Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Surprise Appearance on 'Glee' Live Tour! (VIDEO)

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Donned in her finest Holly Holiday outfit, Gwyneth Paltrow returned to her Glee roots on Thursday night by surprising Glee Live concert goers in New Jersey!

The Oscar winning actress, who guest starred on a few episodes as an outrageous substitute teacher, joined the crew on stage and belted out her popular version of "Forget You."

Bummed you missed out on seeing it in concert? Fear not!

Thursday night's concert was filmed for the Glee Live 3D film spectacular, so you'll have a chance to see this performance up close and personal!

Ashley Fink got in on the fun and tweeted:

"Tonight. Is. Off. The. Chain. AND in 3D. Now that's winning."
Gwyneth (who just joined Twitter) also tweeted:
"On my way to Glee live! Rock. On."
You'll have to wait until August to see the film in theaters, but you can watch Gwyneth's performance above to hold you over.

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  • Agony

    Wow!!! She is AMAZING! seriously, her voice is so clear.