Reid Ewing Chats About New MTV Show ‘The Truth Below’ & Robert Pattinson’s Good Looks

Reid Ewing Chat!
'Modern Family' star talks with Celebuzz.
Many of you recognize Reid Ewing as “Dylan” from Modern Family and he stars in MTV’s new thriller movie The Truth Below. It’s about a fun spring break snowboarding trip that soon turns into a terrifying journey as a group of four friends begin to make their way home from the mountain.

Reid chatted with Celebuzz about his new project and what it was like mingling with Hollywood’s A List at the MTV Movie Awards. Hint: a sparkly vampire caught his attention. 

Tell us about your character in The Truth Below.
This character is pretty much the opposite of Dylan from Modern Family. He has to be the center of attention. He’s kind of a bitter person. He wants to be liked so badly, but he actually is…you know something is actually really off with him. My friend just saw it, and said he was kind of like very douche-baggy. So I think that might be a lot of peoples’ interpretation, ‘Oh, he’s like a douche bag’, but like how I kind of see it is that he’s put down by his friends, constantly.

Can you relate to him at all?
I actually in a weird way sympathize with him because I feel like everybody has been in a situation where no matter what they do everyone around them doesn’t like them. And they maybe have defense mechanisms. The character does in terms of making lewd comments and you know just being louder than the rest. 

What was the dynamic like on set with everybody?
The dynamic was good. It’s a little bit hard as actors to- if you’re really committing- to separate yourself. There was a lot of tension in the script between me and everybody basically. That would sometimes manifest itself in my personal life. I feel kind of at fault for that because you know that’s very much a part of me. I feel like actors have to make it really personal, and I think anybody can find a reason to resent anybody and they don’t have to look very hard because that’s kind of like what we do, well everybody does. I mean you’re trying to not do it, but I mean it’s easy to.

So you went to the MTV Movie Awards last week, how was that? Did you have fun?
I really had a lot of fun. I don’t say that about everything I go to. Like, I’ve been to a few award shows and I think they are kind of boring. But I watched the MTV Movie Awards when I was a kid, and like you know how when you are a kid you remember things being so spectacular? That’s how it was for the MTV Movie Awards. It was very entertaining just like when I was kid, so, like I really enjoyed it.

Who was your favorite person you met?
I didn’t really meet anybody, except Tila Tequila interviewed me, and she called me a hottie so I like that. That was basically it. I was really up close to a lot of big people. There is something about Robert Pattinson, you know what I mean? I’ve never actually seen him up close, but he retains his good looks. It’s pretty crazy it’s like ‘Wow, he actually does look like some ancient vampire.’

Having his best accessory there, girlfriend Kristen Stewart, didn’t hurt things either!
Yeah, and her little enigmatic persona. She’s cool I liked how she represented herself.

So what’s next for you? Are we going to see you back on Modern Family?
I don’t know they haven’t written off the character. There was a break-up episode in the middle of season two, and then they brought Dylan back…I really hope so, I absolutely love doing it. My life would be completely different without it, and I feel so lucky to even have gotten to do it as long as I have. Hopefully they do use me because I really do like being a part of it.

Celebuzz readers, be sure to check out Reid in The Truth Below when it airs Thursday, June 16 at 10pm on MTV!

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