Exclusive: Emma Watson's Rep Slams Johnny Simmons Dating Rumors

Emma Watson & Johnny Simmons in Pittsburgh

No matter how cute of a couple they might potentially make, any reports you've heard about Emma Watson being romantically involved with her Perks of a Wallflower co-star Johnny Simmons are simply untrue, according to Emma's rep.

After reports made their way online on Wednesday claiming the two film stars were an item, Watson's rep tells Celebuzz exclusively: "This is completely untrue and we have no idea where these rumours have stemmed from."

On Wednesday, HollywoodLife.com reported "exclusive confirmation" of the couple's existence, citing unnamed sources reporting that the two were an item. One source told the site that Emma and Johnny “have really fallen for one another and both aren’t dating anyone else ... She once said she’d never move to LA, but I think she’s reconsidering…especially because she’s left Brown and Johnny lives in Los Angeles too.”

While that sounds convenient, recent rumors have stated that Watson plans on finishing her schooling in England at Oxford.

Watson and Simmons are filming Wallflower in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 



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  • Louise

    this is utter nonsense, for a start emma hasnt left brown but has chose to do a yr abroad which happens to be in the UK at Oxford. Most of your quotes and comments are completely out of context. These sources and site(hollywoodlife) are not exactly credible, cant two people who met on a film, go hiking without "oh their together" being shoved down everyones throats???

  • me

    ok well this is the fist i've heard of it :/

  • HPFan

    It comes from Hollywoodlife,like many false Stories since a while,Even Justin Bieber complained already. I mean what is going on with hollywoodlife?

  • Gabby

    These two are just friends. No idea where the dating rumors came from.