WATCH: Lady Gaga Premieres 'Edge of Glory' (VIDEO)

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Rejoice, little monsters! Lada Gaga has finally unveiled the video for her new single, "Edge of Glory." As announced yesterday, the debut took place during tonight's elimination round on So You Think You Can Dance.

When it comes to Gaga, fans know to expect the unexpected. However, there were some clues as to what the video would feature when a casting notice leaked, calling for an Enrique Iglesias-type who "must be willing to kiss" the singer.

The video casting also called for "Couture Doctors" to wear smocks and black gloves, a "male or female on-air reporter" and a group of M16-toting military guys. In Gaga's world this all makes perfect sense.

How does the actual video measure up?

There's no shortage of body-baring outfits, wild, hair-flipping dance moves, gothic cityscapes and plenty of smoke machines in effect. We gotta say -- Gaga has never looked better!

However, for all the wild characters the supposed casting call asked for...the video is little more than the singer working it out on the streets. Rather simple, but also totally Gaga -- unexpected. The video does feature a cameo by legendary saxophonist Clarence Clemons -- who recently suffered a stroke. She sent him a special message in a get well video that included a number of her fans sending their well wishes. 

What do you think of the video? Sound off in the comments below! 



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  • brendacool

    HELLO i am miss Brenda, i contacted you for us to be friends please mail me on ( i will tell you more about my self then, thanks, Brenda.

  • G

    def not a huge fan of this type of music, however, she is extremely talented and knows exactly how to sell herself....the only female artist out there that i would put above her based on pure talent is Pink and that is about it

  • kristinedera

    Excuse me, but you must have something long and thick in your mouth to have such poor taste. This song, and her songs, are anything but bland. And for that matter, she spent very little time at clubs, and then she was already Lady Gaga, promoting The Fame.

  • Camille

    Her music is as bland as ever, and her style is getting old. It's the edge indeed, but I suspect that over the edge is a downslide that will led her back to where she came from : clubs and relative anonimity.