‘True Blood’ Star Kristin Bauer: ‘I Just Stare’ During Naked Scenes

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True Blood premieres June 26 on HBO, and as you readers are aware, Celebuzz couldn’t be more excited! Yesterday we talked with Ryan Kwanten, and today we had the pleasure of chatting with Kristin Bauer who plays Pam, Alexander Skarsgard’s witty and sexy sidekick on the hit show.

Check out what Kristin had to say about the new season and having the grueling job of seeing Skarsgard naked on a nearly day to day basis. Warning: Kristin is awesome.

Don’t tell anyone, but Pam might be my favorite character on the show…
I know, I agree! I literally will lay awake thinking about how awesome Pam is.

It seems like each season we get to know a lot more about your character. What can we expect from Pam season 4?
This season Eric loses his memory, he remembers nothing. So you see a very compassionate side of Pam, she is there with him through it all. She would die for Eric, she would do anything for him. Actually die. So she definitely keeps evolving, fans will see a side to her they haven’t yet. But she still kicks ass! And kicks ass in amazing outfits. What a fun character to play!

Fabulous outfits and always with new play things … or people!
Yes! That doesn’t change this season either.

Just like Pam would do anything for Eric, he would do anything for her. We saw a new, more compassionate side of Alex’s character last season too.
Their relationship is just so wonderful. It’s so easy because how Pam feels about Eric I feel about Alex. It’s not acting, I don’t have to pretend. I love that man, he is so kind, gentle, funny. He just is a great person, so I am lucky that our scenes are together. We have a great time on set.

I don’t think I would get anything done during those scenes where he is basically naked.
I just stare the first couple takes! I was single the first years doing True Blood! It was distracting [laughs]. We have very good looking men on our set, with great bodies, and yes, Alex especially! But he’s so Swedish, he’s so comfortable with [being naked]. It’s like we’re prudes here [in America]. I think they do it right in Europe, being naked just isn’t a big deal to them. Alex doesn’t care at all.

Neither do we!
[Laughs]. Yep! He’s ready to go, he just doesn’t care. And [the nudity] does make sense in our script. The show is sexy, it’s fun, and everyone gets along on set. We all come together for each other.

Yeah I notice some of the cast has helped in the charity Tails for Whales, which you are passionate about.
Yes, I work with the International Fund for Animal Welfare to help call for stronger whale protections. We don’t eat whale here, but that’s not the case in other parts of the world. The campaign raises awareness about commercial whaling and threats they face in their habitat. My husband who is African has become very involved too. Proceeds from his new record will go to IFAW. 

You snagged yourself a musician!
I learned you just have to be aggressive! I listened to Abri’s CD over and over and I decided to myspace him. True Blood was successful, I thought I could use that as a pick up line right? No. He had never seen the show! Anyways yes I sent him a message and he happened to be in LA. He was touring here. Six months later we were married! I couldn’t be happier. I was single for four years before him. And I mean very single.

So what’s next for you?
I’m putting together a True Blood charity concert on July 14 in Los Angeles, and Abri will perform. The entire cast said if they are in town they are coming. Everyone really helps each other out, they are such good people. So it’s wonderful to be apart of a group and cast like that. Alex especially has been great. He helped me raise money by auctioning off a portrait of him. See what I mean? He’s just a great guy.

Celebuzz didn’t think it was possible to heart Kristin- and Alex- anymore, but we love they have such a great dynamic off screen too!

Like we said, Pam has grown to be possibly our favorite character and we cannot wait to see what is in store for Bauer on the small screen in a few weeks.

Everyone be sure to tune into HBO at 9 pm on June 26! Check out the first eight minutes that were just released because waiting sucks.