Ken Jeong Stars in Hilarious Hands-Only CPR PSA (VIDEO)

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Ken Jeong brings both his great sense of humor and medical skills (yes folks, he is a REAL doctor) to his new PSA for the American Heart Association. Jeong aims to increase awareness about the importance of learning and using Hands-Only CPR.

Looking stylish in a John Travolta-inspired suit, Jeong comes to the rescue of a man who has suddenly collapsed from cardiac arrest while playing a game of charades with a group of friends. He dances around, and gives instructions on how to perform Hands-Only CPR to the Bee Gees’ hit song ‘Stayin Alive.’

As always, Jeong knows how to bring lots of laughs to both big and small screens, but The Hangover star says his overall message remains important. “I want people to know that sudden cardiac arrest is a serious matter,” said Jeong. “Immediate action can be the difference between life and death. Everyone needs to know it’s in their hands to help save a life.”

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  • danielleakame

    i love him, he is so funny. its scary to think that this guy is also a doctor. i would shiz my pants if he walked in and tried to preform surgery. ahahaha