Carlon Jeffery Dishes on Disney’s New Show ‘A.N.T Farm’

A.N.T Farm, a new comedy series premiering tonight at 8.30 pm on Disney, is going to be the next big thing. The show is about a middle school musical prodigy (played by China Anne McClain) who is newly enrolled in a prestigious A.N.T (Advanced Natural Talents) program at her local high school.

Here is some inside scoop about the show from Carlon Jeffery, who plays Cameron Parks- China’s mischievous brother on the show.

CB: What is your favorite thing about playing your character?
My favorite thing about playing my character is every week we get a new script so I find out something more about my him. So I feel like that’s my favorite thing, finding more about basically myself. That would have to be my favorite thing.

What are some of your favorite traits you’ve discovered so far?
Some of my favorite traits are that he finds a way out of like anything, he’s really just funny and goofy and he’s himself, so that would have to be my favorite trait. Is him being himself.

Are you like that too?
I am, I am , I’m funny and goofy and I slack off a little bit but not a lot.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? Anything that would get you into A.N.T in real life?
I am actually a rapper, I was a rapper before I was an actor. I always thought when I was a little kid, oh I want to do that I want to put words together and make them rhyme, and so ever since then I just kind of kept going with it, and I try to keep progressing. Which I did, so I try to become an actual rapper.

So you’re still going to pursue that along with acting?
Of course of course, Im gunna mix it up with acting

Who are some of your idols, acting and singing wise?
I really love Cuba gooding Jr. his work is amaxing, Denzel Washington his work is amazing, and Ben Stiller.

Disney is a great place to be as an up and coming star. There will of course be inevitable comparisons between your show and Jonas, or Hannah Montana. What do you think sets you apart?
One of the unique things about me is I rap, so I feel like that would be something different, or a different path I could take.

Be sure to tune into A.N.T Farm! The series premiere is tonight at 8:30 pm on Disney!