Giveaway Alert! Get VIP Access to Khloe Kardashian's Vegas Birthday Party!

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Everyone wants to party like a Kardashian, and now here is YOUR chance to actually live that dream!

Celebuzz is giving away THREE VIP passes to Khloe Kardashian's birthday party at Cheateu Nightclub on Friday June 17! That's right YOU and two friends could party the night away in fabulous Las Vegas with the even more fabulous Kardashians!

So, what do you need to do to get your hands on these amazing passes?

Leave a comment with your name, hometown and age (MUST BE 21 TO ENTER), and we'll pick a winner at random! You must also leave the name and ages of the two guests you would bring. You can also enter on Khloe's site!

Contest ends TONIGHT (June 16) at midnight PT. We will announce the winner on Friday morning.


Good luck and get commenting!



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  • medicine help
    medicine help

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  • regina geter
    regina geter

    Regina Geter Milwaukee, WI age 29 hey girl I am like your biggest fan I wish i had some sister's so you is very blessed to have some I would be honored to hang out with you on your special day I never been to vegas and I always dreamed of going

  • happygurl2

    Dude! I missed the deadline! This sux...I guess Circus Circus for us again!

  • happygurl2

    I’m in Vegas this week after 10+ years! I’m LOVE’N it! Unfortunately, I have been sick all week long and haven’t been able to do much. I finally feel better today, and want to leave Vegas and say I had a super blast….YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a babysitter tonight (WHICH IS RARE FOR ME) and am in dire need of some adult time! We would LOVE to come and hang out with the crowd! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Amanda

    Amanda 24 Las Vegas Nv Friends Monica 25 & Talia 26 We would love to party with you..

  • Leslie

    Leslie Perez 28 Years Old Santa Ana, Ca/ Orange County

  • Beasy

    why do i do this? sixty but want to party with my tv family. Know how to party and show you guys a good time. Take a chance on me and live a little lol.

  • Brittany

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) We are coming to vegas tonight from MICHIGAN to celebrate with you for your birthday!! My name is Brittany and I am bringing my bestest Chelsie, we are both 21 and ready to have a good time!! Hope to hear from you!!

  • Patty

    Patty 25 Van Nuys,CA I"ve never experienced the night club scene, so it would be an honor! Guest: Ralph 25 & Carol 24 P.S Your Pasta Primavera looked delish!!!!! Definition of Classy: Khloe Kardashian

  • Stephanie Savicki
    Stephanie Savicki

    Stephanie Savicki, 21, Portland, OR

  • Stacy Saxe
    Stacy Saxe

    Stacy, 32, Lakeland, FL Hey girlie! No lie, I love all of you Kardashian sisters, but you are my fave because you remind me most of myself! No matter if I get picked or not HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHLOE!!!!! I do have 3 good reasons for wanting to get picked though. First, I never got to have a real 30th birthday . party. (I have been sick for a few years now, and undiganosed, plus I don't live near my friends). Second, August 2nd will be my 33rd birthday and I will be in Boston (my 4th? stay this year because I have been seeing doctors at Mass General Hospital) so my friends and boyfriend will not be with there to celebrate my birthday, but the hotel staff that I have begun to become good friends with did say they will throw me a little "party". Third, after these past few years not being able to do alot, it would be great to meet YOU, someone I feel I relate to (and it will pull me out of my bipolar slump) Oh, I've also never been to Vegas!!. Happy Birthday Khloe!!! I wish you a year of love and happiness with your friends and family and a little baby boy or girl (or both) for you and Lamar!!!!


    HI Doll, My name is Alba (26), my husband Juan(25) and my sister (30), would love to go party with you. We live in California. and absolutely love all of your shows!!! I enjoy sunday nights with my husband and the kardashians!!!

  • Roxanne Horvath
    Roxanne Horvath

    Name-Roxanne Age-23 Hometown- Milwaukee, WI

  • Colleen

    Colleen, 28,Ventura CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! along with Alex and Andy

  • Jennifer Dahlberg
    Jennifer Dahlberg

    Name - Jennifer Age - 24 Hometown - Phoenix, AZ

  • Jolene Vegas
    Jolene Vegas

    SARAH GRANDE 24 HOMETOWN: LAS VEGAS, Terry Hernandez 26, Alma Ruiz 26.

  • willmanx2

    Its my Birthday too....&& I would LOVE to party with you Khloe!!! My name is Erin, I am 33 and from Bakersfield,CA. I would bring my adorable husband, Gary & my big sister, Noelle. PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE pick me to come celebrate only Gemini's can! Love you Khloe!!! Happy Birthday!

  • Vanessa

    Vanessa Fraijo age 25, I would love to party with you and celebrate your birthday! I love you Kardashian girls! Alex Jimenez- 25yrs Natalie Carranza-21yrs

  • Corina Weste
    Corina Weste

    Corina Weste-21 Edmonton Alberta Canada Jolene Moskaluk and Ashley Rogers - 21

  • Rachel Nicole Storkel
    Rachel Nicole Storkel

    It's fate! We're going to Vegas tomorrow for the weekend to celebrate my boyfriend's 30th birthday! What a great way to kick off the weekend by going to YOUR birthday party! I love love love "Khloe & Lamar!!!" Even if I don't get picked, want to wish you a very happy birthday girl! Party like a rockstar! Rachel Storkel, Age 27 San Ramon, CA

  • Anastacia

    Anastacia from Murrieta, CA age: 27 Would love to hang out and celebrate with the fabulous sisters I enjoy watching because you all are just like me and my sisters. Would have to bring my mom, Shelly Paver, and my fav cousin, Anna Velky, because they are huge fans too!! Hope you have an awesome birthday tomorrow, and hopefully with us three!!

  • jessgmj702

    Hi doll omgosh this is so cool :D Well my name is Jessica Gomez I am 21 years old [just turned 21 on monday :) ] I live in las vegas!!! & I would bring with me Sandra Gomez she is 25 years old and Michelle Mariscal also 25 thank you for ur time & opportunity doll :) xo

  • Megan

    Megan 25 - Sioux Falls South Dakota (but will be in Vegas tomorrow!) Guests: Arid-26 and Phil-26

  • Erin Cunningham
    Erin Cunningham

    Erin Cunningham-32 Chicago IL Brandy DeMicco-32 Kimmy Law-26

  • danielle womack
    danielle womack

    i wanna party with Khloe! Danielle 25, from california but live in Las Vegas. friend1 Juliet buyco 30 and tanisha benett 23

  • lindsey

    It would be my dream come true if I could not only meet you Khloe, but also celebrate your birthday with you. I was born and raised in Las Vegas and I am 25 years old. PLEASE pick me!!!!!

  • sandra702


  • Jillian

    Jillian Harlan age 23- Chicago, Illinois

  • Chrysilis

    My name is Chrysilis Tune (C.J.) age 25 Live in Ventura CA. I would bring Cassi Murphy age 22 Ventura ca and Edward Acereto age 26 Ventrua Ca….

