Giveaway Alert! VIP Seats at Beyonce's 'GMA' Performance on July 1!


Update: This giveaway has ended. Thank you for participating and congratulations to our winners: Robert Milton & Anthony Cosby-Knowles!

Are you a huge Beyonce fan in the New York area who just so happens to not have any plans on July 1? Celebuzz has got you covered!

We're excited to announce that we'll be giving away not one but TWO pairs of VIP tickets to Queen B's Good Morning America performance!

And that's not all we're giving away.

You will also get a copy of her latest album 4! (If you can't wait, you can pick up your own copy here).

So, how can you get your hands on these tickets? Simple!

How to enter: Leave us one comment telling us your favorite Beyonce song of all time, and we'll pick two winners at random on Wednesday, June 29. If you comment more than once, you will be ineligible to win.

You'll need to be at the performance by 6 AM, but it will be well worth it considering the seats are in the pit in front of the stage! You'll be up close and personal with Beyonce's fierceness! Good luck and get commenting!

Important Note: You do not have to live in the NY Area to enter, however transportation/accommodations will not be provided. Details of the location will be provided upon choosing the winner.

Beyonce Runs The World
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  • GlamourousEB

    coming from a Queen B fean, i am in love with anything Beyonce releases. But i'd have to say my all time favorite is Irreplaceable. When I'm at my lowest, listening to the song gives me soo much inspiration and helps me to remember my worth!

  • Naeemah R
    Naeemah R

    Resentment (self explanatory)

  • lovenmusic

    of course I must say that Hip Hop Star with Big Boi is my favorite Beyonce song.

  • beyoncefan2517

    One of my favorite songs is Halo. This song is honestly beautiful. Her voice in this song is so calming, and to be honest, she is the ONLY one who can sing this song perfectly. My favorite video of her singing this is when she is at a hospital in Singapore singing to the patients, her only instruments are her voice, her backup singers, and an acoustic guitar. It shows off the raw talent that she has. I LOVE YOU B!

  • Brendan Young Colcord
    Brendan Young Colcord

    I love "I Care." Beyonce's raw vocal ability really makes this song perfect.

  • Raytay

    My favorite song is Crazy in Love. It's been my favorite since I was about 10, and the first Beyonce song I listened to. It led me to more and more of her songs which i ended up falling in love with

  • Drew Cruz
    Drew Cruz

    I Love "1+1" which of course is off of Beyonce's new album "4" which i LOOOOVE already .,,I cant stop listening to it. The words in that song shows just how much in love she really is with her husband. When JayZ captured that moment of Beyonce singing "1+1" in her dressing room before her American Idol performance on his phone it just showed the pure talent that this woman possesses. I would love to see Beyonce on friday im such a big fan. Long Live King B!

  • Cookie Timpton
    Cookie Timpton

    One of my utmost favorite Beyonce song is Dangerously In Love . The song starts with her softly pouring her heart out and by the time she reaches the middle/end of the song she is shouting her love to the roof tops and you cant help but sing along . When she performs this song live it gives me chills!

  • Christine Young
    Christine Young

    It so hard to pick a favorite song because all her songs are great. Everything about her is great. She is so talented. But if I had to choose my favorites would be Irreplacable, If i were a boy and Halo.

  • April Bacunawa
    April Bacunawa

    It's hard to just pick one but my favorite Beyonce song at the moment would have to be "Countdown" because it's a fun love song that I can relate to - Been with my boyfriend since we were sophomores in high school.. "Still all up on each other, ain't a damn thing change" <3

  • MizzZee

    I love Beyonce because she’s an inspiration! She’s beautiful inside and out. I’ve attended her solo concerts and when she was still in Destiny’s Child. Her concerts are the most alive and entertaining to me thus far. Very talented! I love that she remains humble and sincere throughout the years even thru all the fame and fortune. She’s a true role model. It is very hard to pick a favorite song, if I have to it is - "Roc" because it's under rated and touches me. That's the type of relationship I want to be in.

  • Lauren Corcoran
    Lauren Corcoran

    I love her new song "End of Time". It's such a fun song. The beat is great. The harmonies in it are amazing too.

  • MizzZee

    I love Beyonce because she's an inspiration! She's beautiful inside and out. I've attended her solo concerts and when she was still in Destiny's Child. Her concerts are the most alive and entertaining to me thus far. Very talented! I love that she remains humble and sincere throughout the years even thru all the fame and fortune. She's a true role model!

  • queent89

    A single favorite Beyonce song is impossible to choose! However, "Halo" is at the top of my list because it's so real, passionate and beautiful, and everyone has or can relate to the lyrics.

  • StylishFierce

    My Favorite song is Resentment. I was soo excited when I got to see her perform it live in Las Vegas! Beyonce is the best live performer ever!

  • Meghan Seixas
    Meghan Seixas

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Listen." It is such a beautiful vocal and when it came out, it felt so appropriate to where I was at in life at that time.

  • jessica

    my favorite song of all time is get me bodied! i love to party and am a virgo just like her! i would LOOOVE to get these tickets! i have loved her since NO NO NO and am a turly devoted fan.

  • Beyoncé Fann
    Beyoncé Fann

    it's always hard to choose a favorite song by beyonce. but my all time favorite would have to be. halo. her vocals in that song is just amazing. especially when she performs it live. she makes me love the song even more when it's live. she is just that great!

  • Carsondra

    My favorite Beyonce song is Halo. Halo is a beautiful song it speaks for itself and can be referenced to any situation. Halo is special to me because it help me get through a period in life where I lost my mother and that song was everything I needed it spoke the exact words of how I felt about her she is my saving grace. This song has so much passion and expression. It holds a special place in my heart. Thank You Beyonce the beautiful song!!!!!!!!! I love you!!! If I don't win good luck on July 1st I know you will ROCK!!!

  • MixedChick

    My favorite Beyonce song is definitely her remake of Etta James's "At Last" in Cadillac Records. I legit cried when she sang it at the Neighborhood Ball. BEYONCE IS AMAZING

  • demasiadabella

    Crazy in love those instruments the beat everything about that song. But also a destinys child song: "now that she's gone" the writings on the wall got me through my first heart break that was devastating. It's not a Bey solo song but it's still Bey. She has always made empowering music and i'll always be a fan.

  • Lauren Corcoran
    Lauren Corcoran

    My favorite Beyonce song as well, is her new song "1+1". I probably listen to it 40 times a day. It is so raw and shows off her voice so well. It's a beautiful song and although it's simple, it is so powerful.

  • Shannon Christine
    Shannon Christine

    My favorite song of Beyonce's is Dangerously In Love. It's such a powerful song of deep love and really the first song that, in my mind, that I remember making her a force of her own while she was in Destiny's Child. It was originally on the Survivor CD but it was Beyonce who took the cake with it. It's beautifully written and her vocals are flawless. When she finally went solo, this powerful song, launched her career. Her first album took it's name and some of her most memorable first performances, were of this Dangerously In Love; (SNL in 03 and Divas Duets in 03). It's a song that connects you to that ultimate feeling of vulnerability in love and I don't think anyone could've pulled off such a gorgeous arrangement of vocals and power in that song. It has so much history and impact to why I love her so much.

  • Matt Wojtarowicz
    Matt Wojtarowicz

    Crazy in Love.

  • Ms. Mo
    Ms. Mo

    Resentment...LOVE the vocals on that one!

  • J'Anice

    Where should i start she has sooo many hits that its almost impossible to chose ONE favorite song. The one I pick is "YES" off her DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE ALBUM!

  • Christine

    "If I were a Boy" is my favorite Beyonce song. It is enlightening, powerful, and emotional. It lets Beyonce's fans see her vulnerable side, and is relateable yet unique. Every time I hear it, I can't help but feel moved!

  • Lauren Corcoran
    Lauren Corcoran

    My favorite song is "Halo". It shows off her voice and talent so well. The song has a beautiful meaning as well. I will never get sick of listening to that song. It's gorgeous and she sounds amazing every time she sings it.

  • Jack Kapinos
    Jack Kapinos

    Her three songs that immediately jump to mind when I think of my favorites are Single Ladies (I know the whole dance from watching the video so many times) Check On It, and Get Me Bodied, but I if I can only pick one, I'm gonna go with Get Me Bodied. I has an amazing beat, it's so much fun, and i was absolutely floored when I saw her perform it on her concert DVD for her world tour. Not to mention that for a fast-paced up-tempo song, she still sings the hell out of it.

  • taylormorgan

    My favorite song from Beyonce is Best Thing I Never Had, because it's very inspiring and it's a beautiful song. To be honest I love everyone of her songs, and she is my role model. Beyonce is all around the best because she's not fake like other singers, she doesn't alter her voice, and she's very inspiring to women.

  • Jory Wilson
    Jory Wilson

    sweet dreams ... :)

  • Ntupper

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Diva" because it has a great sound and lyrics. This song always makes me feel confident in myself and speaks to so many girls.

  • Jay-C

    That's a tough question... I'd say "I Care". When I think of Beyoncé, I think of timeless music, I think of classic, I think of vocal performance. This song is past, present, & future. It's Beyoncé.

  • Kendis

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is HALO, it touches my heart everytime I hear it. It is one of her many songs that relates to inner beauty and love. The vulnerability and lack of hesitation let fans know that her voice and talent can go beyond surface hits and truly translate words and melodies into classics.

  • Amanda

    Olá meu nome é Amanda e queria falar que sou uma grande fã da Beyoncé e acredito que posso ganhar porque minha esperança é a ultima que morre minha musica favorita é muito difícil porque são todas mais qual eu não deixo de ouvir todos os dias é Beyoncé - Smash Into You eu amo essa musica espero que um dia eu chegue a conhecer ela seja oque Deus quiser Obrigada(o)

  • grainne

    Smash into you please pick me, shes my role model

  • grainne

    Smash into you


    Estou AMANDO a chance de concorrer ao ingresso para ver a Beyonce!!! Minha música favorita é claro é Crazy in Love as perfon]mances dela quando canta esta música também são MARAVILHOSAS e o melho video é Diva é fabuloso QUERO MUITOOOOOO PODER VER A MINHA DIVA PESSOALMENTE ATRAVESSO O MUNDO PARA PODER VÊ-LA!!!!

  • philliwilly28

    I love all of beyonce's music, but my favorite Song will have to be "Upgrade you". I love that song its Great.

  • Ms. C
    Ms. C

    Diva!(The female version of a huster). Mine and my 8 year old daughter's favorite song. Come on since16 she's been performing live. How can we not love Beyonce? I'd love the chance to take my little girl to show her that yes hardwork can pay off. Also, would love to sing along with Beyonce instead of my Iphone for a change.

  • bluetifulney

    This is tough but if I really had to choose, I would choose the song that helped me out the most in my time of need. This song is so beautiful and I felt so completely connected to it the first time I heard it. "Resentment" on the B'Day album is a remarkable song. You feel her emotion and you really believe that she's going through this as she's singing it. It was the best song to listen to when I found out I was lied to, and still to this day I can listen to this song and find strength. The emotion is so raw in it that it pulls on something in your soul. The ending of the song is my favorite because she sounds so soft and pure. You can feel her pain through the speakers. This song is amazing and I am so happy she recorded it. It is definitely my favorite song!

  • Luan Mendes
    Luan Mendes

    Não tem nem o que falar..... the best song: Upgrade U !!!! Brasil!

  • Vanessa Osei
    Vanessa Osei

    My all time favourite Beyonce song would have to be Crazy In Love. I fell in love with her when that song came out 8 years ago and now I'm an even bigger fan. Everything about that song gives me chills, the power in her voice, the D.C. go go beat, the drums, Jay's Verse! Classic song for the summer! :D

  • Emily Vasilopoulos
    Emily Vasilopoulos

    It's hard to just pick one favorite but I would have to see "Diva" since Beyonce is truly a diva. Also pretty much every song on the live album from her "I Am World Tour". She is just amazing.

  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel

    My favorite song of Beyoncé HALO is because it is a song that touches me deeply makes me see the beautiful things of life, makes me appreciate what I have. I love romantic songs and I feel that Beyonce made ​​that song for romantic and passionate people, I love this song! represents my passion for life ... my passion for Beyoncé

  • kclarksonfnatic

    My favorite Beyonce song is Single Ladies. It is such a fun, upbeat song. It makes for a great anthem, it's such a classic, and empowers all the single women out there. The dance to the song is genius! Beyonce's songs are very uplifting for all women out there

  • honeyb1969

    Me, Myself and I is a song I can totally relate too from Beyonce. I lost my Dad in 2008 and now its just me by myself trying to stay strong and stay positive. The pain never goes away, faith and determination has been my guide. "Me, Myself and I is all I got end, thats what I found out...." One Luv.

  • BriyaBeee

    Be With You is such a good slow jammm

  • BriyaBeee

    Crazy in love of course! a classic

  • BriyaBeee

    Me, Myself, and I is so impowering !

  • BriyaBeee

    Dangerously in love is another. You can really relate

  • BriyaBeee

    still in love (kising you) is such a beautiful song. beyonce covered it

  • BriyaBeee

    Resentmenttt the vocals are unbelievable

  • BriyaBeee

    Deja Vu

  • BriyaBeee

    Get me Bodied

  • BriyaBeee

    Flaws and all

  • BriyaBeee

    haloo is another fav.

  • David A. Centeno
    David A. Centeno

    I'm constantly making lists of my favorites, so this shouldn't be too hard... Why is it, though? I love "Hello" from I Am... Sasha Fierce and "That's How You Like It" from Dangerously in Love the most. The Jay-Z collaboration is soo cute to me! It really shows they're perfect for one another!

