The Meet & Greet: Teen Starlet Lyndsey Cannon

Every now and then, there’s a rising teen sensation that really captures everyone’s attention. This time around, we’re captivated by teen starlet Lyndsey Cannon!

As a model, singer and actress, Lyndsey is following the footsteps of some of our favorite teen stars. Celebuzz had a chance to chat with Lyndsey about her blossoming career, plus we got the scoop on her new music, her idols, and how she manages to keep up straight A’s in school! (Yup! We were just as impressed by this fact as you are.)

You started your career at age 11. Can you tell us a bit about how all of your projects developed?
I am originally from Rochester Hills, Michigan and moved to New York to model. The day after I was signed, I was at a casting where I landed my first job. I was featured in a huge Tommy Hillifiger campaign and Jay-Z also hand picked me for a feature in WWD for his anniversary for Rocawear. The day before I booked that, Beyonce’s Dereon campaign booked me for a job.

Are you still working with Beyonce’s clothing line?
In the future hopefully I’ll do more for them.

How did you branch into music?
I started in music when I wrote songs with my producer. I recorded songs in Michigan and then in New York where I took vocal lessons.

How long have you been taking vocal lessons?
It’s been over two years now.

Your new song “Daddy’s Girl” will be your first single. What was the process of making this song like?
It was something I co-wrote with my producer. He wanted to do a song about dads, which I thought was a great idea because Father’s Day is coming up. It is a tribute to my dad and all the dads around the world.

What is the concept behind the video for “Daddy’s Girl”?
It was a really fun video to shoot – just me and my dad hanging out and having fun. The colors in it are fantastic.

What can readers expect to hear on your new album Hey Lyndsey when it comes out this summer?
My music style is Katy Perry meets Disney. It’s a mix of pop music, but age appropriate. It is really fun and colorful. It’s a really great album that I think people will love.

Who do you look up to in the industry or who would you like to model your career after?
I really love Selena Gomez, from her music to her acting. I’m loving her new song “Who Says”. It makes me feel good and confident about myself. I hope my music comes off that way as well. I also really look up to Raven Symone. Not only does she act and sing, but she also gives back. She’s such a sweet and humble person overall.

Looking ahead, if you could duet or tour with anyone, who would you choose?
I would choose Selena Gomez because she has a great vibe and is a person I look up to. I would love to make a song with her.

Speaking of Selena Gomez, who sings and acts, is there any acting in your future?
I do also act. I would love to do everything. Right now I take acting classes and have a few auditions for movies and other projects. I love to do a variety of things.

You’re also a straight A student in school. How do you balance it all at such a young age?
School is so important. School is always first for me because I think it’s important to have an education, and then I work on the entertainment aspect of my life.

“Daddy’s Girl” is now available on iTunes! Follow Lyndsey on Twitter and visit her website for more of her music updates.

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