Emma Roberts Says She’s Not Getting Parts Because of Auntie Julia

Tyler Shields & Emma Roberts
Tyler shoots the beautiful Emma Roberts.
They may be related, but Emma Roberts says she’s had to work her way up the ranks of Hollywood despite her Oscar-winning aunt Julia Roberts. The young star spoke her mind to PopEater, where she railed against claims of nepotism, challenged the haters, and revealed taunts from school kids that had her “so embarrassed.” 

Firstly, she says, “I think [talk of nepotism] is so ridiculous considering it’s obviously not true.” As proof that she doesn’t get any favoritism because of her famous family, she added, “I’ve auditioned for so many things and never gotten the part.”

Meanwhile, she offers a challenge to those who mock her: Stop hiding behind the computer. 

To the haters, she says, “If someone blogs about it I’ll be annoyed. I think it’s so funny people will blog stuff but they won’t say it to your face. I would actually have more respect for them if they said it to my face, then I would probably not say anything back.

When it comes to negative comments, she says, “I don’t read them anymore but obviously you know that they’re there. For me I can’t let it bother me because for me anyone hiding behind a computer is kind of irrelevant.”

She also confesses that it took her awhile to grow into her good looks. As a kid, she says, “I had a total unibrow. Literally I had a total Frida Kahlo unibrow. When I was younger I got made fun of. I think I was 12, I was on a TV show and afterwards kids in school were like, ‘You have a unibrow,’ and I remember I was so embarrassed. It’s funny because now I love thick eyebrows. I think they’re so beautiful, not a unibrow. Now I just make sure to wax in the middle.”

Huh, stars really are like us! Emma’s new movie, The Art of Getting By, is out tomorrow (Friday, June 17). See the trailer below:

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