Shenae Grimes Explains "Flipping the Bird" Photo

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Some blogs went off on Shenae Grimes Friday, alleging the actress was uncooperative and gave the finger to her publicist Thursday at the Persol Magnificent Obsessions exhibition in New York, and Grimes is blogging her explanation.

"FYI to all ugly-media lovers…that 'publicist' I was allegedly flipping off was one of my closest friends and if you had any insight into my personal life, you’d know that I would never seriously behave that way and I do have a very sarcastic sense of humor"

Continued Shenae:

"twas all in good fun, note the shots of us laughing while it was happening. They’ll turn whatever they can to make a good story I know but I’m a human being who isn’t ashamed of having a dry sense of humor, my apologies if anyone is offended by that but know, my friend certainly was not!"

Head over to Grimes' blog to check out what she's really been up to in New York.

Shenae Grimes' Blog!
Shenae Grimes Blog
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  • Nicole

    So what... I don't have anything against sarcastic humor. I frequently call my bffs nasty names and we make fun. C'mon. Don't be so puritan.

  • sophie1986

    I thought she was just asking people to smell her finger. Annalynne McCord, right?

  • May

    Another flashole star who thinks the sun, moon and stars shine out of her ass. Who is she by the way? What movie as she been in. Why do they do these nasty things to get noticed?