James Van Der Beek Talks Fatherhood, Possible Playdates With Suri Cruise

James Van Der Beek is all grown up. With a wife and 8-month-old daughter, the actor has come a long way since his days on Dawson’s Creek and believes fatherhood has “completely changed” his life — for the better.

Celebuzz sat down with the first time father and his wife to chat more about their adorable daughter Olivia, why they’d love to plan a playdate with Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri Cruise and why James is heading back to TV — to play himself!

The doting dad is all smiles when he talks about his wife and daughter. “Being a dad is awesome. I highly recommend it,” Van Der Beek told Celebuzz at the Pampers “First Father’s Day Cook-Out” held at Stage 37 in New York City.

“Before you have a kid, you know you have to be less selfish and rearrange your priorities, but once your kid arrives, it instantaneously happens from the inside out. It isn’t about ‘Oh, I want to watch the ball game, but I have to change a diaper.’ It’s ‘Oh wait! I want to change the diaper. Forget the ball game.'”

And when it comes to diapers, wife Kimberly Brooks says James is “very hands on.”

“Those two do everything together. They make pancakes, go shopping… He’s so hands on. No one — not even myself — can put a smile on Olivia’s face like James can,” she gushed.

And while James doesn’t see much of his Creek co-stars anymore, he’d still love to plan a playdate for their daughter and Suri Cruise.

“She is much older than Olivia, so Suri would probably get bored… But I think she’d make a good older sister-type playmate if they hung out,” the actor said.

Their first daughter was just born in September, but the couple are already thinking about having more kids.

“We would both love more kids. God willing, we would love to have a big family,” Brooks said.

Up next, the actor will be starring in a new ABC comedy, Apartment 23, alongside Dreama Walker and Krysten Ritter. “I play myself as the neighbor across the hall from these two dysfunctional female roommates. It’s like a modern day Odd Couple. It’s funny,” he said.

We can only imagine what Dawson’s Creek jokes will be written in the script. The show is scheduled to air this fall on ABC. Watch the preview below and let us know what you think.