  • Amy Fitzpatrick
    Amy Fitzpatrick

    Please pick me!!!! Amy Fitzpatrick, Ireland (but currently in Vancouver), 22. Friends: Edwin Torrie and Andrew Carroll.

  • demarco

    Lea, 39 Las Vegas. So Exciting! Khloe is celebrating with us in Vegas!

  • Ashley

    Ashley Suggs, 27 years old, Pittsburgh, PA Guests- Jasmine 27, Chantel 27

  • nicole salisbury
    nicole salisbury

    hey khloe you rock i enjoy watching your show i have dvr thank god so i wont miss it i would love to join you at your birthday bash it would be awesome from your friend in vegas baby nicole 34 robert 35 lisa 30

  • Deborah Lang
    Deborah Lang

    PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!! PICK ME!!!! Deborah Lang 22 Upland, CA Geoffrey Weil 25 Kourtney Stewart 23

  • Kimberly Thornton
    Kimberly Thornton

    Happy Birthday Khloe!! Me and my girls would love to help you celebrate your birthday. We love to have fun! I'm Kimbelry Thornton, 38, Muskegon, MI and my friends are Kaja Thornton, 36 and Shaketha Stewart, 35.

  • rachelmoloney

    oops forgot my pals: ashlea 24 sam 21

  • Ruby

    Ruby 35, Long Beach, Wa Nelly 27 Nick 28

  • rachelmoloney

    OMG dolls Rachel Moloney Lethbridge AB, Canada!!!!!!!! age 23

  • Jamar H.
    Jamar H.

    Happy Birthday Khloe! I would love for my fiance and I to get to join you! She is a HUGE fan of yours! We fly to Vegas early in the morning and will be there all weekend. Jamar age 23 Laurel age 29 Coming from Ft. Worth Texas on our first ever trip to Las Vegas!!!!! Happy Birthday again Doll! ;)

  • Robyn Leia Leopold
    Robyn Leia Leopold

    KHLO I am going to Vegas TOMORROW to go to a cosmetics conference!!! I LOVE YOU & would just die to get VIP access to your birthday! nothing would make me happier than to meet you!! I'm Robyn, 22 from Cleveland, Ohio. I would bring my friends Naesa (26) and Kevin (28) Please pick meeee <3 happy birthday princess!

  • Eileen

    Happy Bday Khloe Pick me because I am one of your fans and I am also the same religion as you. Eileen 44- La Habra, Ca My guests name is Adam-53, he is in the screen actors guild, please pick me.

  • Randy Worms
    Randy Worms

    In Vegas right now ......with my boys Joe altomonte and Frank Hughes .....all from Wayne New jersey ...#leggo

  • Mary Kate
    Mary Kate

    Mary Kate Love-22 Chicago, IL Karyn Murphy-21 Katie Baranowsky- 21

  • Kristin F
    Kristin F

    Kristin - 24 - Houston HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLL!!! I Would love to party with you! I love my Sundays because of you and your family, yall are crazy and loud just like mine! Thanks for this oppurtunity!

  • Heather Dieterich
    Heather Dieterich

    Happy Birthday!! This would be the BEST B-Day gift ever to by bestie Chanel! (And u too cause we are pretty freakin' awesome! haha!) Hope to see ya there =) Happy Birthday Bitchesss!! Heather Dieterich: 25/Orlando, Florida Chanel Ware 24 Robin Leiterman 23

  • Sheena Smith
    Sheena Smith

    Sheena Smith, 21 from Sacramento, CA Melynda Gavin, 27 Kesty West, 22

  • Tara 'Fey' Brandner
    Tara 'Fey' Brandner

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHLOE! We will be in Las Vegas for the Miss USA Pageant and we are huge fans of you and your family! Make our dreams come true and pick your biggest Bismarck, North Dakota fans!! Tara -25 Kaylan-26 Adam-29

  • lizzmancillas05

    oh sorry Khole I think i would only take my BFF b/c my cousin is only 20!! but who cares she's all i need and u can give the other ticket to someone else!!!

  • Nicole Beaudry
    Nicole Beaudry

    Forgot to add I am 30 yrs old!

  • lizzmancillas05

    Hi Khole, My name is Liz Mancillas from El Paso, TX and I would love to party with u for your birthday!!! I have 5 kids and I am so stressed out!!! Need a girls night out!! Haven't had one in a long time!! I would take my BFF Angelica Silvas 31yrs.. b/c she just found out her 15 yr old son got his girlfriend pregnant and i think this would release some stress!!! Next person i would take would be my cousin Noemi Carrillo 20 yrs, b/c she's never been to Vegas and i know she loves u too like me!!! Pick us Khole!!!

  • jessicadoll

    Hi Gorgeous! Pick me! I would love to be another doll at your B-Day! My name is Jessica and Im 26 yrs old and live in the OC, California!

  • Isabel

    Kan't get enough of the Kardashians!! I'm a native of LV and truely what happens here stays parents made me here and look I haven't left! :) I'm 21+10! Hope to be able to be part of the fab night.

  • Kay

    How nice would it be to have a girls weekend without the kids! Super nice! Oh ,mommy would love to relax! :) Kay Randle 24 Mb sc Guest: Mirianda staton 21 and ashley hamper 27 : )

  • Nicole Beaudry
    Nicole Beaudry

    I am going to be in Vegas tomorrow! I changed my flight from Sat to Friday just for Khloe's party and already bought tickets to it but it would be such a dream come true if I got these VIP passes!!! My friends live in Vegas and their names are Carlos and Mely Arriaza and they are 26 years old. Khloe is my favorite please pick me!! xoxxo

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole

    im 25 , live in las vegas and NEVER go out! im stressed out and ready to put this ish to rest! going to put my freak em dress on! lol ashley s. 25 chelo 32 laura 32

  • Mallory

    Just got back from New York and visited Dash :) Mallory- Chicago, IL 22 Kristen- 22 Kristen- 23

  • AB

    Hi ... My name is ... Angelica Bnauelos 21 (june 4th) :) from San Diego Ca ... would be such anhonor if i win and meet you :) love and God Bless ... 1. Paul Cruz 28 2. John Green 23

  • Erica Bussey
    Erica Bussey

    Hey Khloe! Happy Birthday :-) My name is Erica, 24 and I actually live in VEGAS!!! Just want you to know that you are my favorite Kardashian!!!! I have 2 sisters and we always say that I am the 'Khloe' of the family! Loves and have an AMAZING day :-)

  • sweetmslisa

    Kholie, my name is Alexis Rubio and i live in Phx, AZ. I'm taking off to vegas 2marro morning with my husband Daniel and his brother, and his wife. we would luv to party with you and ur family. We luv the Kardashians! :) It would be so amazing to hang out with you all. I'm 28, my husband Daniel is 28, Tony and Sabrina are both 31. Whooohooo....Party with Khloe Kardashian!

  • sweetmslisa

    Kholie, my name is Alexis Rubio and i live in Phx, AZ. I'm taking off to vegas 2marro morning with my husband Daniel and his brother, and his wife. we would luv to party with you and ur family. We luv the Kardashians! :) It would be so amazing to hang out with you all. I'm 28, my husband Daniel is 28, Tony and Sabrina are both 31. Whooohooo....Party with Khloe Kardashian!

