Kellan Lutz Shows Off His Dream Fashion Sense (PHOTOS)

Kellan's Gun Show
The 'Twilight' star shows off his buff biceps.
Everyone knows that vampires come out to play at night. Hence, it was no surprise to see Kellan Lutz strutting his stuff at the opening of a hot new NYC hotel on Wednesday night.

As Dream Downtown held its big inaugural event, Kellan walked the red carpet in a nicely-tailored navy blue suit with a skinny black tie. Sure, his massive arms and buff frame were kept under wraps, but there’s no shortage of handsome to go around when it comes to Kellan.

Still sporting his blonde hair — though it’s longer nowadays — Kellan even made fun of his new lighter locks on Twitter after a fan complimented his “coif.” Kellan shot back, saying: “@Lizzelicious haha gotta love the Zack Morris throwback! Thanks for the love!”

Whether it’s Saved By the Bell or Twilight, we’ll take it.

Aside from looking dashing, Kellan’s romantic comedy Love, Wedding, Marriage co-starring Mandy Moore has been getting dismal reviews, so Twilight junkies will just have to wait for the real deal when Breaking Dawn: Part 1 opens on November 18. 

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