Darren Criss Performs in NYC, Joined by ‘Glee’ Costar (PHOTOS)

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Glee guy Darren Criss had a big night in the Big Apple! The Warbler performed at Irving Plaza in NYC on Wednesday and was joined by some special guests. 

His Glee costar Naya Rivera and up-and-comer Lauren Lopez both joined the sexy singer/actor onstage. Darren also proved that he’s not just a good singer. 

He also played guitar and was on the drums! According to his Twitter, Darren was having a little voice trouble prior to the show. He tweeted: 

“So psyched for Irving Plaza tonight… Just hope I don’t pass out before soundcheck… someone give my voice a shot of adrenaline too…”

Prior to his NYC show, the singer had a run-in with a super fan in Washington D.C. In his own words, it was a “seriously close call” when the fan pulled him off the stage during a live performance Saturday night. He explained via Twitter:

“btw I’m lucky I didn’t hit my head on the gate in front of this lady. Seriously close call tonight… Like, please don’t kill me. I’m nice. … To the lady who pulled me off the stage and into the pit tonight: if I ever see you on a stage… keep your wits about ya. Love, Darren :) !”

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