  • Gina

    It would be so awesome to Celebrate with you! I live in Needles, CA about a hour and half drive and worth it. Gina Needles, CA- 33 Tina -36 Priscilla 31

  • Jamar H.
    Jamar H.

    My name is Jamar and I am 23 and from Fort Worth, TX. My Fiance is Laurel and she is 29 and from Fort Worth, TX We are flying to Las Vegas tomorrow morning and would be honored of we were chosen to celebrate your birthday with you. This is our first ever trip to Las Vegas and it would make that much more memorable to get to meet you and celebrate with you. Your are a gorgeous woman, hope your birthday is as beautiful as you are.

  • Sarah

    My name is Sarah fetch Im 22 years old I would love to party with you for your birthday the two people I would take is Nicole 22 and stasi 24... I would love to get white girl wasted with you....

  • Nicole

    I would absolutely love to party with you for your birthday :) My name is Nicole Charbonneau and I am 22 and from Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada! The two people i would take are my cousins Sarah Fetch who is 22 and my cousins Anastasia Charbonneau who is 24! Thanks Doll xoxo

  • Alvina Supernant
    Alvina Supernant

    I would love to come and hang out with u on yr Bday that would be the best thing that ever happened in my life besides my babies so plz pick me! Alvina Supernant-Valleyview,Alberta,Canada age 26 Gus Noskye-same house-age 34 Frank Noskye-same house-age 41

  • avelina86

    Avelina Del Rio 24 Los Angeles, CA :) I want to partyyy with Khloe soooo bad! I <3 her:) I'm actually going to Vegas for one night, and I found it her bday party was the same night, I was like OMG! I have to go!!

  • Lisa Rodriguez
    Lisa Rodriguez

    Lisa Rodriguez -24 Stephanie Rodriguez- 33 margarita Gonzalez - 29 Home town: San Bernardino Ca

  • Cindee

    My name is Cindee Beard, age other guest are 34 and 36. We live in Salt Lake but can be down there in 8 hours. Tomorrow is my 11th wedding anniversary and it would be blast for me and my husband to celebrate in high style.

  • Nikki A Stats
    Nikki A Stats

    Nicole a simmons

  • Nikki A Stats
    Nikki A Stats

    Nicole A Simmons 25 Guest Nyasia 24 Terry 25

  • K@r33ni3

    It would be dream come true :) i come from a large family of 5. im the oldest and all of our names start with K! Meant to Kareen Awad 30 ME Keena Klein 28 SIS Amber Bobier 30 cousin I love U!

  • Raquel Ramos
    Raquel Ramos

    Happy Birthday Khloe. We are ur huge fans. We luv u and Lomar. Raquel Ramos 30 San Antonio, TX Victor Ramos 37 Daniel Olivo 25

  • ckandw

    girls night yeaaaaaa Kim 38 Jackie 38 Nikki 35

  • Cindy Yang
    Cindy Yang

    Hi baby doll. Straight out from Sacramento, CA - I'm Houa, but I go by Cindy. ;D I am 28 years old. My birthday is on the 27th of this month, but I will be celebrating it on the 18th. I would love to party with you - Kardashian style the night before!!!! That's how I birthday party!!!! Woo hoo!!!! Love you baby boo! Let's partay....... Via - 28 Lisa - 38

  • Kathy

    Kathy McFee 23 Houston, TX Nashla Roosevelt 24 Houston TX Mike Brown 25 Houston TX We love you Khloe xo, we hope to party with you.

  • Jennifer K.
    Jennifer K.

    You have to pick Jennifer Kayer 39, she will have Erica Upham and Chris Cantu. You will laugh all night and have a blast!!!!!

  • Christine

    Hi Khloe, i'd love to celebrate your birthday with you Vegas Style! Christine Choe - 22- Seattle, WA Jenelle - 23 Stefaney - 22

  • Mria Beaumia
    Mria Beaumia

    Hi Khloe, i hope you have an awesome blessed birthday.. My Name Is Maria im from Minesota and im 40yrs old never been to vegas. the people i will bring will be my sister jannett 37 and my little sister Anita 29.. thank you Khloe love you and Lamar.. <3

  • Tanya Beatty
    Tanya Beatty

    Tanya Beatty 31 Las Vegas NV

  • Laurel A.
    Laurel A.

    OMG How awesome! I am actually flying to LasVegas tomorrow morning at 9 in the morning with my fiance and it is a first time for the two of us to be there!! My name is Laurel and I am 29 and from Fort Worth, TX and my Finace is Jamar and he is 23 and from Fort Worth! We love Khloe, she is our favorite Kardashian. Happy Birthday to a sexy, beautiful, and inspiring person!

  • Stacey Blouin
    Stacey Blouin

    Stacey 28 Los Angeles, CA

  • kerry

    Happy Birthday tooo you :) Kerry Jackson 35 Tanya Ortiz 34 Tia Hardy 23

  • Gina Nickel
    Gina Nickel

    ********* GINA NICKEL 21, ORLANDO FL************** ( about to turn 22 july 3rd!) *Bradley Nickel my husband - 21, orlando fl *Vi Vi Nyguen, 21 orlando fl! we would love to come celebrate your birthday!!!!!! watch every show your familys in and would love to come celebrate for your birthday!! <3 it would be a nice get away too because my husband just got back from afghanistan!!!* we would LOVE TO GO!!!!!!!! <3 :)

  • josiedukes

    Josie Dukes Age 31 Asheville NC Friend one: Sabrina Sprinkle-36 Friend two: Amy McCallister-33 I love me some Khloe!!! :)

  • madonna

    hey khloe! i hope i get picked! im 25 and my bffs are rebecca and darya. they are both 27. hope to see u, happy bday! xoxo

  • yolizma espinoza
    yolizma espinoza

    Yolizma Espinoza (las vegas, nv) Anntesha Chesterton Jenna Sanchez i hope i get it lol we need a girls night out we work to hard and take care of our kids lol.. love u khloe ur the best

  • Lauren Oglesby
    Lauren Oglesby

    Happy Birthday Khloe!! We will be in Vegas this weekend for my Birthday as well!! Hope to see you there :) Hometown- Tucson,AZ Lauren Oglesby Friends: Tori Vasquez and Natalie Lucca

  • cyn11

    Cynthia Mayhan Hometown: Little Rock, AR Age: 31 Additional Doll#1: Terra Evans, 28 Additional Doll#2: Sabrina Stearns, 32

  • Christine

    Khloe, i'd love to help you celebrate your birthday Vegas style! Christine Choe - 22 - Seattle, WA Jenelle- 23 Stefaney - 21

  • Elizabeth Saporito
    Elizabeth Saporito

    Elizabeth Saporito Waterford MI 27 Kirsten Marquette 22 Ash Saporito 27

  • Nacole Nelsen
    Nacole Nelsen

    Hi I would love love love to go to your birthday!!!!! Nacole 28 live in Roseburg Oregon!!!

  • taylormt

    KHLOE YOU ARE MY DOPPLEGANGER! Taylor, 21, Manhattan Beach CA Winnie, 21, Carlsbad, CA Alison, 26, Carlsbad, CA

  • Jade-Marie Martinez
    Jade-Marie Martinez

    Jade-Marie, 21 Las Vegas, Nv! Connie-22 Ana-25

  • kellkell

    Kelly Williams,22 Houston,TX Ashley Williams,24 I wont be in Vegas (neverbeen)and would come if i had the chance to party with Khole. your the shit = )

  • Awiii

    I would love to go!!!! I would bring my boyfriend, my sister is unfortunately not available for this weekend. Awilda- Lexington Park, MD 27 Paul- 24

  • Maggie

    Maggie Glendale, CA 32 Joana 27 Diana 31


    Ashley, 21 - phoenix, AZ Kayla, 22- Pleasanton, CA Tiffany, 22- Phoenix, AZ WE WOULD BE HONORED TO COME TO YOUR BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! :) :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Dana Forkner
    Dana Forkner

    Khloe ~ I would love to party it up with you in Las Vegas for your b-day! I'm from Beaverton, Oregon. I'm 37yrs old. I would take my 2 sister-in-laws. Alicia ~ 25yrs old Mehgan ~ 37yrs old

  • LUZ

    luz mata 27 we r from L.A. i would love to go with you to celebrate your bday vegas style . ill take my two buddies in crime ROSA: 25 ELSA: 27 LETS PARTY CAUSE MY BDAY ITS NEXT WEEKEND

  • dreamer4u

    Hi Khloe! Happy Pre Birthday!!! I am Debbie-48-I live in Las Vegas so not far to go....great city it is!!! Would love to bring my friend Jennifer-30, Paul 43. You & Lamar are the sweetest couple EVER!!!

  • Dana Forkner
    Dana Forkner

    Khloe ~ You are such a doll & I would LOVE to party it up with you in Las Vegas for your b-day! I am 37yrs old I am from Beaverton, Oregon. I would take my 2 sister-in-law's Alicia -25 Mehgan - 37yrs

  • Jessyca
    Jessyca Would love to celebrate your bday with you! This is also my sis's bday weekend. My name is Jessyca Harper-29 I live in Apple Valley CA..only 2 hours from...VEGAS!!! HA! My sis is Janysha Wardlow- 27 and Octavia Cato- 26 :)

  • Terina Pettyjohn Sommerfeld
    Terina Pettyjohn Sommerfeld

    KISS ME K K K KISS ME PICK ME PPPPP PICK ME Im from a WHOLE different DIMENTION!!! Terina Pettyjohn Sommerfeld, age 31 We canadians like to PPARRTTY !!! Love All the Kardashians !!! especially you Khloe !! Laurie Sommerfeld 40 Crystal McHargue 26

  • kellkell

    Kelly Williams,22 Houston,Tx Ashley Williams,24 P.S. Im wont be in Vegas (neverbeen) but will come to party with Khole, your the shit = )

  • Leyla Hagihossein
    Leyla Hagihossein

    Hey Khloe!!! This is Leyla Hagihossein from Hackensack in JERSEY!!! I’m 27 and I’m in Vegas staying at Cesears Palace and I’m DYING to go party with you for your early birthday!! I will be in town until Sunday. Please pick me….pretty please with sugar on top!!! I am your biggest fan and would LOVE the opportunity to party with you!!! I’m a Jersey girl ready to par-tay!!! Love you lots doll!!!! Hope I win so I can see you on Saturday!!! XOXO

  • Johanna Carla
    Johanna Carla

    I would love to party with you for your birthday celebration! Johanna Alvarez 22, Van Nuys, CA Jesus Alvarez-24 Evelyn Huete-24

  • Colaa Clark
    Colaa Clark

    Colten Clark 21 Page, AZ Danielle June 28 Jordan Collins 21

  • Rebecca Palmer Scribani
    Rebecca Palmer Scribani

    Rebecca I loved Khloe and Lamar on E! You are so inspirational to me and I really enjoy knowing that you are a person who just loves spending time with her family and friends! Hope your birthday is awesome in Vegas! Would love to join! Rebecca- 25, Richfield Springs,NY Katie- 21 Denver, PA Jenilee- 28 Cooperstown,NY

  • Kelli

    Happy Birthday Khloe! Luv You!! My co-worker & friend got to take a trip to Vegas this weekend from a contest at work that she would have never been able to go on or afforded herself…. She has 3 children that she takes such great care of and never does anything for herself….(this was her 1st time on a plane even!!)..What an awesome thing if her husband and her could party with y’all!! Her name is Pauline Husband is Wesley She is 32 (I think) hehe and he is in his 30s! From: San Antonio, TX (She is in Vegas right now!!) Please pick her!! Texas gals are the!! *kisses*

  • rweed32

    Summer Hassen 28 Orange County, CA Sowsan Hassen 26 Orange County, CA

  • rweed32

    Rolla weed 36 Orange County, CA

  • Gina Green
    Gina Green

    My name is Gina Green from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee and I am 42. 1st friend--Tracy Jackson-40 2nd friend--Connie Garrison--36

  • Olga Price
    Olga Price

    Happy Birthday, Khloe! Hope you'll have a good one! Olga Price-26, Portland, OR David Price-33 Iryna Samoilych-27



  • Nneka Agbor
    Nneka Agbor

    PIck me :) Nneka Agbor 23 , Las Vegas , NV Friends : Shay Ealy 22 & Cassey Hickman 24

  • Sarah H.
    Sarah H.

    Hi Kloe, I am a huge fan! I believe in telling it like it is like you do, and living life moment to moment. Would love to celebrate your birthday with you this weekend. Sarah Hodge (born and raised in CA), but living in Seattle, WA, and I am 29 years old but still got it and know how to parteh ;) I would take my friend Ashley M.who is 27 but still thinks she's 21. She's in Bellingham, WA, and Cheyne C. from Bainbridge Island, WA who is 21 and hasn't been to Vegas yet.

  • Dorisz

    Dorisz Fuko, age 23, from New York City Mody Ahmed age 23, New York City We love you so much and we are ready to celebrate your birthday with you! :-))))))))))))

  • Bobbi Lee Hall
    Bobbi Lee Hall

    I live in Hickman,KY Both my brother and sister live in Union City,TN

  • Regina Rash
    Regina Rash

    Khloe, Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fabulous party!! If you pick me....I would absolutely die!!! I have never won anything!! I love you and your family!! I don't miss an episode and watch the reruns. I would get a flight out there somehow.....please!!!! Hope you have a great time!! Lots of Love, Gina from Nashville, Tennessee

  • Bobbi Lee Hall
    Bobbi Lee Hall

    Bobbi Lee Hall-24 Tammy Hall Allen (sister)-36 Jake Hall (brother)- 31 Your family is so much like mine. We are all so close, and love eachother unconditionally. Our Father just passed away this past weekend, and would be so great to get away and let loose. Also, my birthday is the 21st of June (will be 25) what a better way to celebrate a birthday and spending time with the family. Im also getting married this Oct. and my father will not be able to give me away :( Our stories are so much alike ~Remember Doll you married a Pro Ball Player, but he married a Reality Supper Star, say hey!!!

  • Ashley

    Ashley Glenzer-25, Harvest, AL, Michael Glenzer-28 My husband and I would love to come celebrate your birthday!

  • Jessica Montes
    Jessica Montes

    Hi Khloe I am flighing from San Francisco to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday and would to see you. If i win the three passes it would be my best birthday weekend ever. I admire you ALOT and watch your episodes over and over! This is a very honest request, please pick me!! Love you!

  • sara

    Sara-22 Santa Barbara CA Christina 24 Ashley Morrison 24

  • connie

    Omg I would love to go I need a break u just dont know Connie Hernandez seaside ca 1. Norma Sloan 2.Johnna Perry

  • Josefina Zapien
    Josefina Zapien

    Holo my name is Josefina Zapien i am for Yuba City CA 23 years old i have always see your show and never miss one i hope to party with you guys is a dream come true Cristian 27 Jacqueline 24

  • kirsty

    hey miss love yr show love an english girl now living in chicago can get 2 vegas..i got married there 2 yrs ago and not bin bac since so wld b amazing 2 celebrate yr birthday if u dont pick me have an great 1...x

  • joe

    joe davis 38 houston tx jennifer davis 31

  • Renee

    A dream come true to party with you! I'm a huge all are, but I adore you the most ;) Renee Beaver - 28 Las Vegas NV "Native" Answar Green - 29 Larice Abeto - 29

  • Lawrence Levine
    Lawrence Levine

    My girlfriend would love to hang out with you as well as I would. She doesnt get many chances to do alot of fun or crazy things and I truly think she would probably remember this for the rest of her life. I also love watching your show wihh her. Your family honestly reminds me of the mine expect were the east coast french canadian version of you guys.

  • Rachel Castro
    Rachel Castro

    Rachel Castro, Fort Worth, TX, 34 years old Guest #1-Gary Pierce, 31 years old Guest #2-Fay Garrison-Pierce, 26 years old

  • Archie Peterson
    Archie Peterson

    Archie Peterson - 28 Bakersfield, CA Lisett Peterson - 25 Heather Ruelas - 21 My wife absolutely LOVES all the Kardashians!! This would be amazing!!! Thank you sooo much for consideration!!

  • trellony

    Im a cancer like you! Im turning 27 on 07-17 ! So what better way to jumpstart my bday, then to hang with your funspirited self! Lol Youre gorgeous babes. Love ya girl & the genuinity u display. I can respect any woman who hold her ground like you... Cancer woman are sensitive, strong chicks who ROCK! hehehe Ok Khloe, cant wait to see u there. I lead by faith, so im crossing my fingers that i will be picked. Lol :) #Sending you Love, Light and continuous blessings. #xoxo Trellony Nixon- Miami Fl, -age 26 guests- 1. Wendy Dikun-Moore age-39 mom 2. Cagney Jones age-27 bestie

  • Alvia

    Alvia- 22 Las Vegas!! Maria-22 David-22

  • Spring Olson
    Spring Olson

    Spring Olson-25 Overland Park Danny Olson-26 Tina Fox-25



  • Brenda

    Hey, I'm signing up my sister who is currently in Las Vegas until Saturday. Her name is Vanessa Bobadilla (21 yrs old) along with her two friends Melanie Pilapil (21 yrls old) and Samantha Le (21 yrs old). There from Auburn, Washington. Feliz Cumpleanos =)

  • lianmarie

    Happy Happy bday Khloe :) Id love to party with ya!!! Vegas would be so much fun!!! xo, lian (Lian, 27, San Diego, CA)

  • Lauren

    This is an awesome give away!! we would love to party with Khloe for her birthday!! We are from Fullerton, Ca!! Lauren 29 Kat 28 Stef 28

  • Geneva Brown
    Geneva Brown

    Hey Khloe! I am a big fan and I would luvvvv to see you in person. I watch your show everytime it comes on! Pick me and I will cherish that moment for life. Happy Birthday! Me:Geneva Brown 26 friend#1: Yvette Green 25 friend#2:Courtney Ranger 24 Moultrie Georgia

  • Mayra Reyes
    Mayra Reyes

    Pick me Pick me!!! Mayra- 21 Visalia, CA Alby- 22 Jessica-22

  • Mayra Reyes
    Mayra Reyes

    O M G!! How AMAZING would this be!! Mayra Reyes- 21 Visalia, CA Alby- 22 Jessica-22

  • sissy41285

    Would so love to meet you I watch your show all the time!! These VIP tickets would mean the world to me and would be awesome to do something nice for my friends too that love you!! Please choose me.. Happy Birthday Lindsey Robertson 26 Jackie Cregger 25 Terri Huggins 45

  • Joseph Hart
    Joseph Hart

    Hi Khloe my name ia Joaeph Hart 27 from Houston,Tx Priscilla Hart 28, Anquanisha Young 28 and if u pick me we will have a blast we love u and the whole Fam


    ***world LOL

  • Jessica Scoggins
    Jessica Scoggins

    Khloe my name is Jessica Scoggins and I live in Vegas and Im 29. I would DIE to go to your bday!!!! My friends are Kendra Brown 29 and Kiisha Threadgill 35, its Kiishas bday weekend too!!! Thanks in advance

  • Jodie Nelson
    Jodie Nelson

    Hey Khloe... I love your sense of style!! I'm 43 and I would bring my son David Nelson who is mildly disabled and very loving, he is 22. Also, I would bring my sister Lorie Smith with me, she does my hair and make up for me, very talented (of course I'm Biased..LOL), who is 46. I would love to get a chance to meet you and Lamar. My Home Town is Corbin, Kentucky (and no, not all people from KY, are hillbillies or rednecks.....LOL) Thank God I was born in California!! LOL Lots of Love and Laughs Jodie N.

  • Elizabeth R
    Elizabeth R

    Elizabeth Rojas 45 Vincent Rojas 44 Claudia Labastida 23 Milliyon 23 Claremont CA Love watching you and Lamar.


    My bff and i were just at the Cheateu Nightclub a few nights ago and it was closed, but we saw your poster up by the bar and saw u would be there for ur bday!! i wanted to cry because we missed it!!! it would mean the would to us to be able to party with u khloe!!! Corina Garza *24* Austin TX Audrey Garza *24* Austin TX Melissa Garza *26* Austin TX WE LOVVVVVE YOU!!!

  • Estefania

    Estefania, 22 San Jose, CA If I win I would be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary with my hubby! ♥♥♥ (08/07/2010)

  • stephie7o7

    I would love to party with you for your birthday! You are thee Shhhhh!!! My firends and I love your show!

  • Amy

    Amy Gallagher, 36 Newtown, PA Stephanie Ruckel, 35 Bernadette Zonca, 54

  • Susan Rogel
    Susan Rogel

    Susan Rogel - 30 Las Vegas, Nevada Renee Speare - 28 Pamela Kauahi - 30 I would be truly blessed to be a part of this spectacular event. This is a once in a lifetime opporutnity and would be honored to celebrate it with you... =)

  • stephie7o7

    Stephanie Lopez Vallejo, Ca. age 27 Angela Camutin age 25 Olivia Banag 29

  • mayra reyes
    mayra reyes

    O M G!! Pick me!Pick me!! :P Mayra Reyes- 21 Visalia, CA Alby- 22 Jessica-22

  • Jeanette Riviera
    Jeanette Riviera

    Jeanette Riviera-23 Tucson, AZ <3 Blanca-25 Amber-24



  • Steph Anders- Cochran
    Steph Anders- Cochran

    Stephanie Cochran 36 Las Vegas, NV Keisha Rendon 29 Barstow, CA Legalo Faagu 30 Las Vegas Would be amazing to celebrate your birhtday with you!! And since we all live here IN VEGAS it would be cheaper for you all!! ;)

  • Marcy Herrera
    Marcy Herrera

    I would love to go to Vegas and celebrate with you for your birthday! Marcy-24-Fontana, California



  • Ashlea K
    Ashlea K

    I love Vegas! Ashlea Keel Tulsa, Oklahoma Age 22 My two friends: Rachel Smith, Tulsa, OK, age 24 and Courtney Paddock, Tulsa, OK, age 22

  • Sarah

    Sarah Robles 28 NC Daniella Metz 31 NC Chrissy hogan 30 NY We would be a blast!!! Love Chloe..She is a great inspiration!

  • trellony

    Im in need of a vacay. What better way to jumpstart it, then to hang with your your fun butt!!! Youre gorgeous babes. Love ya girl. And See u there. Lol :) #Sending you Love&Light and continuous blessings. Trellony Nixon -26 P.S ---Im a cancer like you. 07-17 baby!

  • Melissa Melendez
    Melissa Melendez

    Melissa Melendez, 32 Tucson, AZ

  • Alicia Weaver
    Alicia Weaver

    Would love to party with you! Alicia Weaver- 30 Knoxville, TN Doug Weaver-29, husband

  • Terron Gaiter
    Terron Gaiter

    Terron Gaiter I love the KK sister's....they light up my world and crack me the hell up, and I want to see my fav. Khlo Khlo.... Terron Gaiter-21 Huntington, WV Tarra Hall-21 Lanna Bates-21

  • Sherri Holmes
    Sherri Holmes

    Hi doll we share the same birthday June 27th Cancer baby! I'm 33 from Pueblo, CO. I would take my husband a US Army soldier SFC Gerald Holmes 33. And my cousin Ava Aguirre 31!!

  • Rachel Vazquez
    Rachel Vazquez

    Hi Khloe I would to attend your party my name is Rachel Vazquez Guerneville CA age 28 2 friends Phelena Gaytan and Barbara Thompson thank you

  • Gabrielle

    Gabrielle Perez 25 San Jose, CA Raquel Hernandez 25 Diana Zuniga 22

  • Anna Topf
    Anna Topf

    Anna Topf, 22, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Christian Kerner, 21, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Travis Fear, 27, Fort Lauderdale, Florida LOVEEEEE :)

  • Lawrence Levine
    Lawrence Levine

    Pick me my girlfriend and her friend heather please Im from Enfield Ct and they are from New Hampshire you are the coolest and i love watching your show

  • Catherine Tran
    Catherine Tran

    My friends and I are such huge fans of the Kardashians and it would definitely be the time of our lives if we were able to celebrate Khloe's birthday with her! Catherine Tran, 25 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Guests: Jonathan Brickey, 25 Alicia Tran, 21

  • Denise Rodriguez
    Denise Rodriguez

    Denise Rodriguez, Williams, AZ 29 years old. It would be my two sisters and I. Katie Delgadillo - 27 Kayla Jaramillo - 21 We have watched every season and can't get over how much our families are alike. It would be amazing to win this! Khloe you are my Fav!!! XOX

  • becksdahl

    If you pick me I'll bring a midget dressed as Elvis! Bible you won't regret it! prom prom it'll be the best time ever!! & please bring Malika I love her! <3 Rebecca :) Rebecca- 22 Sandy-21 Ali-26

  • Sammi Mo-d
    Sammi Mo-d

    We're flying in tomorrow from CANADA! so excited! happy birthdayyyy Samantha Morrison - 21 Michelle Marier - 21 Carly Knight - 21

  • Tina Petrossian
    Tina Petrossian

    PS the comment above Tina ... We are from Los Angeles !!!

  • Kara

    Kara Roberts - 26 (hometown Chicago) - we are all already going to be in Vegas this weekend! Kimberly Roberts - 21 Lindsay Welters - 22

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    Romina Rosas (me) -23 yrs old Ontario CA Osbaldo Rosas- 24 yrs old Melanie Traslavina - 22 yrs old. Hope I Win!! Thanks!

  • Tina Petrossian
    Tina Petrossian

    Hi Khloe and Celebuzz! My name is Tina Petrossian (26) and we are headed to Vegas for my sister's 25th birthday tomm. I think you should pick us because we are very very close ( like the Kardashian Klan except we are the Petrossian Klan). We will have a fabulous time. Thanks in advance and see you in Vegasss !!!! ;) Name of Guests: Gina Petrossian (25) Claudia Mendoza (24)

  • Jessica

    please pick me!! my name is Jessica Cooper and I'm 27. I'd bring my husband who is 34 and my friend who is 28. please please! i live in Utah but I'll be in Vegas this weekend! :)

  • sandy9

    PARTY ROCK IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT!! happy early birthday!! it would be AMAZING if my friends and I got to help celebrate your birthday with you! were huge fans of you and your family and I look up to you and you give me the courage to not care what people think or say and just live life and have fun!! it would def be a dream to celebrate your big day with you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! <3 sandy! sandy -21 rebecca-22 alexandra-26

  • Lauren Moreno
    Lauren Moreno

    Were flying in tomorrow to celebrate my baby sisters 21st Birthday. Much like the Kardashians we're partying with the Family! We would love to come celebrate with you guys--please pick us, we love you!!!! What better way to spend her first time in Vegas. Help me be the best big sis ever and score the best night in Vegas! Lauren Moreno 21 Nikki Moreno 24 Sam Chaccour 27 Sacramento, CA

  • Tashia

    I never been to vegas and would love to pop my cherry with u. My name is Tashia im 25 my friend Dominque 24 and my sister Tina 30

  • nadia abuhakmeh
    nadia abuhakmeh

    Nadia Abuhakmeh-age 21 from santa fe springs,ca Givontae shedrick-age 23 aida abuhakmeh-age 23

  • Katherine Arcos
    Katherine Arcos

    Hi Klo! I am a die hard fan. I come from a family of sisters so I can totally relate to you and your awesome family. My name is Katt Arcos-21 years old My sister, Johanna Arcos- 26 years old and my best friend, samantha Duke- 21 years old Please pick us. We are from Jersey City, NJ and we know how to party! :) woot woot!

