‘Muppets’ Spoofs ‘Green Lantern’ in New Parody Trailer (VIDEO)

Jason on 'Muppets' Set!
Jason Segel & Amy Adams bust a move.
Even Jason Segel seems to be tiring of the parody trailers for his own Muppets movie, though you have to admit — they are entertaining.

In the latest trailer dubbed “Being Green,” Kermit and the crew are seen in an ultra-serious-sounding version teasing the Muppet film, but using the timeliness of Green Lantern to poke a little fun at the superhero flick. Green frog, Green Lantern … why not!

After the overly-dramatic trailer unfolds, it cuts to Jason Segel amongst his Muppet friends, where he declares:

“Is this another Muppet trailer parody? why don’t we just show a real trailer. I mean, what are we hiding? Did we make the movie in Swedish or something?”

Then, on cue, it cuts to The Swedish Chef doing his hysterical thing.