth period. Now a young boy turns into a grown man, and trusts his disposition of authority. He is supposed to look after the family that Crystal left him with so there is a real sense of authority that he really hasn’t really had before. He has always lived a very selfish and self involved life and now he thinks of others before himself.


Everyone loves Jason the playboy, though. Is Crystal coming back or are you getting a new love interest? 
Crystal does come back and there is some dark and disturbing scenes that happen. Jason is used to getting poked rather than punched but this is taken to a whole new level. He will be lucky to get out of here alive.

True Blood has such a die-hard fan following. Is it a little intimidating at times?
You work so hard on the show so to have people see the effort — it is a very nice feeling. Last week we were filming in a small town back-to-back and the whole town must have turned out to watch us shoot the scenes. Literally at all hours of the night! These fans could not of been more interested, it’s very cool.

A lot of these fans are petitioning for an Emmy nomination for you! Seriously, if you go through the message boards on True Blood fan sites they want Jason Stackhouse to get some love this year.
Really! Our fans are amazing. If people want to petition I am all for it, but I am not the best at tooting my own horn.

Really though, is it something you have thought about at all? It’s a possibility!
Oh no, not really. It’s just great being a part of something fans enjoy so much. It’s very flattering.

You’re too modest! Here, how about I’ll join the fans and start the campaign for you?
[laughs] Hey if you want to go for it!

You play the lovably dumb Jason so well. Are people ever surprised when they meet you that your character isn’t really you at all?
When people hear me talk I think they realize that it is a character. It always is a nice compliment when people finally see that it’s just character, because that means I fooled them I guess!

How do you feel about the nude scenes that frequent True Blood, and your character in particular? Trust me, your female fans don’t mind them! 

[Laughing] Well I can’t speak for them! But you are in the hands of an Academy Award-winner [screenwriter Alan Ball], so that level of protection is like a security blanket. If you are comfortable in your own skin you still feel like you are doing it for the right reason, so it doesn’t bother me.

I know you are involved with the City of Hope. Can you tell readers a little bit about your involvement with this charity?
I have unfortunately been struck by cancer in various ways. My mom had breast cancer twice, and a couple of my close friends have recovered from cancer. I was recently at an event where a lady was talking and asked the crowd to raise their hands up if they haven’t been affected by cancer….and no one put their hand up. I remember when I first started getting involved I had to do a double-take when I saw some of the statistics. It can’t be right, it seems to be blown out of proportion but no.

You are saving lives in more ways than one…recently it was reported you saved a man’s life on Hollywood Boulevard. Is this true?
I don’t know if I really saved his life, but I definitely pulled him out of harms way.

So besides True Blood, donating your time to charity, and being a real life hero, how do you spend your free time?
To be honest, I love working so much. I love this business, so even when I am not working I am very focused on my career. I am not a prude so I do have friends and go out but it’s still a very private life. I try and let the drama be on screen.

That’s a good way to be! Who are you dying to work with in the industry that you haven’t yet?
There are a whole host of A-list director crop that I would love to get my hands on. Whether it be JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg or even Coen Brothers.

If you ask us, saving someone’s life deserves an Emmy nomination and a Coen Brothers movie…at least! Oh, and the fact Ryan’s actually a good actor doesn’t hurt the cause either.

Check Kwanten out when True Blood premieres on HBO on June 26 at 9 pm, and in the upcoming films Griff the Invisible and Knights of Badassdom (which Ryan describes as Role Models meets Shaun of The Dead). Check out the Griff the Invisible trailer below: