Britney Spears Brings the Sexy in Sacramento Tour Opener (PHOTOS)

Britney Spears promised some eye-popping costumes for her Femme Fatale tour with Nicki Minaj, and her fans in Sacramento got just that.
With various costume changes of equal skin-showing capacity, Britney kicked off her tour in style. There were jail cages, massive guitars that Britney rode like a bucking bronco, corsets, bikinis -- you name it! One thing is for sure: Britney's body is in top notch shape as she begins her latest trek.

After the show, Britney was still feeling the rush, saying on Twitter

Can't sleep.  WAY too much Adrenaline right now. Sacramento was on fire tonight. You ready San Jose?  Cause I am!!!! -Britney
Britney used her signature phrase before the show kicked off, telling fans: "It's Opening Night BITCH!!!!...... -Britney"



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  • yvp

    She has it, why not flaunt it while she can

  • fucker

    i wish my dick was that guitar she riding and i want her to ride me like a cowboy.

  • Becca

    i dont think shes too fat, she just shouldnt be wearing... nothing haha

  • Robin Sanders
    Robin Sanders

    if you consider someone her size "fat" then i wonder what curvy is

  • michele

    but it BRITNEY BITCHES!!! the girl can do what she wants and still pull in the cash. and look damn good doing it too. :)) luv u brit!!!!

  • michael

    leave britney alone she is still hot love it very sexy you people are haters. britney sexy hot love her bare stomach

  • JoAnn

    She is over the hill, desperately trying to recapture the good old days when she "had it." "It's" gone for good. She looks like a frumpy old housewife, 40 pounds overweight, sloppy and dirty looking. Hair looks like the rats have been chewing at it. No one wants to see this mess anymore. Get off the stage Britney!

  • Dusty Rhodes
    Dusty Rhodes

    She looks better in this....

  • Dusty Rhodes
    Dusty Rhodes

    Wow, Brit's lookin kinda thick here in this outfit! I think she should cut back on the lattes!

  • LD

    Some people look different after having kids, she's not fat, she's healthy.

  • lalala

    Yes because I'm sure you totally have a ripped stomach, right? Lmao.

  • DD

    I'm sorry. Britney is still FAT. Come on. You make big bucks being an entertainer. Lose the ho hos and the belly fat.

  • courtneybaaaby

    i love you britney but you dont have the body to pull off these clothes anymore.

  • danielleakame

    she looks a lot better, but still kinda dead behind the eyes :o/