  • BriyaBeee

    It would be incredibly hard to pick only 1 Beyonce song. I love her to deathh and a HUGE fan its ridiculous. I look up and admire her so much. But my favorite is 1+1 the vocals on that song just makes you stop and listen. They're so strong and raspy i love it. The song takes you back lol. She has too much talent to be compared to anyone. She's just has her own category, shes on her own level, lol shes amazing. such a RARE talented gifted down to earth woman. i would certainly go on forever but pleaseeeeee pick meeee. LOVE YOU BEYONCEEEE

  • Johnathan M
    Johnathan M

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is definitely "still in love (kissing you)." Vocally it is a masterpiece and Beyonce delivers as only a true artist could.

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is Deja Vu!!! Just some great music that I can see myself listening to 10, 20 years from now and Beyonce sounds awesome as usual. Beyonce always brings classic timeless hits.

  • cudi

    ahhh, favorite Bey song. between Dangerously In Love & Why Don't You Love Me

  • JGulledge

    I'm not sure if I can honestly say I have a favorite song because so many of them are amazing and soundtracks to my life but Dangerously in Love definately tops the list. Such an amazing song that she did it twice, first with Destiny's Child and then as the title track to her first album. This song is powerful and moving and made me cry when she sang it live on tour!!

  • Angela Howard
    Angela Howard

    To see Beyonce in concert is on my top ten list of things to do!!!!! This would be a dream come true. My favorite B song has to be Halo. Every time I hear it I can't help but sing along. It instantly puts me in a good mood!!!!

  • simmielikecomingtoamerica

    I love beyonce's voice period and i love all types of music. Every year her voice grows and so does her diversity which makes me love her but as of right now I think my favorite song is Deja vu. I love Beyonce's rnb style and her pop style but there's something about Deja vu that just does something to me from the way that she speaks, her inflection, the jazzy type style it has, the brass instruments..i think its because it has more vocals and its a more instrumental based song. I would love to see more songs like that but as long as beyonce's singing im not complaining lol. pick me please!! lol

  • Amarie Bermudez
    Amarie Bermudez

    Another favorite song of mine by Beyonce is "Halo". A halo is the glowing ring or crown that hovers over an angel's head. By saying "I can see your halo", she's basically saying "You're an angel". My aunt is my angle. She died when I was 6.

  • Amarie Bermudez
    Amarie Bermudez

    Another favorite song of mine by Beyonce is Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). I am a teenager in New York, where girls are considered pretty when they show their body, where boys only want one thing. I believe in no sex till marriage and before they song I didn't have a way to phrase my belief but not I do! "If you like it then you better put a ring on it."

  • Amarie Bermudez
    Amarie Bermudez

    Another favorite song of mine is "Radio". It just seems like a feel-good record but when you really listen to the lyrics. don't go all of the parties and I don't do all the things that a lot of the other teenage girls do because I am so in love with my radio and my music. I am in love with this radio and my parents are happy that I am into something positive.

  • Amarie Bermudez
    Amarie Bermudez

    My favorite Me, "Myself, And I". My father cheated on my mother. She felt stupid and silly because she blamed herself 'cause she had all the signs, but she loved the him so she didn't want to see him go.

  • D. Cadiz
    D. Cadiz

    I love "dangerously in love" there is no other song that shows the depth of one love for their soul mate. This song always make me want to be in love! :-)

  • itbeme

    my all time favorite Beyonce song has to be crazy in love.... i love how it was her first breakout as a solo artist and she just took over and i also was crazy in love at the time :)

  • Khalifa Sogue
    Khalifa Sogue

    Hi my favorite Beyonce song of all time has to be flaws and all. This song describes that you do not have to be perfect to be loved by your significant other. It shows the upside downside of any relationship and glorifies L.O.V.E as the ultimate gift a partner can give to his or hers significant other. She performed this song during the Beyonce experience back in 2007 and her performance was pretty emotional that's why it's full of real emotions.

  • Jasmine Fowlkes
    Jasmine Fowlkes

    My favorite song would have to be "Flaws and All". That particular song expresses that woman can be perfectly imperfect, and that there is a man who is ready to love and accept you for who you truly are...with your "flaws and all".

  • N'dea Williams
    N'dea Williams

    I love every last one of Beyoncè's songs since her destinys child days , there's no possible way I can just chose one song she's amazing!!!!

  • Matthew Vachon
    Matthew Vachon

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Run The World." Her Billboard performance of this song and her music video for this song were out of this world! She is one of a kind and this song really showcases that!!!

  • Isis Nicole
    Isis Nicole

    "Hello" is one of my favorite songs by Beyonce. It's beautiful, romantic and pure. xxxo Isis Nicole

  • Ronald Thomas
    Ronald Thomas

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time, and it was definitley hard to choose, is "Get me Bodied". It is the most listened to song on my ipod (674 songs) and I watch the video daily!! Ugh it makes me want happy and want to dance...i think ill watch it after i type this lol Literally I would DIE if i had a chance to see B live :-)

  • eva1985

    My favourite song of all time has to be Flaws and All! Lyrics speak for themselves and her video is simply amazing! I love Beyonce!!


    It is truly impossible to have a favorite song from BEYONCE if you're as big of a fan as I am. but as of now I have to choose smash into you. her live performance to that song gets me emotional EACH TIME! i love everything & ALL she does! she has inspired me so much family and friends know me as "Beyonca-Ce"! GO KINGBEY!

  • Lorraine Booker- Hill
    Lorraine Booker- Hill

    Beyonce is my favorite artist of all time because she has it all… Dynamic stage presence, beautiful voice & skilled vocal and dance abilities delivered in every captivating performance!!! Whenever I listen to her music and see her perform I’m always amazed at her immeasurable talent as she gives 100% of herself, takes risks and sets trends. I feel this way every time I listen to her music. It’s really hard to narrow it down to one but I have to say that my favorite Beyonce song of all time is “Still in Love (kissing you).” I love the music, and the way Beyonce expresses each word is very moving. Plus, the lyrics are beautiful. This song is an expression of true love. Such an awesome way to say you love and are loved by someone. I absolutely LOVE Beyonce!!!! She is true artistry at its best. I can’t wait for July 1st. I wanna be there front and center. ******Please pick me for VIP*****

  • Shamauria

    OMG!! I love all of my girl B's songs! But if I had to choose a favorite I would choose Check On It! The video was the bomb! The song has that beat that just makes you want to dance and the words make you feel yourself like yes I know I'm the shit...that's it!!!

  • Kassie


  • alex21

    Beyonce literally has hundreds of incredible songs, but my all time favorite is a recent one from 4. I love the song 1+1. Her powerful voice and broad vocal range is really showcased. I also like her upbeat songs, 1+1 is SO beautiful though!

  • alex21

    Beyonce literally has hundreds of incredible songs, but my all time favorite is a recent one from 4. I love the song 1+1. Her powerful voice and broad vocal range is really showcased. I also like her upbeat songs, 1+1 is SO beautiful though! :)

  • vanitypoetry7

    My favorite solo song by Beyonce would be "Green Light",it inspires me that I’m my number one priority and I can be independent, count on myself for anything and don’t depend on anyone or man. It showed me I’m important and it’s my job to find myself first and be all I can be in life and if a guy im involved with doesnt have the same desire or respect that i have for myself,then move on to the next chapter in my life,because life is so uncertain.

  • beyoncedavetta

    My favorite Beyonce song of all times would have to be "Naughty Girl" i absolutely LOVEE that song because it matches my spicy personality. it's a very sexy song and it brings out the fun in me :D "im feelinggg sexyyyyyyyyyy , tonight i am all yourssss , boyyy" i love beyonceeee . . :D dont mind me i have a bubbly personality , i just love having fun lol see yaaaa guys :D

  • vanitypoetry7

    My favorite song of all time would have to be the song “Survivor” It encouraged me and it showed me I can overcome any obstacle in life, long as I have faith in God and myself and like my mom always tell me “Walk by faith and not by site”. Beyonce has been such an inspiration, to get me out of many situations. Any time I have lack of motivation, she has motivated me to set goals and high expectations for myself, and do what I can to achieve it... Her music and her as a person really influenced me for the good, when I watch her interviews and her performances. It really empowers me as a young female and it gives me hope…I know if she can do it, then I can do whatever I put my mind to. Through her I realize dreams and goals come to reality through: having a goal, faith in a goal and ways of implementing it. That’s why it’s significant for me to meet the incredible, successful, and wise and multi- talented Beyonce. *Vanity*

  • Rodney Johnson
    Rodney Johnson

    Its IMPOSSIBLE to pick just ONE Beyonce song as an ALL-TIME Fav any REAL Beyonce Fan would agree So ill approach it like this. If i had to pick which song gets the heaviest play itd have to be SWEET DREAMS. That song is PURE MAGIC!!

  • Perry

    My favorite song ever by Beyonce is Freakum Dress! Not a lot of people know it but it's amazing!

  • Edixon

    SPEECHLESS from her first album (Dangerously In Love)

  • Sharon

    My favorite Beyonce song is countdown because it's a fast-paced fierce song that I can really jam/dance too. I love the whole 4 album and I would really love to see Beyonce in concert, especially as my first concert!

  • Lee J
    Lee J

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Signs" from her debut album. She talks about past loves and compatibility. I love how she pulls together all the zodiacs and their traits. Trully impressive for Bey's first album!

  • Julianna Katherine
    Julianna Katherine

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Crazy in Love" ....her performance from the I AM.. WORLD TOUR dvd is AMAZING and Jay-z kills it!! Beyonce is absolutely incredible and she really shines when shes performing live

  • Maya

    My favorite song is "Hello" its such a heart felt song about falling in love genuinely and not needing all the fancy things to get a place in her heart. <3

  • Edwina M.
    Edwina M.

    Flaws and All :o)

  • Zina

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Dangerously in Love".

  • Brandi

    My favorite beyonce song of all time is me, myself and I because it teaches you to stand strong by yourself and even if you love someone sometimes you have to let them go if they are not treating like you deserved to be treated. I learn that the hard way. Beyonce is a voice of empowerment for girls everywhere.

  • Crissy

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is Flaws and All. i love this song because it speaks about loving someone unconditionally even through all their flaws. I use the song as a ringtone for my mom and dad ,because dispite all the flaws and mistakes i've made in my life that has hurt them, they still loves me unconditionally and thats all i can ask for.

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is Me, Myself, and I. For some reason I can't stop myself from listening to it ever and it shows her independence loud and clearly.

  • hunnybee11

    Dangerously In Love - I always liked the song, but it became my favorite after seeing the gorgeous performance at the Grammys in 2004.

  • Shamma

    I personally think "Me, Myself and I" is my favourite Beyonce song of all time. The song has it helped me get through some serious hard times I've had. My favourite part of the song is "I see the sun shine with me, myself and I" which just increased my confidence during that hard time I went through. I love you Beyonce

  • Ave Beyoncé
    Ave Beyoncé

    HELLO fellow OBSESSED DIVAS and BABY BOIS. Only picking one Beyoncé song would leave me a BROKEN HEARTEED GIRL, like the one day i was driving in my car, and I wanted to LISTEN to a Bey song on the RADIO, but not all cars have SATELLITES so I went to RadioShack and the guy said, Let Me UPGRADE U. With the new Satellite Radio in hand, I drove straight home to install it so I could PARTY. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention and I hit a car. It was my fault because I think they had the GREEN LIGHT, but I apologized to the older SINGLE LADY, saying it was my fault that I SMASHED INTO YOU. Although I felt the SUGA MAMA’s RESENTMENT, she was left SPEECHLESS by the FREAKUM DRESS I was wearing. I got the dress directly from the House of Deréon, who lets average girls like me dress like a real HIP HOP STAR. My mom fell CRAZY IN LOVE with the dress too but I told her this dress was for ME, MYSELF AND I, and that I would RUN THE WORLD with this dress un TIL THE END OF TIME. Although she protested, saying” WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME enough to let me borrow it”, I told her that she was becoming DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE with it, and that for an IRREPLACABLE piece of fabric like that to DISAPPEAR would be a crime. She borrows my House of Deréon clothes so much; I sometimes think it would be easier IF I WERE A BOY. As for this GMA performance, I have set a COUNTDOWN on my VIDEOPHONE until the day of the performance, OMG. I would really like to win these tickets, but I honestly can’t think of a song I like most right now, so maybe these tickets will be THE BEST THING I NEVER HAD.

  • FAN since98
    FAN since98

    There is one song that I am dangerously in love with. That’s right, you guessed it! Dangerously in love is a timeless emotion filled song. It showcases Beyonces singing and writing abilities. Written at such a young age this song is bigger than her. The passion in each line is felt by the masses. This song will live on forever just as her legacy will. We’re dangerously in love with Beyonces incomparable talent, angelic grace and Beautiful spirit!


    my favorite beyonce song is actually "start over" off this new album. it moved my soul and no song as done that in quite some time

  • quenia spievey
    quenia spievey

    wooot woot beyonce alll day !

  • quenia spievey
    quenia spievey

    ok so this has to be the hardest question ever ! Let me start by saying; i fell in love with beyonce when i heard her song "dangerously in love" i was always a big fan but when i heard that song I was like that is it; Beyonce is a pure genius. Her voice ?! omg out of this world. && when she sings it BREATH TAKING. Honestly i can say i truly love all her songs she hasnt failed me yet."Ego" Ugpgrade you" "Hello" "Halo" "smash into you" ughhh this is HARD. I love you Beyonce ! i love ALLL HER SONGS =) Best in the game i kid you not.

  • lashae wilds
    lashae wilds

    my fav song of all time is .... Me myself and i That's all i got in the end That's what i found out And it ain't no need to cry I took a vow that from now on I'm gonna be my own best friend...cause i can relate && some other out there can to...beyonce song is real and its deep...And there so many more that i love her songs deff that song off her new ablum 4 lets start over !!! she the best female R&b out hands down =)

  • musicloverxx

    My favorite Beyonce song would have to be Smash Into You or Broken-Hearted Girl. I love the vocals on both of the songs and i can relate to them.

