Celebuzz Exclusive: Megan & Liz Debut ‘Rest of You’ Music Video (VIDEO)

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Celebuzz interviews the YouTube sensations.
YouTube sensations Megan & Liz are back with a new music video debut! Celebuzz is super stoked to present the video here, before you can see it anywhere else. The song is called “Rest of You” and they shot the video in their hometown of Edwardsburg, Michigan –bringing Hollywood to the heartland! 

Megan tells us all about making the video, and their “fake boyfriends.” Say what?

“This music video was especially fun to shoot,” Megan says. “We went home to graduate high school and to walk with our class for a week, and we knew the perfect spot to shoot the video for our new song. We told our director the idea and he was all for it! Next thing we knew, everybody was flying to our teeny little hometown of Edwardsburg, Michigan to shoot a music video! It was so much fun to have all of our friends in it! Liz’s love interest actually came all the way from Wisconsin to be in the video.”

Did you catch that, guys? Those are just actors in the video — the twins are single and ready to mingle! In the meantime, she says, “We hope you guys like our ‘fake boyfriends.'”

They also shot some of the scenes on Lake Michigan. See if you can spot the Great Lakes in the clip! 

Megan adds, “The song is really special to us. We co-wrote this song with Jenn Schott and Seth Jones and we had a blast writing it.”

“Rest of You” is available for download on iTunes now. Watch the video and share your thoughts! You can also connect with Megan & Liz on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to “Like” Celebuzz on Facebook and follow us @CELEBUZZ for all the latest star news, pics and videos.

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