Battle of the Hot Jessicas! (PHOTOS)

Five hot Jessicas, but only one can prevail!

Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Jessica BielJessiza Szohr and Jessica Lowndes share more than just a name — these five are some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies out there.

While all five of them are (obviously) hot, there are different aspects of their sexiness that we can all appreciate.

Alba has the whole hot mom thing going on, while Simpson has that “in love” glow that so many women get when they have found the loves of the lives. On the flip side, Biel is newly single, which makes her all the more desirable, while Lowndes and Szohr are just plain hot!

Check out all the photos of the hot Jessicas in the gallery, then cast your vote for who YOU think is the hottest one in the poll!

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