  • Maira

    Maira, 24, Valencia CA

  • Mary

    Hey Chloe! I've been unable to find an email address for you.Would love to come to your party but won't be in Vegas.Just wanted to give you a heads up on how I got pregnant after trying for a year.Would make a fun episode for you! Good luck if I don't here from you.I think you both will make amazing parents!!Happy Birthday!!

  • Virginia Goranova
    Virginia Goranova

    THANKS! be there Friday night! Virginia Goranova 25 Morgan Yops 27 Alex 21

  • Michelle

    Michelle O'Connor - 25 Pt.Pleasant, NJ Alexandra Russo - 23 Aidan O'Connell - 26

  • brittany18

    Khloe! I would die to go to your party. Im from New York but would love to hop on a plane asap if it means meeting you. My name is Brittany and I am 23. I would like to bring Dara - 23 and my brother Will -24. Have a wonderful birthdayyyyy!!!!

  • Kristin McLaughlan
    Kristin McLaughlan

    pick meeee!!! I love vegas & love to party. Plus its my bestfriends birthday this weekend and it would just be the greatest thing ever! My name: Kristin McLaughlan age 23 I would bring: Brother: Kyle McLaughlan 25 Bestfriend: Diane Brown 24

  • Julie

    Khloe, pick me I live in VEGAS BABY! Julie I'm 31 years old, live 10 minuts away from the Strip... Las Vegas, NV

  • Cassidy Clawson
    Cassidy Clawson

    Cassidy Clawson 24 Salt Lake City, Utah Chelsea Clawson 23 Vili Kotobalavu 27

  • georgia

    Invite me!!! My hometown is Corona CA my name is Georgia -37 guests would be Gina -42 Daisy- 22

  • tdewaard

    Trisha, 24, Hermosa Beach, CA please bring me I LOVE KHOLE and ALL the kardashians!!!!

  • kristaa

    krista. 22. los angeles, ca guests: vanessa watson. 21 diane brill. 21

  • Ashie Dankha
    Ashie Dankha

    Ashurina Dankha, 22, Melbourne, Australia (but currently holidaying in Las Vegas) :) Two friends are: Ibrahim Kako, 28 Panna Makko, 23 Cheersss xxx

  • Rebecca Buckingham
    Rebecca Buckingham

    Rebecca Buckingham, 23, Allen, TX Thomas Laughlin, 31, Allen, TX Laura Buckingham, ALMOST 22!! (here birthday is july 18!) Allen, TX Please please please please pick us! please! I would really love to attend your birthday party!

  • Natalia Mendoza
    Natalia Mendoza

    Khloe! My name is Natalia, I'm 24 and live in Las Vegas, but originally from Boston. Happy Birthday! PICK ME :)

  • Zarina Ikromova
    Zarina Ikromova

    Happy Birthday Kloejan! I wish you keep doing what are you doing its perfect I love You so much! my sis also has a birthday on Jun 17 :) but she is far from me :( even if i dont win, I wish you great time and go crazy its your day :) New York City Zarina Ikromova, 24 friends: Zarrina Mukhametova, 24 & Sharon Laguda, 28 XOXO

  • Alyson

    Alyson H. - 22, Pasadena, CA Sarah S. - 24 Rochelle H. - 27

  • Lauren Barker
    Lauren Barker

    Khloe!!! Pick me! My name is Lauren Barker and I am 23. I would bring Andy Kramer 23! xoxo

  • celika

    Pick Me Khloeeeee . Name : Celika Johnson Age : 22 Belleville Michigan Chelsea Johnson & Breiyla Capenter !

  • Sarah Horst
    Sarah Horst

    I would love to parttyyyyy!!!!!! Sarah Horst 29 los angeles Tatiana Bagdion 24 Bethany dahl 23

  • Christine, 31 Hometown: Redondo beach
    Christine, 31 Hometown: Redondo beach

    Khloe! I love you and your show! You're amazing, I actually got my husband started on watching your show so now we watch it together and never miss it! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Christine

  • Jessica

    Jessica W. -24 Las Vegas, NV Michael-21 Alicia-29

  • Natasha

    Natasha, 24, LA, CA born and raised! Only 1 guest ride or die Lauren, 26 #roaddog

  • Neicy

    would so love to go party like a rock star wit ya.=) Neicy Garcia-30 Houston TX Jennifer Ramirez-29 Robin Sprowel-27

  • Annita Kuo
    Annita Kuo

    Annita-23- Redondo Beach,CA Baird-24 Seth-25

  • Ashley

    Celebrating my BFF 21st bday!! She loveless you...haha. I'm Ashley, 22 and destiny is 21 see you there!! :)

  • Lisa Black
    Lisa Black

    Heyy from Indianapolis, IN.. Im 23 years old.. I know you know how to have a great time! Almost everyone has been saying they are going to vegas already or live there but Im not, I need to get outta here.. We need to close the clubs down while keepin it classy! :) Your a great person, lets PARTY!!

  • jgtrejo

    Julia 21, Corona CA Guest: Juan, 22 & America, 22

  • Blair

    hometown: Oshawa, ON

  • Luna

    HI!! Khloe I a big fan of yours, I will love to meet you!!! Im so excieted going to vegas for the first time!! :) Yajaira Valencia 24 Torrance CA Luis Cortes 30 Gavino Cortes 27

  • Blair

    Vegas is def a kick-ass way to celebrate a birthday! Pick me Khloe!! Blair Elizabeth: age 23

  • supersexee08

    Haniza, 22, Las Vegas, NV! Please pick me! haha! Even if I live here in Vegas I haven’t been to Chateau. So to be able to go there and see you and your sisters would surely be an honor! Much love doll! xoxo Guests: Jessica 21 Matt 21

  • Rene

    haha so excited I forgot to add Jenna Dorsa 21

  • kirstin

    My bestie and I LOVE you! Kirstin Crawford, 21 Emmy Hanna, 21 Ann Hanna, 24 Were all from Vegas, baby! <3

  • Jenn Stone
    Jenn Stone

    I forgot to mention that my best friends name is Willie and his 45. I wouldn't ask for more than just enough for the two of us

  • Rene

    KHLO! Me and my hunny Jesse will be heading out to VEGAS tonight!! owww~! We're celebrating her bday, would be icing on the cupcake if we could celebrate with you as well!! Rene McKinney (forever 21) Jesse Martin-Frazier (forever 21) <3<3

  • Jenn Stone
    Jenn Stone

    Hey Khole' I forgot to mention that my best friends name is Willie and his 45. I wouldn't ask for more than just enough for the two of us

  • Christine

    Christine Greer, Warrington, PA 24!

  • Liana

    Happy Birthday Khloe, wish u get all your heart's desires this year and many years to come.... Hope I win to see u guys live... i miss home and you guys remind me so much of it... love u...From Lebanon.... Live in Las vegas..34

  • Christina

    Both of my friends are also 21

  • Dimples

    Dimples, 22, Bayonne, NJ Happy Birthday Khloe!