  • Carleyonce

    It would be an absoulte dream come true if I were given the opportunity to see Beyonce up close and personal performing live in concert. My all time favorite song would have to be "Irreplaceable" hands down!.. I love the song because it sends a message out to women assuring them that no matter what the circumstances are in a relationship they should always remember that they are incapable of being replaced.. I looove the sound of the acoustic guitar playing as she sings the lyrics so beautifully.. Singing.. "You must not know bout me, you must not know bout meeeeeee!!!!"

  • Tatiana Rodriguez
    Tatiana Rodriguez

    Beside Beyonce's gorgeous voice and beauty, she truely is a strong and powerful women. My favorite song of her's is Ave Maria from her Sasha Fierce album. It mixes a classic song normally sung during the christmas season and adding a Beyonce spin on it!

  • Raun LaRose
    Raun LaRose

    My Favorite Beyonce song of all time is "Crazy in love". The song packs so much energy, Has an amazing rap feature (Hovie Hov) and most of all consists of amazing choreography. Everybody knows this is the # 1 crowd pleaser.Beyonce is my favorite artist of all time.

  • Kelsey Franklin
    Kelsey Franklin

    SINGLE LADIES is one of my all time favourite Beyonce tracks. It's a classic, like Thriller it's a dance that people will do for a long time. Every time it comes on I haaavvveee to dance. It calls all ladies, single or taken to the dance floor it's such a great song.

  • Cameron A. D.
    Cameron A. D.

    My favorite song is off of her new album, it's called I was here. When my friend made me listen to it, it touched my heart, and almost made me cry. It embodied everything that I wanted to be. Imwant to be able to touch someone's life, and be able to be there for someone in their time of need. to be a good friend and be able to tell when my friends are hurt so I can be there for them. My favorit parts are the chorus where it says"I was here... I lived, I loved, Iwas here... I did, I've done everything that I wanted, and it was more than I thought it would be I will leave my mark so everyone will know, I was here..."and part of the bridge where it says, " just want them to know, That I gave my all, did my best, Brought someone to hapiness..." this is my all time favorite song by the wonderful beyonce.

  • Rebecca Porto
    Rebecca Porto

    For me the best song ever is resentment cause it tells a lot how to get over a bad relationship. you fell better as soon as you listen it. it's amazing

  • Kelsey Franklin
    Kelsey Franklin

    One of my favourite Beyonce songs is "Freakum Dress." It's such a great "get loose" song. I'm kind of reserved but when that song comes on I DANCE. Like she says, "sometimes you need to go into the back of that closet and pull out your FREAKUM DRESS." Sometimes you need to let loose and have fun. This is such a fun song.

  • Kelsey Franklin
    Kelsey Franklin

    Another one of my favourite Beyonce songs is "Irreplaceable." Beyonce has taught me many things, but the lesson that has resonated the most with me through her empowering songs is that no one is ever worth your tears. No man is ever more important than you and your well-being. There is always another person, and you need to wait for the one that treats you right and loves you. "Don't you ever for a second get to thinking, you're irreplaceable."

  • Kelsey Franklin
    Kelsey Franklin

    One of my favourite Beyonce songs (the woman is too great, there are just too many to choose from) is DADDY. She wrote this song for her father and it's just so beautiful vocally. The lyrics are so sweet, wanting her husband to be like her daddy, he's helped her grow into the beautiful woman she is now. I changed the lyrics a bit and sang this for my daddy on father's day :$ I hope, like Beyonce, I can find a man that cares for me as much as my father does :)

  • Neci

    I would have to say that my all time favorite Beyonce song is Ave Maria. Let me first admit that its hard for me to pick one song because all of her music is beautiful to me, but I chose this song because it always speaks to my heart and my soul when I hear it. Beyonce's music in general has always been my saving grace and the thing that has helped me survive trying times in my life. Ave Maria is a classic song that many singers have sung before, but she was able to take a classic and make it uniquely hers and I will always love it for that very gives comfort to know that there is a better tomorrow.

  • juliuscaesar

    Even though I love all of Beyonce's songs, from the very beginning with Destiny's Child, I got some favourites: Crazy in love, dangerously in love, baby boy, broken-hearted girl, If i were a boy,irreplaceable,deja vu. However The Most important and meaningful song for me has to be "Listen"for the emotions that it brings about in me. I've always been so inspired( given that i'm a musician as well),so impressed and amazed not only by her stage persona but also by the incredibly caring,gentle, and wise person that she seems to be when she's off the cameras. She's my role model and since I live in Italy it's hardly ever happened that she came and performed in my country. It would be a dream come true if i was to go and see her in concert... live. Hope i'm lucky enough!

  • Johnathan MusicalTheatre Montgomery
    Johnathan MusicalTheatre Montgomery

    1+1 is the best song of all time because it's such a soulful song and i love beyonce's wide ranged voice so yes 1+1 is the best song of all time

  • Danielle Rodrigo-Rojas
    Danielle Rodrigo-Rojas

    "Flaws and All" is my favorite Beyonce song. It carries such great meaning. She shows us that no matter what you think are your flaws, you can still find someone who will accept you for who you are. She makes no excuses for her flaws and just accepts them. Just like everyone needs to do of themselves and others.

  • Tansia Fields
    Tansia Fields

    I would have to say my favorite Beyonce song of all time is "Halo" I mean it was so touching and heart felt it's definitely the song I want to one day get married to and she performed it so beautifully at Madison Square Garden. All "B" songs are great, I really enjoy her music.

  • Darius j
    Darius j

    My favorite beyonce track of all time would have to be that's why your beautiful. The reason being is the song is more focused on the inner beauty of a person and knowing your self worth, because people now a days in society are to infacuaited with the outer appearance instead of the mind and soul.

  • troyspears820

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Ave Maria" because it's beautiful and makes me feel so happy!

  • BeyFan9481

    Video Phone goes hard from me.

  • Jasmine Taylor
    Jasmine Taylor

    I know everyone says that they are the biggest fans of Beyonce if you were to interview anyone i know or anyone that knows of me, they could tell you that there is only one person that i can honestly say i am a true fan of, and that is Beyonce. I have listened to Beyonce since she was my age. I love all her songs from Destiny's Child's "Say My Name" to her newest song "Best Thing I Never Had" from "4". But the one that i will always see myself playing over and over is her song "Flaws and All". I love this sonf and the video she put out because is shoes her personality. Not Beyonce the singer and not Sasha Fierce , but Beyonce Giselle Knowles the person. It shows her laughing and just having fun, Im pretty sure she loved making that video becaus e she always said her happiest moments is just being herself without all the music and phoyographs and concerts and stuff. Just her being with the people she loves and having fun. I believe i am the truest fan of Beyonce and alli want to do is let her Know. And hopefully this will give me the chance. Jasmine Taylor p.s. I LOVE U BEYONCE

  • beashleigh

    My favorite Beyonce song is Sweet Dreams! Apparently I have listened to it over 400 times on my iTunes alone. I love all of her songs but for some reason this one resonates with me the most. Forever a Beyonce fan! Yay for Bey Season. This GMA performance is going to be Beynanas! June 28, 2011=B-Day

  • Regiane Ferreira
    Regiane Ferreira

    My favorite is CRAZY IN LOVE ... because I am crazy in love with her! .... I just flew in from Brasil and am so happy Beyonce will perform in NYC!!!

  • Octavia

    The BEYONCE song that CHANGED MY WAY OF THINKING: "Me, Myself and I." I was going through alot during that time period in relationships and just within myself. That song, those words gave me FIGHT and TENACITY and helped me realize that I am responsible for me. Every since then, I haven't LOOKED BACK. I'm truly THANKFUL!

  • Raymond Medina
    Raymond Medina

    Love Beyonce's "Smash into you" so heart felt, gets me all the time. Loving the new song "1+1"!!!

  • Shavonne Harrison Briggs
    Shavonne Harrison Briggs

    My daughter & I <3 Beyonce!! We don't have just 1 favorite song! but if we had to only choose 1 then it would be Halo, it is such a great song!!!! Our other favorite song is Diva, it is my ringtone for calls from my daughter.

  • Matheus Magno
    Matheus Magno

    A minha musica preferida é ”Resentment”, pois fala de uma grande mágoa difícil de ser perdoada, por causa da mentira. Com isso surgem desconfianças e insatisfação, deixando o relacionamento conturbado e cheio de ressentimento.

  • Matheus

    A minha música preferida é ”Resentment”, pois fala de uma grande mágoa difícil de ser perdoada, por causa da mentira. Com isso surgem desconfianças e insatisfação, deixando o relacionamento conturbado e cheio de ressentimento.

  • NeshaMo

    My fav Beyonce song is 1+1 its the Best i freaking LOVE BEYONCE she is da only one in this world who i look up 2 besides GOD..#TeamBeyonce =)

  • Ashley Holmes
    Ashley Holmes

    All time favorite beyonce song is “Still In Love (Kissing You”. A lot of people may be unfamiliar with it but it is such a beautiful song and touches me everytime i hear it. A song like that makes me want to be in love because it is so calm and brings a warm feeling. Anytime im down I can listen to this song and just be at peace. The lyrics of the song are beautiful and touching. When I hear this song nothing else matters and I am in the zone.Beyonce has many great song and so much talent, it is very hard to choose, but if you have not heard Still In Love (Kissing You), i highly recommend it!

  • B's#1Fan

    I love everything Beyonce does, I can sit here and honestly say I like every song performance, concert and video she has ever done!!! But If I had to choose a favorite song It would be "Speechless" off the dangerously in love album. Its sexy seductive and just beautiful!!!

  • lolo066

    "Dangerously in Love"!!!! Her voice is amazing in that song, the words are amazing everytime I hear it I get chills still to this day. That is my ALL TIME favorite but "Broken Hearted Girl" does come in a close second. I could probably go on forever with my favorites!!!

  • Bryan

    One of my favorite Beyonce songs would have to be Save The Hero its so beautiful and powerful. It also shows the vunerable side of Bey that people like myself who always feel like their doing for others but sometimes feeling like their time just isn't coming can relate to this ballad

  • Roberth

    I love all Beyoncé's songs, but I have to choose only one, then I choose Single Ladies, it was one of the Beyoncé's songs that was more successful and repercussions worldwide. I Love Beyoncé so much. And this is a fact.

  • kentchristian


  • Robert Mackie
    Robert Mackie

    I think her best song to date has been single ladies I can't be wrong look at all the fan videos on youtube. The Dance runs hard nothing she can't do Bob Fosse moves and all. "If you like it then put a ring on it".

  • Jae Stew
    Jae Stew

    This is for my little cousin who is mentally challenged he LOVES BEYONCE. He thinks Bee has a new song out every week & is always asking me to put new Beyonce music on his ipod (Even when these's no new music out). This would be the BEST gift I can give him since he hasn't seen her in concert yet. He really is one of her BIGGEST FANS. PICK US. Thanks

  • Jasmine Ann Joseph
    Jasmine Ann Joseph

    My favorite song happens to be Beyonce's favorite song also, "Crazy In Love". Between the horns, 808's, and the combination of her and the love of her life, this song will always have a special place in my heart and turn any party up.

  • beystan

    It's so hard to just pick one because I genuinely love majority of Beyonce's songs. But I must say my favorite is "Best Thing I Never Had." Even though this song just came out, it has grown on me so much. I absolutely LOVE IT! I can't wait until "4"!

  • Face

    My favorite Beyonce song would HAVE to be Smash Into You! She sung it beautifully, it's probably one of her best songs!

  • dee4life

    Beyonce's 1+1 is my new ALL TIME favorite! It is unlike any song I've heard from her...LOVE IT!

  • bryan1

    My favorite Beyonce song - my favorite song, period - has got to be her recent single, "Best Thing I Never Had." Her vocal and emotional maturity are very much present in the recording.

  • Ursula Jefferson- Booker
    Ursula Jefferson- Booker

    My favorite song is Hello. It is truely how I felt when I met my husband!!

  • musicfiendkicks

    I think my favorite song by Beyonce will have to be "Save The Hero". I feel like I relate to the song so much. You do so much to help everyone else with their troubles and problems, yet when it comes time to save yourself, the "Hero", there isn't a definite person who would help you like you have for everyone else. The emotion she sang it in, makes me feel as if she was singing it for me.

  • Tim McJunkin
    Tim McJunkin

    King Bey I meant. I will be there july 1st at 3am waiting. i cant wait. Would love those tickets

  • Tim McJunkin
    Tim McJunkin

    All I can say King Bey is I love you so much. You are truly an amazing artist. I've been a fan since day oone. My favoritr=e song and will always be is Single Ladies. I've been tearing up the floors all over nyc in competitions and just for fun. Just like you said sasha takes over when your on stage. The minute I hear one of your songs I go into this mode and blank out an become this performer I never knew I was. Its just so much fun dancing to yor music. Ive been winning so my competitons and impersonation performance. i love you king. I think I would literally have a heart attack to actually see you front row center, and meet you. To win these tickkets will really top off my year. Graduation + Promotion+ Beyonce Live = Happiness. I had a birthday dinner last yr and got a pair of guccie rain boots inside the gucci box was yout lastest tour. i threw the gucci boots on the floor and screamed at the video. I have attached the picture of that night. I then went home to learn the [img] omg-340_255.JPG[/img]





  • Nick Mejia
    Nick Mejia

    "1+1" is Beyonce's best song, next to some of the others on her new album. But "1+1" means something to her. It expresses her love for her husband through her voice. We feel everything she has when this track is played. It's mind-blowing how amazing her vocals are in "1+1." The first time I played it, I was close to tears.

