Matthew McConaughey Goes Country at LA Film Festival (PHOTOS)

McConaughey Beach Day!
The cute family spends time on the sand.
Fans may know Matthew McConaughey as a a constantly-shirtless surfer boy but the handsome actor hasn’t forgotten his country roots – The Lincoln Lawyer star sported a cowboy hat and a pretty awesome mustache to the opening night of the LA Film Festival on Thursday, June 16.

Matthew walked the red carpet with his beautiful wife Camilla Alves and was later joined inside the festival by his Bernie co-star Jack Black.

So, what’s up with the hat? McConaughey is a good ol’ Texas boy having grown up in Longview, Texas before taking on Hollywood with his good looks and southern boy charm. As for the mustache, we can’t really explain that – maybe Matt just wanted to get in the Texan character?

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