The Gorgeous Foursome: Garfield, Wilde, Hedlund and Fox Hang in Hawaii (PHOTOS)

There’s a whole lot of beautiful going on in this group!

In what might be the biggest assemblage of good looks Celebuzz has seen in quite some time, Hollywood stars Andrew Garfield, Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund and Megan Fox all huddled up to snap some photos as they attended the Maui Film Festival on Wednesday evening. Clearly the laid-back Hawaiian vibe has helped the busy foursome relax, as they look happy as can be together (even though Megan is giving her best blue steel, we’ll assume she’s happy on the inside).

Perhaps Megan is smile-less because out of the four, her award time at the festival is over, as she was presented with the Iris Award (for environmental awareness) earlier this week. In the coming days, Wilde and Garfield are each receiving the Shining Star Award, while Hedlund is being graced with the Rising Star Award. 

If Garfield’s star is shining now, just wait a year or so until he makes his debut as Spider-Man. Following his terrific turn in Social Network, Garfield’s sure to make a big smash as a summer blockbuster star.