  • Christina

    Christina, Las Vegas, 21 My two friends are Monika and Hailey. We would love love love to come!!!

  • Jenn Stone
    Jenn Stone

    Hey Khole' I have been a huge fan of you and your family since day one. I have laughed when ya'll laughed, cried when ya'll cried, and have truly felt ya'lls pain. My name is Jennifer, i'm 30 yrs old and I leave in Jacksonville, Fl

  • Pat

    Pat Age 23 Minneapolis, MN Friends: Jason & Bob

  • Savannah

    a friend I would like to bring is Derek, age 23, Denver, CO

  • Louise

    Hey Khloe, my boyfriends brother and his wife (26 & 27) are on holiday in vegas this week! I am trying to win some VIP treatment for them…they are massive fans and would kill me if i didn’t try! It would make it an absolute dream holiday for them and they really deserve it…such an amazing couple (a bit like yourselves!!)! I hope you have a fantastic birthday!! Lots of Love, Louise (from Scotland) xxxx

  • Savannah

    Savannah, 24, Albuquerque, NM (but currently living in Denver, CO for school)

  • pandora

    Pandora 24 TX, but I live in Vegas. Friends: Me-yer: 23 and Effie: 25 We are teachers from TFA and would love to hang out for one night. Happy Birthday!

  • Haley Bauer
    Haley Bauer

    I am 21 and from Portland, OR. Would love to go!

  • Patricia

    Khloe my friends are honeymooning in Vegas & would love to go Cheryl & Damhan 27 from Ireland!! Happy birthday doll x

  • Patricia

    Khloe my friends are honeymooning in Vegas & would love to go Cheryl & Damhan 27 from Ireland!! Happy birthday doll xxx

  • Gabrielle McKee
    Gabrielle McKee

    Gaby McKee, age 21, from Oakland, CA Kelsey McKee, age 29, from Grants Pass, OR Elena McKee, age 31, from Grants Pass, OR Happy Birthday:)



  • Kylee Villegas
    Kylee Villegas

    How random i was just on twitter and i seen your celebrating your birthday in Vegas, Im headed out to Vegas tonight to celebrate my best friends 21st and it would totally be awesome if we got VIP tickets to your birthday bash. were all huge fans on yours :) Thank youuuu!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kylee Villegas, 21 Christina Haworth, 21 Alex Ulrich, 21 hometows Tacoma WA

  • purpleplum

    Happy Birthday Kloe!!!

  • purpleplum

    Happy Birthday Kloe!!!

  • Travis Kelso
    Travis Kelso

    Travis 24 Las Vegas, NV

  • Alexis Robinson
    Alexis Robinson

    Alexis Robinson Henderson NV age 21 Amy Polsenberg Age 22 Dominique Dewhurst Age 22

  • Ryan Mayfield
    Ryan Mayfield

    Ryan Mayfield 23 Shantae Johnson 24 Ryan here lets just say I am in the dog house a little with my girlfriend and she is a HUGE Khloe fan! The only NBA players she knows is LAM LAM and Kim's new man! We live an hour and a half from Vegas so PICK us it would be a dream come true!

  • Sarah McNamara
    Sarah McNamara

    Dream come true, Khloe and Vegas! Sarah McNamara from Boston, MA, Age 22. Friends: Nick Wetegrove, Age 23 and Peter McNamara, Age 24.

  • Ana Rumery
    Ana Rumery

    Hola Khloe, I don’t even know if this is the right way to try to win a VIP guest pass to celebrate your Birthday ? My family was already planning on heading to Vegas tomorrow for my son Matthew’s 21st birthday party. He turned 21 on June 14. This would be an awesome 21st if he could party with you guys. Something that he would remember for his entire life! Happy Birthday to you as well!! Anyway my name is Ana Rumery age 51 Matthew Rumery age 21 We are from Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Rupal Patel
    Rupal Patel

    Rupal Patel: 23 Aiken, South Carolina Guests: Tejal Patel: 27 Ekta Patel: 24 We are actually going to be in Vegas tomorrow through Sunday to celebrate my BEST friend's birthday (Tejal). We are the hugest Kardashian fans. So it would mean the world to us to meet Khloe :) So PLEASE pick us!!!

  • supersexee08

    Haniza, 22, Las Vegas, NV! Please pick me! haha! Even if I live here in Vegas I haven't been to Chateu. So to be able to go there and see you and your sisters would surely be an honor! Much love doll! xoxo

  • purpleplum

    [img][/img] Kelly Nahra Fort Irwin Ca Age:34 It would be the hubby & me(celebrating our 12 yr anniversary) Danny Nahra

  • Daisy Andrade
    Daisy Andrade

    Pick Me Khloe Daisy Andrade From Anaheim CA I'm 25 I'll bring my sis Janet she is 28 and my friend Kristina she is 25 thanks happy Bday

  • Reema Sampat
    Reema Sampat

    Reema Sampat Age 23 Houston, Texas Edward Calvesbert 33 Parita Sampat 28

  • Neesha Renee
    Neesha Renee

    Pick my BFF Charnae 25..her birthday is today and she is in Vegas celebrating it now...GREAT gift for her :)

  • Kalai Lopez Amiscaray
    Kalai Lopez Amiscaray

    Im A Filipina Khloe.. i would love to partaaay with you! Angela Lucille Amiscaray-27yo. from Riverside Ca, But im now here in Las VEgas Mia Vargas-43 Lowell Vargas-43

  • hwilli20

    Hallie Williams, 25, Knoxville, TN! Friends are Alexa Roussis (25- BRIDE, here for bach party) and Emily Ayres (25- other BFF). Pick us- it would make Lex's night!

  • J.R. Reeves
    J.R. Reeves

    J.R. Reeves 22 LA TO NJ ME MYSELF & I

  • Darrelle Radcliff
    Darrelle Radcliff

    Darrelle Radcliff Home town: Atascadero,CA Age: 29 Love you Khloe

  • Alexis Robinson
    Alexis Robinson

    Alexis Robinson Age 21 Henderson, Nevada Amy Polsenberg 22 Dominique Dewhurst 22

  • lmarteen

    Pick me Khlo! Lauren Martinez from San Francisco Ca, Age 23. Friends: Grace Jordan and Farinaz Zolnasr. xoxo

  • lmarteen

    Pick me Khlo! Lauren Martinez from San Francisco Ca, Age 23. Friends: Grace Jordan and Farinaz Zolnasr. xoxo

  • Alex woolf
    Alex woolf

    Hi I'm Alex Woolf! Invite me! I'd be your fun time body guard! If any club hoe tried to get in on your bottle service or hit on your man I'd go jungle cat on their ass!! Did I mention I'm Canadian! Love you Khloe!

  • Devan Campbell
    Devan Campbell

    Devan Campbell Age 24 Santa Paula, Ca Friend1: Corrina Ruvalcalba Age 29 Friend2:Briana Ruvalcaba Age 24