  • Bethina Bailey
    Bethina Bailey

    Beyonce has so many songs that hit home for me but if i was to chose a song it would be "If I were a boy" it brings me to tears every time i listen to it. It gave me the courage to stand up to my significant other.being that every word happened in my relationship from the Cell Phone, waiting for me to come home. i cannot thank her enough for that empowerment to do that after more than a decade in this relationship.

  • Tay Smith
    Tay Smith

    I love BEYONCE!!! Ego OR DISAPPEAR is my favorite song.

  • tae5191

    My all time favorite song by Beyonce would have to be crazy in love. When it first came out, I remember myself as a little girl dancing along to her music video constantly with a towel on my head, pretending I had luscious locks like her. Even to this day, (20 years old) when I go to the gym, that's the first song I listen to when I hit the treadmill. The beat is catchy, the tempo is rhythmic and upbeat. The meaning behind the song as well is so real. That feeling you get when you meet someone you are just crazy about and you can't get them out of your mind. Just hearing her voice gives me a jolt of energy and confidence I need for wherever I may be. I love Beyonce.

  • Tiffany

    I love all of Bey's songs but my favorite Beyonce song is Crazy In Love. I listen to it all the time and it always makes me dance

  • jazzielis89

    "Me, myself and I, that's all I got in the end"...these lyrics are some of the few of my favorites from Beyonce. The words stated in the previous sentence, are all a young woman needs to make it through her formidable years. It's like an affirmation to get through all the troubles that life brings- whether it is hardships, heartaches or just finding one's self. Although, picking my favorite Beyonce song was hard, just those specific lyrics made me choose "Me, Myself and I". I know listening to this song, has helped me during my rough times just as I am sure that it has helped other young women. Not only has it helped me have a positive outlook on my times ahead but it allowed me to hold on to the independence that i'm finding in myself.

  • Jdevlin

    My new favorite song is "Best I Never Had"-she just keeps getting better with every album!! Love her!!

  • Adrian Garza
    Adrian Garza

    My favorite song is Dangeriously in Love and i especially loved her performance of this song on the Grammys. After anyone hears this song, you know exactly how she was feeling and its exactly how i felt about someone special.

  • dereondiva

    Say My Nameeee...Say My NAMMMEEEEEEE!!!!! That was the best ever!!!!! Wish I was at that concert with you!!! I went to the one in New York and at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. Both were awesome but no one sang it like you!!!! :D

  • dereondiva

    There really is no way you can have only one favorite Beyonce song, but, one of my new favorite songs is 1+1. Tears fill my eyes everytime I hear it! Love is a very powerful thing that shouldn't be taken for granted and should be shared by everyone. We aint got nothing without love :)

  • Harry Charlesworth
    Harry Charlesworth

    My favorite song is Why Don't You Love Me. It's very self empowering, and shows yourself that you have everything anyone could ever see in you, so you don't need their approval to recognize that fact. You are perfect. I love you B! Can't wait for 4!

  • devyn white
    devyn white

    my favorite song is best thing i never had because it symbols how she feels in life-like situations.the song shows how she isn't going to cry over someone. it also shows how she it going to take a stand and not pout over someone.

  • laurenlola

    my favorite Beyonce song is "Radio"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mattmu

    My favorite Beyonce song is the classic "Crazy In Love"!

  • Kelly

    Single Ladies! After really stressful days as a disaster response health care worker in Sudan, my colleagues and I would come back to our house and put the Single Ladies video on one of our computers and dance along with Beyonce to let of some steam!

  • Anthony Cosby-Knowles
    Anthony Cosby-Knowles

    MANNNN...When you love everything that Beyonce' puts out, it's hard to narrow it down and pick 1 song that you like over the others. BUT being that I am forced to, I would have to say that my favorite song is "Me, Myself & I" for the simply fact that EVERYONE can relate to it! Beyonce' is known for making music that her fans can relate to and it shows that, at the end of the day, she's human too and she's been there! When Beyonce' records slow "personal" songs, I take that as her way of letting her fans know that although we see the glitz & glamour, things like that can happen to her or those whom she's closely associated with. When she records the uptempo "party" hits, I feel like she is attempting to help fans with the transition/moving on process of what we WENT through. Overall, Beyonce' makes a great deal of therapeutic music that BOTH females & males can relate to and "Me, Myself & I" has gotten a great deal of people that I know personally through there situation by helping them to realize their self-worth in both relationships and friendships. Thanks, Anthony Cosby HYPHEN Knowles "Say My Name" Guy/ I Am...World Tour DVD Twitter- @mracknowles Facebook- acknowles Tumblr-

  • Jennifer M Smith
    Jennifer M Smith

    Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) hands down is my favortie song, and its highly underated. For those of you who disagree, have no clue what good music is.


    My favorite Beyonce song would have to be "Speechless!" Her vocals are impeccable on that song!!!

  • kathryn1030

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Crazy in Love"

  • William A Burdiez
    William A Burdiez

    my favorite song is dangeously in love. great song,great lyrcis,outstanding performance at the grammys i cant never stop watching it thats when i fall in love with beyonce and her voice and thats when she proved me that shes not only one of the most sexy and beutiful girls in the world,shes also one of the best performer females in the music game right now and her vocal are incredible. i have to meet beyonce one day,ill be a pleasure.

  • Emmi McCauley
    Emmi McCauley

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Broken hearted girl" everything she says is so true for a typical girl and I love blasting it in my car with friends and singing it. "....And even now while I hate you It pains me to say I know I’ll be there at the end of the day" All of her songs are so motivational and inspiring and I love ALL of them.

  • jaeneal

    my all time favorite beyonce song is Dangerously in Love, it has forever changed my life.

  • Courtnee Bender
    Courtnee Bender

    Thats really hard but ummm.Now it would have to be "Best Thing I Never Had" because it help get through hard times.When I feel like I did wrong because I left him even though I knew he was doing me wrong.I listen to this song and I just always listen to the part that says "I will always be the Best Thing You Never Had" because its true.

  • Tylee Price
    Tylee Price

    I love every song Beyonce has made but my top two are "Irreplaceable" and "You are My Rock" You are my Rock is about being with the one you love and that person just makes you happy all the time and irreplaceable just gives me a chance to let all the ignorant people know that they can be replaced in a minute

  • Aziza

    Beyonce is an amazing singer/performer!!!!!!!!!!! One of my all time favorite song from her is definitely "If I were a Boy."

  • ameliaturner

    my favourite bwyonce song is 'if i were a boy' the lyrics are meaninful to me as well as beyonces vocals being amazing on it! to win these tickets would be amazing as its my birthday that day and although im from the UK im in new york city that week so it'd fit in perfectly as i'll already have the accomadation and transport :-)

  • fhavens28

    I have so many favorite Beyonce songs crazy in love, signs, I'd rather be with you, broken-hearted girl, summertime and me myself and I. Just to name a few. My all time favorite is Get Me Bodied. She says it best : "I ain't worried doing me tonight a little sweat ain't never hurt nobody". This tune keeps me in shape all day everyday. BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES ROCKS.

  • Chi-Chi

    Hmm....that's a tough FAVOURITE Beyonce song would have to be "Crazy In Love" . I've always wanted to do an epic dance to that song!

  • effie127

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Get Me Bodied." It's brings out the Sasha fierce in everyone! Here's my version for the giveaway. Mission One: I'ma get these tix/ to the front of the line gonna take great pics, hey!/ Mission two: Watch Bey kill the stage, watch her shut down all divas of any age. Hey! Pick me!! It would be a dream come true! Who runs the world? Beyonce!

  • Makiya Moore
    Makiya Moore

    well as a BeyStan i cant choose my favorite Beyoncé song simply because i love them all, when thats the case your favorite song changes every day depending on your mood or sometimes i'll hear one of her songs in fall in love w/it all over again and put it repeat and listen to it through out the whole day. i've loved Beyoncé since i was 3 and i cant tell u how much this would mean to me if i got picked because I've signed up for a lot of contest over the years and i have never won and thats such a disappointment to me. But today if i absolutely have to decide on my favorite Beyoncé song id have to choose "Best Thing I Never Had" when i hear it on the radio i put it on full blast and yeah I'm sure people get mad at me when i do but i don't care because i am a BeyStan and I'm proud of it. But no matter what i will always love Bey I'll always love her old stuff and her new stuff my world revolves around Bey. p.s. please pick me!!!!! oh yeah today there's only 8 days till King B releases 4

  • qtd30

    I consider myself to be an ultimate Beyonce fan. One of my favorite recent songs sung by her is "Smash Into You". I think in this song Bey shows her vulnerable side but she also demonstrate that her vocal skills are at the top of the game. If going back, way back to my all time favorite song it has to be "Brown Eyes" which was recorded while she was still with Destiny's Child in 2001. This song speaks to me because it help me to realize inner strength, hope and love for others (plus I have hazel green/brown eyes). I am looking forward to seeing her live as this will be my first in which I have been waiting a very long time...Patiently ;-)

  • Irv Gotti Williams
    Irv Gotti Williams

    SPEECHLESS is my FAVORITE Beyonce song of all time, because it does just that…. Leaves you speechless. It’s a song filled with an inspirational message of finding love and longing for it so deeply it makes your heart tremble and finally meeting that special person. This song has always been an inspiration in my life and kept me hopeful in sometimes hopeless world. Seeing Beyonce and Jay-Z together and interacting gracefully with such compassion gives all of her fans and the world something to live up to. Any song that inspires, teaches love, and is lyrically delicious leads to a tasty composition and that is why I love SPEECHLESS. I cannot wait to see Beyonce take over GMA, I am flying all the way from her hometown (Houston, TX) just to see her!!!! This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I will definitely bring the energy and excitement she would love to see from a real fan in front of the stage!

  • Brandon F.
    Brandon F.

    I love each and everyone of them, but one of my favorites has got to be Thats Why Youre Beautiful. Its really deep and has much meaning behind it. Im convinced Jay was running through her mind when she was recording it because it was a powerful song. I can relate because thats how i feel for my long time girlfriend. <3

  • Raenisha Smith
    Raenisha Smith

    My favorite beyonce song is "Dangerously in Love" that is the best love song I have ever heard hands down. In concert that song is amazing and always brings tears to my eyes. I would love to win the VIP passes so I can take my younger sister. The last Beyonce concert we went to her hearing aids were broke...and she said its ok I will just watch her lips on the screen" She graduates in a couple of days and this will be the best graduation present ever.

  • Dev2Red

    Crazy In Love

  • Pauly

    Baby Boi

  • Mrs. J
    Mrs. J

    Smash Into You

  • Lash

    Ave Maria

  • BlackSwan924

    One of my all time favorite songs by Beyonce is "Halo. I remember when i first heard "Halo" as soon as the beat drop and the heard the keys of the piano and those strings i knew i was witnessing something magical. The song is very angelic and it talks of a sublime love. This song really shows how amazing truly beyonce is, the run she does in the second verse when she sings 'hit me like a ray of song burning through my darkest night" gives me chills. I love to see beyonce is a dramatic mezzo soparano and halo shows off her octave range. Through Halo i believe people can truly learn to appreciate the instrument that is beyonce's voice. I love watching her peform halo and other songs live on tv and on her tour dvds i honestly cried when she sang halo as a tribute michael jackson it was so beautiful. It would be such an honor to meet beyonce and actually get watch her live up close and personal.

  • Maryam

    To choose just one of Beyonce's song as my favorite is extremely hard to do. However, if I have to choose to see her I would have to pick "Dangerously In Love". That song is one of the best songs I've ever heard, period. That's always been my favorite song since I heard it on the Survivor album 10 years ago. For her to do it again for her Dangerously in Love album and to name the album after it speaks for itself, and shows its not only 1 of her favorites, but most likely dedicated to Jay-z as well. Out of all of her songs that is the one in which I hear the most emotion in her voice.Its like she's singing from her heart and soul. Listening to it I was able to feel her pain from being dangerously in love, because I too have been dangerously in love before. You can also see how emotional and powerful it was for her as she shed a tear while she was singing it Live at Wembley in 2003.Ive always said this song would be my wedding song when I get married. Beyonce in my eyes, is the best female of all time. Everything she does is magnificent! She is a phenomenal woman. To see her on July 1 would truly be a blessing.

  • Tashur Frink
    Tashur Frink

    yess i love that song also.

  • Tashur Frink
    Tashur Frink

    Flaws and All is also one of my favs. The song speaks for itself.

  • Tashur Frink
    Tashur Frink

    My favorite song by Bey is Scared of Lonely. I can relate so much to that song, and she puts her all into it. Lovee it!

  • Sarah Ali
    Sarah Ali

    My favorite song of Queen B is "Best Thing You Never Had" The collaboration with Avery Storm was amazing. Beyoncé, you inspire me. Avery Storm was really amazing in this song as well. I would really love to see you B. I'll be in New York on July 1st coincidently all the way from L.A. I would love this opportunity!!

  • Lakeisha

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Me , Myself and I" this song came out at the perfect time and helped me when i thought i lost one of my best friends in the world and life would never be the same. But i realized you make your life special :)

  • kadijan

    This is really difficult because every song is my favorite Beyonce song but i guess one of my all time favorite songs from Beyonce would be 1 + 1. I love her ballads because she can do her wrong. her vocals in this song is amazing especially in the video of her practicing in the american idol dressing room. You can see the emotion she puts into it and how controlled her voice is, some other artists can sing but they just scream out notes, beyonce knows how to control her voice. I can also relate to the lyrics of this song because of my relationship. So 1 + 1 would be my favorite song :)

  • alison

    my favorite beyonce song is 'flaws and all'. it's so relatable and she is so amazing when she sings it.

