Ryan Reynolds Confesses His Self-Obsession With Entertainment Weekly

Ryan on 'Late Show'
Ryan Reynold's outside Ed Sullivan Theater.
'Green Lantern' Premiere!
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'Green Lantern' Trailer (VIDEO)
Watch the hot ‘Green Lantern’ trailer! (VIDEO)
Are you obsessed with Green Lantern hottie Ryan Reynolds? Fear not, for you are not alone in your infatuation.

While there are millions of ladies out there who sing his constant praises, there is one man out there who can’t get enough of Ryan — and that is Mr. Reynolds himself!

In a tounge-in-cheek interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ryan dishes on what makes him so great. (Hint, it’s not just his studly good looks).

Ryan talked a little bit about his past, and growing up as the runt of the family. Speaking in the third person, Ryan confessed:

“He spent a great deal of time with his older brothers and, in turn, his brothers were very close to him. Usually within striking distance.”

Once again looking into the past, Ryan recalled what life was like upon moving from Canada to LA to become an actor:

“After moving to Los Angeles at the tender age of 19 – armed with only $600 and a rape whistle – he quickly established himself as one of Hollywood’s most dynamic and immensely talented waiters.”

Hilarious AND good-looking? Just when we thought we couldn’t love him any more.

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