‘Fashion Police’ Expert George Kotsiopoulos’ Summer Fashion Dos & Don’ts!

E! Fashion Police expert George Kotsiopoulos doesn’t hold back when it comes to his fashion favorites — or his peeves.

The personable, funny and opinionated style master reveals his summer “must have” items, his thoughts about Kristen Stewart’s couture/converse mix-matching and regretting his recent remark about Nicole Scherzinger!

Speaking about Ms. Scherzinger, he jokingly called her a “whore” which immediately caused some to say he was being way harsh…

Have you ever said anything on TV that you regret?
I got a little sassy a couple weeks ago. I called Nicole Scherzinger a whore, and that I felt bad about. She is a very, very nice girl. I was doing it to be funny, and it isn’t really my role. My role is to give women fashion advice and make them help look better. I regret that, it really wasn’t very nice. I hope she knows I was joking.

Summer is almost here, what are this season’s must have items?
Stripes are a huge trend right now and a must have. Anything 70’s is another hot must have, but more of a Studio 54-styled look. Also, if you want to make a statement, wear a great Missoni bikini with a beautiful Missoni rap. You could literally wear that day to night. If you are on a trip you could bust out some high-heeled wedges and wear that into the evening.

Who would you say has the best style in Hollywood?
My opinion changes so often with that. I love Emma Stone, and now that she is a red head I love her even more. I always have crushed on who I like as a personality and also if they dress well. Along with Emma I love Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, and Emma Watson. Love how Emma Watson is coming into her own!


What are your pet peeves?
Hair extensions got to go. We know they are fake and they are too long. So many women on the red carpet have this problem. They look like the Real Housewives. Way too much fake.

What do you think of Kristen Stewart wearing couture dresses with converse shoes?
I love Kristen. I have styled her a couple times and I think she is really cool and smart. She is a bad ass. Although I think there are other options.

Style wise, are you team Edward or Team Jacob?
I think Taylor has been looking really good. He wore something I would wear to the MTV Movie Awards.

On Fashion Police, you seem to have a really good repoire with Joan Rivers. Were you intimidated when you first met her?
I really wasn’t intimidated by her, the moment I met her she was lovely and sweet. Of course I was nervous and didn’t really know what to expect, but she is anything than mean. It is a pleasure to be on set everyday.

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