  • Neil Ulatowski
    Neil Ulatowski

    I LOVE her song Smash Into You. It is beautiful beyond words and everytime I hear it i just get this weird fuzzy feeling. I love this song and I kind of want to play it at my wedding when I grow up. One of the best songs ever right here.

  • Kristal D.
    Kristal D.

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is " Crazy In Love"!!! That song is classic no matter how old it gets! I want that song sung at my wedding and funeral! I learned the routine and use to do her routine from Beyonce Live at Wembley EVERY morning! It helped me stay in shape and was so much fun! I made some friends of mine learn the dance to so we could compete in a contest!! Crazy In Love is my all time favorite!! :)

  • Alyssa

    My favorite Beyonce song of ALL TIME is 'Hello.' Her voice is so enchanting and powerful. The song resonates so deeply with me and I like to believe she sings it in Jay's direction. :)

  • TierraW

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is "Resentment".I love this song so much because i can relate to every word that she says.Its like she makes you feel her pain as she is singing this song.and when she performs it,it makes the song sooo much more powerful.Beyonce is such an amazing person and its so hard to pick one favorite song because they are all my favorites.

  • berri

    I love so many of Beyonce's songs - ranging from her ballads to her biggest hits - but if I had to choose one song I would go with Get Me Bodied. The song is not only upbeat and fun to dance to but also manages to show her vocal talent. I also love the idea that she took the melody of the song and used it for a good cause to help Michelle Obama on her anti-obesity campaign. She's an amazing artist and I hope that she makes music/performs for years to come.

  • Jordan Aytch
    Jordan Aytch

    My FAVORITE Beyonce song is Me, Myself & I!! I LOVE this song because it was the song that helped me understand that regardless of what happens I can ALWAYS rely on myself.. And yes I am a male and that is what makes the song even more powerful. the fact that it is true to both males and females.. LOVE YOU BEYONCE!!!

  • 2nyce

    Immediately I thought of atleast 10 favorite songs when I read this post but for me to choose only 1, I would say "Deja Vu". It's so upbeat and lifts my spirits everytime I hear it (especially when she performs it Live). I love the fact in the video where she is in her grass skirt doing african dances (getting back to her roots). I just love her too much and to be there on July 1st would actually be a dream. I am that person who had July 1st off with nothing to do at all and after reading this I'm so excited to possibly be chosen. This brighten up my day!!!!!!!!

  • Amy Lapaix
    Amy Lapaix

    "I find myself in love racing the Earth..." "Smash Into You" is my favorite Beyonce song because I have felt that feeling that the song and lyrics express. Everytime I hear this song, I close my eyes and get lost in it. I love it.

  • Felicia Sears
    Felicia Sears

    hands down: Flaws and All <3

  • KevMan

    You know what? I've been a fan for a minute - quite frankly every single song that Ive ever heard beyonce on, wether its hers or not leave a smashing impact on me.. and even if I dont happen to get these tickets, Im gonna be lined up @ 4am- there to support my girl. Im currently really feelin her new track with Andre 3000.. You may have not heard it yet but I must say, beyonce is back. King B is ready to take over the world, yet again. Im coming in from BOSTON so you already know.

  • Victoira RIchemond
    Victoira RIchemond

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Resentment"!!! I love the pitch of her voice, she has the vibrato like no other!! Its sexy and she tells that man what and how it is!!! Her attitude, no nosense way she delivers is amazing!!! When she wails its"All because you lied" you feel her passion and pain. She is untouch vocally, not a voice that can be duplicated. Im the one to pick, PICK ME!!!! (: always wanted to see her perform might be my only chance.

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    My favorite Beyonce song is Listen!! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing giveaway @momtoem

  • Brook

    My favorite Beyonce song is If I were a boy, because her vocals on tha song are amazing and it also speaks about relationships.

  • sweetestgirl

    my favorite Beyonec song of all time is dangerously in love

  • Tay Smith
    Tay Smith


  • Tay Smith
    Tay Smith

    Hard decision but I have to choose,therefore my favorite song is Disappear!

  • Javier Jackson
    Javier Jackson

    Flaws and All If I Were A Boy And Who Run The World(Girls)

  • emmanuellj

    I love Halo. It really speaks to the early part of my relationship with my wife. By the way, my wife Anisa is the biggest Beyonce fan I have ever met.

  • Tiffany Knowles
    Tiffany Knowles

    my favorite beyonce song is listen! i love the empowering lyrics & her empowering voice. i think this is a very inspirational song for young women & men. this song says that you shouldnt let people control your life & that you should always follow your heart & speak your mind. & i think it is absolutely amazing!

  • lindsey14

    I love Beyonce and basically everything she's ever done/written/performed, but I think my all time favorite is "Get Me Bodied". It's so much fun to dance to! And the spinoff of it that she did, "Move Your Body", is awesome as well! =]

  • Kela Walker
    Kela Walker


  • Kamila

    I LOVE ALL Beyonce songs!! But if I had to choose then my favorite would be "You Are My Rock."

  • K.Rod

    If i had to pick my fav beyonce song, which is soo hard to do, it'd have to be 'irreplaceable', it always makes me feel stronger after a break-up, so many people can relate to her music <3

  • Ashley Holmes
    Ashley Holmes

    My all time favorite beyonce song is “Still In Love (Kissing You”. A lot of people may be unfamiliar with it but it is such a beautiful song and touches me everytime i hear it. A song like that makes me want to be in love because it is so calm and brings a warm feeling. Anytime im down I can listen to this song and just be at peace. The lyrics of the song are beautiful and touching. When I hear this song nothing else matters and I am in the zone.Beyonce has many great song and so much talent, it is very hard to choose, but if you have not heard Still In Love (Kissing You), i highly recommend it!

  • jjmcb

    One of my favorite Queen Beyonce songs is "1+1". The song is beautiful. The lyrics really touch you, Beyonce is such an amazing writer. She really is the voice of the generation, I love this woman.

  • Michael Riordan
    Michael Riordan

    My favorite Beyonce song is Kitty Kat because of the, she RIDES A CAT, PEOPLE. That is why I love Beyonce. She's so unpredictable. I need to see her live.

  • kmann

    Sweet Dreams

  • Going for Goldmember (lol)
    Going for Goldmember (lol)

    My favorite Beyoncé song.... Well that's a tough one. If you put a gun to my head, I'd have to say 'Work it Out'. The first time I saw Austin Powers in Goldmember, I knew I wouldn't have to worry about kids bullying me at school, especially kids who tried to cut my Foxxy Cleopatra wig that my dad got me for Christmas. Everybody on the football team stopped talking to me when I told them practice was interfering with my Bey time, my parents eventually kicked me out of the house because I told them it was better to get a Bey on an exam than an A, and I lost two scholarships. I found myself homeless living in New York with only my "Kitty Kat" named Sasha (lol). I was about ready to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge (whaddup HOV), when i saw the billboard for Dreamgirls and I said OMFG, and I knew it was destiny ;) telling me to keep on Beylievin. Good Luck Bitches, Your gonna need it. Peace

  • Stephanie D. Reed
    Stephanie D. Reed

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time (this is a HARD choice to make) is Scared of Lonely. I loved it from the 1st time I heard it. The lyrics are so real and (to me) tell a story of a young woman who's independent, but with real fears!!

  • Morgan G.
    Morgan G.

    "Me, Myself and I" has to be my most FAVORITE song. Not only are her vocals amazing on this track but it is one of the most real songs ever. "me, myself and I, that's all I got in the end, thats what I found out, and it aint no need to cry, I took a vow, that for now on I'm a be my own best friend"....Yo go B!!!

  • TJ Samson
    TJ Samson

    "Crazy In Love" was the first song we saw Beyonce become a diva. It really is her anthem and when you see her in concert it just gets everything started.

  • kiwi

    My favorite song is "Single ladies". I loved the way she moves in that video and the song its just great.

  • Aaron

    I love "get me bodied" because of the breakdown in the middle of the song where B and all her gal pals are breaking it down with the old school dance moves and my favorite, the "pat yo' weave."

  • monica1976

    My two favorite songs are: "Me, Myself, and I" "I'm a Diva" These two songs helped me in a time of my life when depression & low self esteem where taking a toll on my heart, mind, & soul. Dealing with a relationship that was unhealthy for my heart & mind, and a waste of my time, energy, and money. "Im a Diva" reminded me that I am beautiful inside and out, and to get my mind & money right. "I'm a Diva" was played at my graduation ceremony as I was walking down to accept my Managing Cosmetology Diploma. Beyonce is my "SHERO"

  • Korey

    My favorite Beyonce song is Get Me Bodied. There is no other song that makes me get on my feet without hesitation. The beat brings something out of me that I can't describe. Of course I dance to it because I've watched the video a thousand times AND I've choreographed my own dance to it, but it goes further than that. Just like Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, something takes over me and I love the song because it manifests my personality. It's hard to put in all into words, I just love it! Beyonce I know one day we will meet, I hope it's soon!

  • Andrew Westerfer
    Andrew Westerfer

    My favorite Beyonce song would have to be If I were a boy remix with R. Kelly.

  • freakthefunk

    I am coming from New Zealand to New York this weekend for the first time ever and I am the BIGGEST Beyonce fan no shizz...... my friends and family are sick of hearing me sing her, talk about her and idolize her.... I have saved so hard for this trip and worked two jobs, PLEASE PICK ME, you will make my life dreams come true for real!!! My favourite Queen Bee song (right now) is: 'Hello'. I love the way she talks about her husband, the feelings of love and respect that she articulates puts my feelings and desires into words that I can't find as accurately. PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

  • Mariama

    My favorite Beyonce song is "IF I WERE A BOY" this song reminds me of my own relationship. Like they always said "is not like i was sleeping with her anyways" Just listening to this song brough tears into my eyes. I think every MAN should sit and listen to every words in this song. But their just a boy!

  • India Williams
    India Williams

    My fav Beyonce song has to be halo! i could listen to that song over and over! She shows us how much she has grown and matured and the songs fits so many situations!

  • Truefavor

    My favorite Beyonce song wasn't released as a single named called Speechless. In this song off her debut album Dangerously In Love, she is sexy, vulnerable, demanding and innocent all at the same time. Her voice soars and the music and lyrics are dynamic. I know for fact this song led to many newborns in 2004!


    RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS)... even though i am a boy, i do understand the true power of females. This song reminds me of my mom and how phenomenal she is. just like BEYONCE =)

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    Another one of my favourite Beyonce's songs of all time is Halo. I love it because her emotions are so raw and real in the songs and she absolutely KILLS it live. I feel she left a little piece of her soul in the song because every time I listen to it I get chills.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Hello"! Especially the live version during the I am...Tour! When she says "HELLLOOOOOOOOO!" repeatedly and her band plays! It's amazing! I love the words too! It must be nice to be in love and she makes you want it! I love her and Jayz's relationship, I know its not perfect(because she said so and I know no relationship is), but I still look up to them. They are so happy and that's how it should be.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "If I Were a Boy"! She's basically telling men to put themselve's in their woman's position. I love the video. She was acting like the man, then the script flipped and you realized it was the man all along treating the girl that way.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    "Speechless" is another one of her timlesss songs. i love it, especially when she performed it on the Experience Tour

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Lost Yo Mind", this is an unreleased song and when you're angry, it makes you say "YOU DUN LOST YO MUTHA FREAKIN MIND!" haha the BeyFam knows what I mean.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Diva"! It has that gangsta beat! If you're not a Diva, it definitely makes you feel like one for 4 minutes that it's on! :) it has the power to give you a whole new persona lol

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Ave Maria" because it really is close to her heart. It's like reading her diary in a way. Her vocal range on this song is EPIC! She sings it with so much passion all the time. it really represent her off stage self, she said she even walked down the aisle to this song on her wedding day!

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Get Me Bodied"! I don't care how old it is, that song still gets me in the party mood and I love the remake "Move Your Body" which I love to dance to as well.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Single Ladies"! That song swept the nation! All those attempts to do the dance. All the proposals to that song! That video and song truly went down in history!

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Yes"! Her songs are always so real, this one shows how some men don't appreciate everything you say yes to. They can still be ungrateful or selfish.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Halo"! I sometimes tear-up when she sings this song. Especially when she sung it to Chelsea, who has cancer and when she did as a tribute to Michael Jackson. This song really shows the humble, sweet person Beyonce is.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs on "4"is "Best Thing I Never Had". it reminds me of Irreplaceable, its like the grown up version lol. I cannot wait to buy the cd on june 28th!

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Crazy in Love"! She had just come out as a solo artist, this was an amazing song to start with! I still love this song, especially when she performs and it switches it up.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "1+1"! You can feel the emotion coming from her, so heart felt. She sings it with so much passion and those words really make you want to find love. I saw the video Jayz recorded of her backstage singing it before american idol. We all know Beyonce can sing, but that moment just showed her talent to the extremes No mic, no effects, and she sounded amazing to say the least

  • Lauren

    I love all of her songs but my favorite ever might be Flaws and All - for the meaning behind it. Or irreplaceable - that song will be around forever!

  • Madison Fay Nezich
    Madison Fay Nezich

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Diva". The beat is so catchy and it's such a good song to dance to! I love how Bey is all about female empowerment and this song completely embodies that.

  • Karina

    Run the World (Girls)!

  • tiffanymay

    CRAZY IN LOVE! it always gets me pumped up and puts a huge smile on my face... i can't help but dance once i hear that beat.

  • Khalif

    my fav Bey song has to be Work it Out.. and its funny because i dont listen to that particular song so often as i do some of her others. But.. i feel like it was one of the first times we heard that growl and power in her thats now being shown all over "4"

  • Tjira Churchill
    Tjira Churchill

    My favorite song of Beyonce's is Best thing i never had because her voice is AMAZING. I like in that song that she can make a song that might or might not relate to her and make it relate to somebody else. In that song she put her heart and soul in that.

  • Tjira Churchill
    Tjira Churchill

    My favorite song of Beyonce's is Best thing i never had because her message is so real and her voice is AMAZING. I like in that song that she can make a song that might or might not relate to her and make it relate to somebody else. In that song she put her heart and soul in that.

  • Lita

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is, "Save the Hero." Its a beautiful ballad with very powerful lyrics.

  • Kyra Jackson
    Kyra Jackson

    One of my favorite songs is "Halo"! I always tear-up when she sings this song. Especially when she sung it to Chelsea, who has cancer and when she did as a tribute to Michael Jackson. This song really shows the humble, sweet person Beyonce is.

  • Aida Morales
    Aida Morales

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is Halo

  • Ria

    Dangerously in love is one of Beyonce's songs that I really like.Too strong and's one of my favorite songs.Performed by Queen B...makes it even better.

  • purplepleather

    My favorite song changes with my mood. Right now, my favorite is "Hello". I especially love seeing her sing it live. The emotion and passion she puts into her performance is uplifting and gives the lyrics new life. It's a love song but it's so much more than that -- it's about partnership and bonding. Togetherness and lifting each other up, being a true family. I hope I find someone who makes me feel like that one day.

  • dmichaelb

    My all time favorite?!?! ...hmmm... i'd have to say Irreplaceable. It never gets old. I can turn it on and literally sing the entire thing through at any given moment. I also love Upgrade U and her new ballad Best Thing I never Had! im a sucker for a power ballad from Beyonce!

  • Lawrence Montalvo
    Lawrence Montalvo

    My favorite song of all time by Beyonce would have to be Me Myself and I. That song really helped me get through a lot of heartache in my life and helped me to reconnect with myself when I thought I had lost myself. Not only is it a heartfelt R&B's the song that made me love her as an artist. I love you Beyonce Knowles!

  • laz

    Listen is my favorite song. Her voice is unbelievable.

  • lainealison

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is Halo. I could listen to it over and over. Her new album is going to be incredible. I hope I win!

  • readyforb4

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is "Crazy in Luv," because it's the debut of when she went solo and showed the world who is going be the most iconic, fearless and powerful entertainer of our generation. From the "uh oh" dance, vocals and energy she puts into the song when she sings it, it's undoubtedly noticeable that it's a song to be remembered by all, and also gives a sneak-peak into when the love between her and her husband blossomed. I DIE for "Crazy in Luv"!!!

  • Asia Smith
    Asia Smith

    Wait! My favorite Beyonce song is 'Poison'. It's so vulnerable and real. Things can just feel so good although we know they are wrong and possibly harmful, we continue to indulge.

  • Asia Smith
    Asia Smith

    Now that I'm looking at my iTunes, I have played her song 'Kitty Kat' 256 times. I love that song because it's so real! Men do tend to think their sex is just so good that they can do what they please!

  • Asia Smith
    Asia Smith

    I do have to say I LOVE 'Woman Like Me'.

  • Asia Smith
    Asia Smith

    This will seem weird. But my favorite Beyonce song is an interlude called 'Gift From Virgo'. It puts into the crazy feelings I felt when I fell in love for the first time and you can hear love in her voice as well.

  • lovebug

    Hello All! The song that makes me smile really big is "Signs" by Beyonce. It reminds me of my husband and when we started dating because he is a Sagittarius and I would sing this song to him. Love you babe!

  • BeyShawnce

    uhhh...... Hello!

  • Tonya

    I love, love B and its sooo hard to pick a favorite because I've been a fan since DC but i would have to say my favorite song from her is "Dangerously in Love"

  • Honee Johnson
    Honee Johnson

    My favorite Beyonce song would have to be "Crazy in Love", because I'm crazy in love with my man! And I love the "booty shake" part in the video, her other dance moves, outfits, and of course the part with Jay Z. Its a great song to dance too or to listen to on the way home from work (after working night shift) so you won't fall asleep!

  • honey1513

    My favorite Beyonce song is 'Yes' from Dangerously in Love, because the message is if you've done all you can do and you're still not getting the respect you deserve its okay to move on.

  • #1 Fan Kells
    #1 Fan Kells

    Favorite Beyonce song is HALO! Its the most beautiful song and I can watch her perform it over and over again! I LOVE BEYONCE! I LOVE BEYONCE! I am a HUGE fan!

  • Ashley Holmes
    Ashley Holmes

    My all time favorite beyonce song is "Still In Love (Kissing You". A lot of people may be unfamiliar with it but it is such a beautiful song and touches me everytime i hear it. A song like that makes me want to be in love because it is so calm and brings a warm feeling. Anytime im down I can listen to thsi song and just be at peace.

  • julianr

    Destiny's Child- Amazing Grace

  • bdiaz2391

    I would have to say my 2 favorite songs would have to be 1. Countdown from her new album "4" the reason is because its a new sound and i love the way she incorporated boyz 2 men 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 into the song. also its just an awesome song i jam to it everyday. 2. Scared Of Lonely from "I Am Sasha Fierce" because it was a well written song and i feel men just as females can relate to the song. Beyonce just proves over and over again that she is very talented and can make any style of music work. Her voice is phenomenal; Cant wait to hear some more

  • julianr

    say my name

  • julianr

    freakum dresss

  • Ndea Hallett
    Ndea Hallett

    Get me bodied is my favorite Beyonce song. This is one song that I will always dance and sing to whenever it comes on the radio. Also, I Iove the video to that song. I love the fact that she got Destiny's Child and her sister back together to make the video. She shows that she has not forgot her friends and she knows she would not have made it that far without them. I also love the fact that she modeled the video after Bob Fosse's Rich Man's Frug. Being a dancer and being able to realize that Beyonce uses classics for inspiration made me appreciate her work even more to know she is not another mindless performer. She is 100% invested in what she does. She is my idol. Please give me the opportunity to see her perform!!

  • tanyakylie

    not forgetting you are my roc from the Sasha Fierce deluxe edition

  • julianr

    crazy in love

  • tanyakylie

    I love Halo and Hello and Flaws and all becasue I can relate to them not forgetting Irreplaceable they just give me such an inspiration to know that I can be who I want and not have to depend or worry about what people say, this is why Beyonce is an Icon and role model and an inspiration to us young women.

  • tanyakylie

    I love almost every song for beyonce there's not a song that i do not like for her, one or a few of my favorite since she's been solo are: Dangerously in love, Halo,Hello,Broken Hearted Girl, Flaws and all, Crazy in Love and speechless. I love Bey so much to the point that i think of her as a friend who i have never met. Meeting Beyonce would just give me so much motivation and let me feel like I can do anything in this world, it would be my pleasure. I love u Beyonce u are my inspiration everyday

  • dz0626

    My favorite Beyonce song is Still in Love (Kissing you), which was on the deluxe edition of 'B-day.' This song was a remake but Beyonce did an amazing job...this is going to be my wedding song!!!

  • julianr

    get me bodied extended edition

  • dudewheresmycar121

    Favorite Song: Crazy In Love I know it's Beyonce's first as a solo artist, but it's so iconic and remains one of her best to this day. She's grown and evolved so much as an artist and I would love to see her perform live in Central Park. From what I can tell, no body puts on a show like Bey.

  • julianr


  • julianr

    kissing you

  • LuG

    Wow...there's so many to choose from. Ummm, I'm going to go with 1 + 1. I know it's her new song, but I'm really liking it & I think it's a very pretty song.

  • julianr

    single ladies

  • julianr

    run the world (girls)

  • julianr


  • evfosho

    "Resentment" from her album Bday

  • Sarah

    scared of lonely :)

  • trinadc

    It's hard to choose just one but my favorite Beyonce song is 'Deja Vu' I love the passion in her voice. I'm sure I will have a new favorite after hearing '4' in full :)

  • Andy

    My favourite song is ''Hello''. When I first heard it, I knew it was going to be most favourite song of Bey yet. I heard it live a couple of times on youtube... I fell in love with it even more. My aunt is disabled and has trouble singing English, we are Dutch so most people can't tell what she is singing. When my aunt heard it, we sang it like 20 times before lissening to the rest of the album. She sings mostly the chorus and it helps us just to go with the flow and paint along the way. ''Hello'' is the song that I still lissen every day 2 and inspires me to let love just come over and not to over think it. Can't wait for the '4' album!

  • backdraftbelle

    My favorite song by Beyonce is... Green Light from the B'day album. It talks about how a man is misbehaving due to her success and she says "ain't no problem you can go, I will find somebody else" because she is so confident. That confidence, of course, intimidates the man and causes her to say GO. Bey realizes that the man's insecurity is "holding up traffic" for her success to flourish even more than it already has. "Green Light" is nearly every successful woman's story of how they had to dispose of others' jealousy and move on and be their own best friend. OOooh.. that reminds me of "Me, Myself and I" also a nice song with a slightly similar story. I'm 15 and Beyonce the ONLY pop/R&B artist that speaks to me from a level of maturity and integrity with her music. Beyonce, this is Amanda and I love you for not settling but deciding to build on yourself over and over again to become the epitome of beauty that you are today.

  • BKTP


  • Julie

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Daddy" :)

  • Kelsey Franklin
    Kelsey Franklin

    Another one of my favourite songs is Dangerously in Love. I feel like its one of the songs where Beyonce really showed herself and let herself be vulnerable. She was loving without limits. Besides that the vocal arrangement in that songs is AMAZING we all know Beyonce can sing but WOW every time I hear that song studio and especially live, I am blown away.

  • DB

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is Sweet Dreams

  • Kourtney Turner
    Kourtney Turner

    One of my favorite Beyonce songs would have to be Save the Hero. I can't count how many times I have listened to that song in one sitting. Its lyrics truly resonates with me and encompasses some emotions that I have personally felt. When I hear it I begin to feel that this song was personally written about me because I have such a deep connection to it. I absolutely love this song and love Beyonce!

  • Kelsey Franklin
    Kelsey Franklin

    There are too many amazing songs to choose from but one of my absolute favorites is "Halo" off of I Am Sasha Fierce. Every time I hear Halo it lifts my mood, it's such a beautiful song. When i hear the first couple of opening bars to the song my head snaps up and I automatically have a smile on my face. She sings it so powerfully live and you can feel her emotions through the song. I still listen to it everyday.

  • Darius

    My Favorite All-Time song in general is Beyonce "Halo" Its a timeless record and you can continue to play it over and over again which i do everyday. Ill be at this performance but would be a blessing to win and me the woman who inspires me.

  • Micheal Linwood
    Micheal Linwood

    My favorite song by Beyonce would have to be Ave Maria...I have been a lover of classical music forever and I have also been a fan of Beyonce since Destiny's Child(best girl group of all time...who needs a reunion lol!) so to put those together was just simply AMAZING...#1FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crazy4bee1

    I love every song this beautiful and talented woman sings, the one song most played on my playlist is "Dissapear", this is such a beautiful song, it reminds me of the person i most loved in my life...



  • kingb9481

    It's almost impossible to pick a favorite Beyonce song. Beyonce and Sasha Fierce are two completely different entities, and I love both of them to death. But I think with the release of I Am... and now 4, I've realized the uptempo, Sasha Fierce-esque songs are fun and all, but the lyrics and melodies of the actual Beyonce songs do what music was made to do -- bring everyone together and teach one to love. favorite song by Sasha Fierce is probably "Deja Vu" (I love everything about it--the harsh instruments, the addition of Jay-Z into the song, and Beyonce's raw and wild tone...), but overall, I think my favorite song would have to be "Hello". The message is beautiful and it is a classic...unlike many pop, Sasha Fierce songs, most Beyonce songs aren't fads that will last a few years. "Hello", along with many songs off of 4, will be sung again and again, not only by Beyonce herself, but by other singers who recognize how music can truly bring love to life.

  • Nnennasangs

    Gift from Virgo. It's older but one her most unique songs. I love the phrasing of it. It's so tender!


    My favorite beyonce song is "Gift from Virgo". It's such a unique song. There's nothing like it. I love the phrasing and how tender it is.

  • ashleyglss

    My favorite beyonce song is Thats why your beautiful because it makes me feel like she's speaking directly to me. The song is vulnerable, and everytime I here it I feel like im flying. That song takes me to another place, and when that song is playing for those three minutes nothing else in the world matters at all. For me that song is like an escape. I love the way her voices sounds, and how you hear the emotion behind that song.That's why your beautiful gives me wings that I never knew I had and with everything going on in the world it reminds me there is still some beauty left. If I could take just song to future to generations to come for them to see why she was so great it would be this one. This song is timeless. Everytime I hear this song I think about how love is so important, and that we are all beautiful in our own way. I love you beyonce you have more than touched my heart especially with this song......And that's why your beautiful

  • dreamer82

    I LOVE every Beyonce song, so it's hard to narrow it down to just one favorite. So I'll say ONE of my favorites is "Resentment." I love this song because she sings it with such strong emotion! It shows vulnerability, anger, hurt, all at the same time! And the background vocals are amazing! Beyonce is my favorite singer, and is such a role model, even to other artists. I would be sooo excited if I were picked!

  • xxquiker

    My favorite song by Beyonce will have to be hands down, HALO. The song touches so many emotional cords for those who are in love. Halo examines the pure vocal talent of Beyonces with its powerful ranges and heartfelt harmonies. I highly doubt that if Halo was given to any other artist, they would not have done it any justice like the Queen.

  • beyonce4life

    My favorite song of Beyonce's is survivor because i have been through many hard times in my life and listening to this song always helps me through these times. I also like irreplaceable because it helps me remember that anyone in this world can make it on their own and should never to you for granted.

  • Sedric Nesbitt
    Sedric Nesbitt

    My favorite Beyonce song is Suga Mama. The video is hot, and Beyonce is amazing as usual!!

  • Leila Ostria
    Leila Ostria

    My favorite song would have to be "Halo". I am a 15 year old girl and I was 13 when my dreams came true. I had saved up since I was about 11 and a half for front row tickets for her show..I never reached the amount that it was, but my parents were kind enough to pay for the rest. Then it was June 24 2009..I was 13 and on my way to the concert. We got there at 3pm because I wanted to go super early, so we just went to a restaurant..Then at 6 we started walking to the concert and I heard her band practicing halo! I freaked out. My mom and my aunt had gotten seats all the way at the top in the 400's. So I walked down to the front row and barely anyone was there yet..So I am sitting alone there until this man comes and sits not next to me, but the following chair. He asks me if I am with an adult, and i said yes my mom is all the way up there..And he goes, oh well my date was not able to make it so you can call your mom and tell her to come here and sit front row with you right next to you..I could not believe it and neither could my mom..Anyways, so the concert is INCREDIBLE. Then comes the final song "Halo". I see Beyonce walking down those steps and the second she walked down them i start balling crying..She touched my hand 4 times and also my face while singing this verse to me.."your everything i need and more, its written all over your face, baby i can feel your halo, i pray it wont fade away". Man, words cannot describe how i felt. I love you beyonce more then ANYTHING on this world and dream to someday meet you and tell you that! This is why halo is my favorite song..While she was singing that verse, i felt as in everyone blocked out except her and I..It was an amazing feeling. AND her mom waved to me and gave me a Dereon hat! Haha, well yeah, Halo is my favorite..LOVE YOU BEYONCE<3

  • Jess SoFierce
    Jess SoFierce

    How can you pick one song from the most talented Queen Beyonce. I love Beyonce so much, I love everything about her. She is the best and she works so hard at what she do. Very talented and FIERCE! But since I have to pick one song from her I would have to pick "Upgrade U", the reason why I have choosen that song because most of the time society thinks that a man makes a women and she has to depend on him for everything, but Beyonce is clearly saying that us females dont need to depend on a man that we need to upgrade them. And she is so fierce in that video like she is in every video. But I'm a huge Beyonce fan and this would fulfill my dream in getting a chance to meet the Queen B face to face. I always wanted to get a chance like this and PPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE PICK ME so my dream could come true. TEAM BEYONCE ALL THE WAY:)

  • TeamBeyonce101

    My favorite song would definitely be Dangerously In Love from her very first album. It was definitely her first solo song that showed her true passion! And every time she performed it live you could feel her singing from her heart & soul! I've been a fan LONG before her solo days, she was also my favorite in Destiny's Child beginning with "No No No No No"! ^_^

  • Nick Westerfer
    Nick Westerfer

    Believe it or not my favorite Beyonce song is "Baby Boy". haha I love the beat and she totally rocks it when she performs it live.

  • Rico Mora
    Rico Mora

    i have to say my all time favorite beyonce record is smash into you. it's a very vulnerable song w/ raw flawless vocals. i think its one of her best ballads. best thing about it is that i can relate to it. beyonce definitely did her thing to touch lives with this one. :-)

  • Stacey

    My favorite Beyonce song would be one of her newest songs 1+1, because my eyes kind of tear up when I hear it. 1+1 brings me back through the almost six years my boyfriend I have been together and it just reminds me of times when it just felt like it was just me and him. And the high note is great and challenging. I'm still working on it for the concert. :-)

  • Eddy

    AMOR GITANO ft. Alejandro Fernandez!!! Beyonce did an amazing job singing in Spanish! I hope in the future she does more spanish songs cause she's great at it! I am Salvadorean and I am fluent in spanish and I can honestly say Beyonce sings as if Spanish was one of her main languages! Love you Bee!

  • Jay Permenter
    Jay Permenter

    My favorite Beyonce song will probably be all of them because she continues to grow as an artist, and with each song something greater and better. But I've been listening to "End of Time" from her upcoming album "4" The beat, her voice, the sharpness. It's addictive.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Resentment"! The live version to the song was soo good too even though she never did it till 3yrs after the bday album. Its so hard to forgive someone after they lie to you and she expressed that in the song.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    one of my favorite songs is "ring the alarm" because its so upbeat somehow puts me in a good. the video was amazing too

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    One of my favorite songs is "Run The World(Girls)! Beyonce is always here to represent for the girls! There is no such thing as too many female anthems! You feel that beat and you just have to sing and dance along! I love it! :)

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    i love Beyonce's new song "I care" , the words are so real . She always says she loves the ballads more than the up tempo songs. the up tempo ones are more for her fans, but she can do no wrong for me. Sh always pushes herself and exceeds all expectations

  • daviddavis91

    My favorite song by Beyonce is "Hello". This song is amazing. I love when she perfoms this song live, and how she growls the word hello as her band does a dance with her. It reminds me of a lion roaring. Its beaufiful. I love the piano and drums in hello, very well done. And beyonces vocals are amazing as usual. The bridge of this song is very powerful. I love how the piano changes and the power beyonce gives. Her voice is power, something not of this earth. At least thats how I feel sometimes when I listen to her sing. Just the details of her voice is outstanding. I listen to every beginning and ending of her notes. Not every one appreciates the details in beyonces singing. This is what makes her special. My new fav. song from beyonce is "I Care" I love this song so much. Can't wait so see this live. I can go on and on and on about my love for beyonce and reasons why I like her music and voice but I'll stop here lol. I hope I get to see her on july first! it would mean alot to me. Good luck to everyone who wants to see B! :)

  • AJ

    My favorite song would have to be "If I Were A Boy." No one can make a heart-racing, heartbreak anthem like Bey. Everything about it is flawless--the emotional instrumentation, relatable lyrics and of course, Beyoncé's soaring vocals!

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    one of my favorite Beyonce songs is "move your body" simple because its motivational for all ages

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    one of my favorite Beyonce songs is irreplaceable. i love it because its a reminder to guys that they are not irreplaceable.

  • Chrystelle Henri
    Chrystelle Henri

    My favorite Beyonce song thus far is “Halo” off of her last album. Like majority of Beyonce’s songs, Halo just takes me to another place. It evokes a wide variety of emotions that can pertain to all hardships one might be facing. I remember watching her performance of Halo for the Hope for Haiti Now concert and she changed the words to “Haiti we can feel your halo, I pray it won’t fade away”. I was just so moved. It’s amazing how lyrics can stimulate such hope and Beyonce’s Halo did exactly that for me during such a hard time my country.

  • Larry Kenan
    Larry Kenan

    My favorite Beyonce song is Smash into you love the different sound she has on that song !!!!

  • Linda Kelly
    Linda Kelly

    One of my favorite songs by Beyonce is her first single I heard which was "Crazy in Love". Not only am I a huge fan but my 25 year old daughter is as well. I usually don't listen to the same music that my daughter does but we definitely have Beyonce in common!! Her music is sure to be timeless. I may not fall into her usual demographic of fans but that song just brings me to my feet, makes me feel like a young girl again!

  • dereondiva

    Like everyone else, she has way too many songs to love just one!! But maybe my fav is Freakum Dress!!! Because at some point in every girl's life you gotta put that freakum dress on!!!! Yeaaah Yaaaaa!!!! Always love jammin to some Queen B!!!!!

  • Nekia Renee
    Nekia Renee

    I really love a lot of her songs and can listen to her albums from start to finish but one of my favorites would have to be "Get Me Bodied". I enjoy music that can change the way Im feeling at a certain point and thats what this song does. When it first came out I played it before going to work, listened to it on the train and right before heading out for a night with my girls. Its a party record and it makes you feel like your the only one dancing in the room!

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    i love flaws an all because it speaks volume. She reminds us that no one is perfect we all have flaws. We need to embrace them.

  • Micah Logan
    Micah Logan

    my favorite beyonce song has to be......errrmmm..ummmm....oooo.."Sing-...noooo...this is tooo hard ! ALL of them are soo amazing and DIFFERENT, if I had to choose it would be "I Care". Showcases the best of her vocals. So much passion in the song.

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    all of Beyonce's song are my favorite songs ever, but 1+1 is my currently on repeat so its now my favorite. you can feel all her emotion through the song, she always gets so personal with her fans yet in a private way

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    Dangerously in Love is my favorite song since I can only pick one. It transcends time, you can listen to it anytime, anywhere. the title also captures the essence of how her true fans feel "dangerously in love" with Beyonce. It was one of her first songs that really showed her range I know that 10 yrs from now I will still listen to Dangerously in love, knowing the words just the same. I want to have this song played at my wedding when i get married.

  • Kera

    I absolutely love all of B's songs, but at the moment I would have to say Move Your Body holds a dear place to my heart. Not only was the song the theme to a campaign with Beyonce and Michelle Obama, two strong beautiful woman but it also empowered me to get fit and live a healthier life... And because of that song, I have lost over 30 pounds and counting. Beyonce not only inspires and entertains, she changes lives!!!

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    Dangerously in Love is my favorite song since I can only pick one. It transcends time, you can listen to it anytime, anywhere. the title also captures the essence of how her true fans feel "dangerously in love" with Beyonce. It was one of her first songs that really showed her range I know that 10 yrs from now I will still listen to Dangerously in love, knowing the words just the same.

  • Jhertira Chandler
    Jhertira Chandler

    GET ME BODIED.... One of the best dance hits of all times! Every time I hear this song, I transform into Beyonce. Lol this song is just THAT song to get everyone up and grooving, and I love to dance lol. When I hear the beginning, "9-4-8-1 BDAY" it's all over, in the words of Kevin Hart, " it's about to go down". Amazing song!

  • acbeyoncefan08

    I favorite song by Beyonce is Me,Myself, and I!!!! I love it soo much, I tattooed it on my wrist!!! When I first heard the song it was the story of an awful relationship I was in. I had vested so much time and energy into a relationship that my partner did not care about. This song not only gave me the courage to end it, but to also believe in myself and know that when no one else is there I have myself to rely on!!! I can alway count on ME!!!!!!!!

  • beyoncehadmeathello

    My name sums up my whole experience since watching bey since she has entered the game. My Favorite song I play every morning is "Hello" Off the I am .. This song is everything to me and im still addicted almost 3 years later watching bey perform it on youtube. Las vegas was so humble :) everyone watch it

  • ladypatriot

    "Deja Vu"

  • Deyonce

    I LOVE all B's music, but I must say that Hello is one of my favorites!!!! **pick me!!***

  • Arielle

    i love Beyonce so much!!!!!!!! I love the song Survivor because, I went blind at the age of 9, and I am 15 now. Ever sins I was in the hospital I have loved that song!! Wen ever I feall I cant do sommthing, I tell my self "I am a Survivor , I will not give up, I will not stop, I will work harder, I'm gonna make it, I will Survive, and keep on Surviving". To tell you the truth, the only thing that has kept me sain thru my hard times of not being able to see is Beyonce. I just wish I was able to thank her for all she has dun for me, and all the strength she has given me!

  • Reese

    My favorite Beyonce song is Sweet Dreams. When I first heard the beat, it blew me away. It's very different from her other material and it's sound is a rocked out lullaby, at least to me it is. I can't get enough of how her voice flows with the beat so perfectly. In close second is Why Don't You Love Me? but Sweet Dreams is definitely my ultimate favorite song.

  • Nikia

    My Fav song of Beyonce is all of them. But the one I could choose is Scared of Lonely. Reason being, is because at times i feel like I'm left alone. I had a bad break up and I was feeling like I was the only person in the world that had the feeling. I didn't want to stand alone. But the more I listen to Scared of Lonely the more I began to open my eyes. I just want to thank Beyonce for helping get over my hurdle of pain.

  • Feshondra Tripp
    Feshondra Tripp

    Ok I am going to take it waay back. My all time favorite song was back when she was in Destiny Child from the "The Writing's on The Wall". It was number 8 track titled Where'd you go. I was 14 at the time and had just broken up with my first love. I love that song and that album!!!!!

  • Linda

    My favorite B song is Signs...

  • Angela Pollard
    Angela Pollard

    It is so hard to choose just one Beyonce song as my favorite. I am going to say 1+1 because it showcases her true vocal talent

  • ShaqB

    My favorite Beyonce song is probably Radio. I love the song because it's so relatable and to me it gives you a view as to what Beyonce was sorta like when young.

  • Anishia Davis
    Anishia Davis

    Geez...picking one favorite is always extremely difficult when it comes to my favorite, Queen B! Every single song has so many inspirational messages through her beautiful vocals! However, I would have to say that my favorite song would be "Me, Myself, and I" It keeps me motivated, strong, and empowered!! I love this song because it is a constant reminder that you must love yourself and know your worth! All females can relate to this song at some point in time in their lives, and "Me, Myself, and I" is the best song to uplift those with the refusal to feel sorry for yourself. I love this song! It's a ConFidenCe BoosTeR!!

  • Vera Diana Carcamo-thomas
    Vera Diana Carcamo-thomas

    I love Beyonce, I have all her cd's from Destiny's Child to her most recent. My favorite song, Single Ladies, but I also love, If I Were a Boy, Survivor. I would love to see her in person at Central Park. I would be 1ST in line!. She is such a great role model for these young girls. She empowers women with her music!

  • gomalachi

    Favorite song is the 'I Am...Yours' version of 'Sweet Dreams.' The melody, the melismas, the notes, everything is just amazing!

  • Jared Robinson
    Jared Robinson

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is "Crazy in Love". Its simply amazing. I love the up beat rhythems and the lyrics; they show why she is the "Queen". I also love that it mixes love with a dance track. This song will forever be amazing no matter what.

  • ryan4beyonce

    I LOOVE 'Smash into You'. It always tugs at my heart. The lyrics plus B's voice and incredible melody make an amzing song

  • ryan4beyonce

    you too charles.........

  • ryan4beyonce

    I obviously also love "Single Ladies". Best music video ever!!! I know its simple but it has become a classic. It shows B is super talented without all the extras that most artists put in their videos. Plus I love watching the remakes!

  • Charles

    I have a lot of favorites but my new favorite is Best thing I never had. Her vocals on that song is powerful. That song has a message that anyone can relate to, what goes around comes back around....

  • ryan4beyonce

    watch your back Baron

  • ryan4beyonce

    My favorite song is Check up on it. I love that movie and the music video is so fun. I wish I could be bootylicious like Beyonce!!!

  • Baron

    Favorite Beyonce song, without a doubt, is "Deja Vu." The rhythm and funk on that track are incredible!

  • ryan4beyonce

    I love 'Me. myself and I'. the lyrics are incredibale and the melody makes me feel good. I love the harmony and innocence in B's voice.

  • ryan4beyonce

    I love "If I were a Boy" its such a great break up song. Plus it really shows Beyonce's amazing vocal range. She is sooo talented and that's just one of the many reasons why I love her!!!

  • ryan4beyonce

    Jay-Z + B = best song ever!!!! (Crazy in Love, obviously). great dance dance song. it always puts me in a great mood even when I'm really sad. Thanks B!!!!!!!!

  • ryan4beyonce

    I love Halo!!! Beautiful song written by a beautiful woman. This is me and boyfriend's song. Thanks B!!!

  • Chris LaRon
    Chris LaRon

    My favorite Beyonce song of all time is hands down Deja Vu. Song and video. Her energy was so raw and untamed. Everything about the song was ahead of it's time. It's a shame the world wasn't ready.

  • Joann Kia
    Joann Kia


  • ryan4beyonce

    I love Beyonce and Shakira's song Beautiful Liar. Its such a great collaboration from two of the most talented women in the music industry. They are so talented they can sing, write, play instruments and of course dance! A fun song that I can't seem to get out of my head!

  • Joann Kia
    Joann Kia


  • ryan4beyonce

    Another one of my favorite songs is her cover of At Last by Etta James. Its hard for any artist to match the amazing classic the Etta created but leave it to Beyonce to match / outsing her. Both are classic songs that my family listens to often!

  • Cheddie Wildman
    Cheddie Wildman

    First let me say its really hard narrowing it down to only one choice, so for that reason I'm going to pick the song that first made me fall madly in love with Beyonce, it's Survivor, I've been through many tough times in my life and managed to survive so whenever I hear that song I always pump my fist in the air and sing along.

  • ryan4beyonce

    Another one of my favorite songs is "Ave Maria". I love how Beyonce shows how talented she is by incorporating such a modern twist to one of the most classic songs. She is AHHMAZZING!!

  • ryan4beyonce

    My other favorite song is get me bodied. I love the extended version. MY sister and I made up a dance for it and we listen to it constantly. She is our role model

  • Michelle

    Beyonce "Flaws & All" comes straight to my mind as my favorite. This song is down right relatable, and embodies the insecurities of the daily woman. So many times in my life have I tried to act a certain way, or not say this, or try to say that, to seem not as weird or just "cool"..But accept me, Flaws and All. And over the years as I've grown to this Year of Revelation, 25!! lol I realize that all I have is Me, Myself & I (2nd fav) at the end...and with God on my back, and joy in my hurt, I'm going to be great and successful in life. I love all Beyonce's songs because they speak the truth of what I can't put into words and they uplift me to stay true to who I am, and where I come from! I am smiling! :))

  • ryan4beyonce

    My favorite Beyonce song is Ego because I LOVE the melody and the lyrics are sooo fun. I listen to this song before school everyday because it gives me confidence and the ability to shine in every situation <3

  • Tiara Rankin
    Tiara Rankin

    My favorite song of all time by beyonce is halo. i love this song soooo much because its so moving and i love anything beyonce does. I LOVE BEYONCE SO MUCH!! I ALWAYS LISTEN TO HER AND SHE MAKES ME HAPPY WHEN IM SAD. I love Beyonce so much,she’s been an inspiration to me since i was little.

  • Unique

    Still in Love has kept me afloat while my boyfriend has been on duty in Afghanistan. It's so hard for both of us as we've been together since junior high school and have been trying to find the time to get marrried. It's also been really scary as he's been in a bomb attack but luckily didn't lose any limbs but did get badly burned on his legs. We skype sometimes and sing this song to each other and listen to it every night before we both go to bed to remind us of our love. I love Beyonce so much as she's been an inspiration to me since she stepped on the scene at 15.

  • Lorraine Marie
    Lorraine Marie

    Beyonce is my favorite artist of all time because she has it all… Dynamic stage presence, beautiful voice & skilled vocal and dance abilities delivered in every captivating performance!!! Whenever I listen to her music and see her perform I’m always amazed at her immeasurable talent as she gives 100% of herself, takes risks and sets trends. I feel this way every time I listen to her music. It’s really hard to narrow it down to one but I have to say that my favorite Beyonce song of all time is “Still in Love (kissing you).” I love the music, and the way Beyonce expresses each word is very moving. Plus, the lyrics are beautiful. This song is an expression of true love. Such an awesome way to say you love and are loved by someone. I absolutely LOVE Beyonce!!!! She is true artistry at its best. I can’t wait for July 1st. I wanna be there front and center. ******Please pick me for VIP*****

  • Tanisha

    Flaws & All helped me through life and death situations. In school I was constantly bullied and even had my hair and clothes cut by a group of people who felt I wasn't worthy of living. I used to beg my Mother to transfer me to another school and each time the same things would happen. I started listening to this song on repeat about every 1/2 hour to get the courage to go to school each day and would listen to it in school to get through the day. Glad to say I can hold my head up now even though I still don't have many friends.

  • Kisha

    My favorite song is Listen. It got me through when I was contemplating suicide over a guy that took my virginity and promised he's always love me and left me right after. I shut down for weeks and couldn't eat or sleep and I lost my job. One day I was home and the video for Listen came on and it was as if the heaven's opened up to shine a new light on my soul. Thank you Beyonce for saving my life!

  • acladas

    My all time favorite Beyonce song is actually Resentment, from her 2nd album. I really fell in love with this song after I saw a video of her singing it at her Las Vegas concert two years ago. She sings it so honestly and with such power, I cried after I saw it and listed to it a hundred times more after that! I have been listening to Beyonce since her early Destiny's Child years, and I know that the day I see her live, my life would be absolutely complete. She is my role model, my inspiration, and in my opinion, the most talented singer I know. I love her!!!

  • Jennifer

    I can say with honesty, I love Beyonce! She has TRUE talent and her voice is remarkable! I love all of her music but my favorite one to date is "Scared of lonely" I would love for me and my sister (die hard fan) to meet her! She is beautiful and gifted :)

  • Joe Ramirez
    Joe Ramirez

    Deja Vu - It was the birth of Sasha Fierce. Beyonce got rid of any inhibitions she may have previously had and unleashed the full power of Hurricane Bey and life was never the same after that.

  • vlovesb

    My favorite Beyonce song is Save the Hero. Many people don't know about this song because it didn't come on the I Am Sasha Fierce US version. It's such a beautiful song. Her vocals are amazing and it's the type of song you can feel deep down in your soul. I think It should have been included on the US version because it can appeal to everyone in some way. I honestly think it's one of her best songs.

  • Julyza Commodore
    Julyza Commodore

    I honestly can't choose a favorite Beyonce Song, because I've love her so much. I love every single thing about her. From her humility, her personality to her amazing talent. If I had to Choose a favorite song it'd be Crazy In Love<3

  • Matthew Grimsley
  • Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown

    It's pretty impossible to just choose one favorite Beyonce song because they are all great! But to follow the rules, I would say that Crazy In Love is my favorite song by Beyonce because it was her first song as a solo artist. I don't think many people had faith in her as a solo artist (I did) but Crazy In Love showed the world what she's capable of then the question became, "Are we ready for Beyonce" and look at where she is now, FIERCE!

  • Corina James
    Corina James

    My favorite song by beyonce is summertime because i met the love of my life in the summer time and since hes a rapper and i am a singer i love to pretend like im B and that hes Jay! i love you beyonce please pick me!

  • Micaiah BeyonceJr Strong
    Micaiah BeyonceJr Strong

    My favorite Beyonce` song is Listen because it so empowering and uplifting. Not only that but its Bey's best song when it comes to vocals. The song helped me get through the tough times in my life. It helped me too see that i am made of something and no matter what someone tells me, i can do or be anything, if i set my mind to it. It also helped me to realize that in order to do so their are some sacrifices that you must make. No matter what happens in life God has a plan for me and he would never give you anything that you couldnt handle. I would like to thank Beyonce` for making such a beautiful song and helping me realize my worth as a person. You yourself, are very inspiring. I hope that one day i do have a chance to meet in thank you in person for all the things you have done, as well as show my appreciation for you. And i mean this from the bottom of my heart. xo -Much love......Micaiah S.

  • Davin Harris
    Davin Harris

    Another Favorite song by Beyonce is Dangerously In Love. A love song of ages. i fell in love with this song since the first time i heard it on survivor. i love it from the way she started repeating "i love you" to the way it ends dragging the song on with repetition saying "Dangerously in Love" the song is filled with natural emotion. and its so amazing because such a powerful song at such a yound age. and the way she brings it to life in a live performance.. nothing can be compared to it.

  • Kyllian Franklin
    Kyllian Franklin

    My favorite Beyonce song would have to be 'Halo'. I connect with that song down to the lyrics, the passion, the exemplified love and her amazing vocals pulls it off perfectly. I love how much passion she puts into all her music and that's why I'll always support her.

  • Joni FlawsN'all Guilbe
    Joni FlawsN'all Guilbe

    my favorite song [as you can see from my "middle name" on facebook, is Flaws and all. -i love when she sings ballads -i absolutely love when she sings this live -the meaning is so touching -the music video was so0o0o cute im looking forward to the new batch of ballads AND THE WHOLE ALBUM #ICARE4BEYONCE

  • Davin Harris
    Davin Harris

    My favorite Beyonce song is Halo. It is her best vocal performed song i have ever heard. i listen to the song everyday. It helped me cope when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It makes me think about all the important people in my life. Beyonce is a phenomanal woman. I would love to see her live in concert to be able to experience her sing Halo live. It feels like she song that song for me. I love Beyonce and this song moves me like no other song in the world.

  • Andre

    One Beyonce favorite? That's almost not possible. I've been a fan of hers for literally years, but I think my favorite song would have to be "Scared of Lonely". It's powerful, it's emotional and has a lot of meaning. It also relates to me a bit.

  • Samantha

    it's impossible to have just ONE favorite beyoncé song! I guess i'd have to say Get Me Bodied since it's from my favorite Beyoncé album, B'Day. Honestly though, her songs are all so different from each other that if you have a wide range of music tastes, you'll find it hard to restrict yourself to just one song.

  • meganmattox

    My favorite Beyonce song is "Listen." Beyonce embodies strength and power, and this song is just like her. It's all about standing up for yourself and starting new if need be. It's gorgeous. She's gorgeous. Perfect match. How can you not love this? "Listen, I am alone at a crossroads I'm not at home in my own home And I've tried and tried to say what's on mind You should have known Oh, now I'm done believing you You don't know what I'm feeling I'm more than what you made of me I followed the voice you gave to me But now I've gotta find my own" Plus, the way she performs the song is breathtaking. I can't imagine what it would be like to see her perform this--or any song-- live. She's incredible! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  • dorothyc

    I would absolutely loooove to see Beyonce! :) My favorite song from her recently is Single Ladies, not only because it's catchy and great to dance to, but also because it goes along with the idea of girl empowerment and independent women. I think thats a really important idea that girls my age need to have in order to be confident and happy with themselves!



  • Gianni Mitchell
    Gianni Mitchell

    But I Love Every Songs She Has She Can Do No Wrong

  • Gianni Mitchell
    Gianni Mitchell

    My Favorite Song Is Smash Into To You Because Its So deep and Telling You A Story Bout Love Which Give Hope To guys Like me Finding The Right Girl.

  • Samantha

    My favorite is probably crazy in love. So cute that she sang with Jay-Z on that one. I also like her songs from "Dreamgirls."

  • danielleakame

    My favorite song of hers is 'If i were a boy' i think both men and women listen to it and better understand each other. she is a fabulous singer, and some of her songs just get to me. love it. love her.

  • Felicia

    My all time favorite Beyonce song would have to be Flaws and All. I love this song because it describes a real girl that loves herself. But it also describes a significant other that accepts you for who you are. It shows that you do not have to change who you are for someone to love you. This song gives me a boost of confidence every time I listen to it because I love who I am and no one can change me. She sings what women need to hear.

  • DanielKardash

    My all time Beyonce favorite is 'If I Were A Boy' because it gives us a girls point of view of what the guys do. Her voice just goes through me in this song. Love it!!!

  • efifs

    I love each and everyone of Beyonce's songs but i have to say smash into you's a pretty good one...and I love the vintage, "I Love Lucy" feel of the Why Dont You Love Me video!!! All her songs are so empowering even if your just turning up the tunage while cleaning your room.

  • Ashley Steinberg
    Ashley Steinberg

    It may sound cliche because its still relatively new, but I love Single Ladies. Every time I am feeling low about being single, this song pumps me up and makes me realize that its ok to not have a boyfriend. I'm young and I'm not the only person who hasn't found that special person yet.