The Wildest, Wackiest Hats of Royal Ascot Week (PHOTOS)

Royal Wedding Hats!
From fashionable to flat-out ridiculous.
If there’s one thing that the British know how to do more outlandishly and ridiculously than any other nation on the planet, it’s sporting absolutely wild hats.

This past week, the most absurd and imaginative hats were on full display as some of the most fashionable Brit ladies headed to Ascot for the annual Royal Ascot racetrack event. It has become tradition to go big — really big — or go home when it comes to headgear for this event, and this year was certainly no slouch when it came to upholding that tradition. There were swans, gigantic poofy flowers, ridiculous question mark things … really, some just defy explanation.

Thankfully, Celebuzz has compiled the wildest ones for you to ogle … and hey, if they seem up your alley, go ahead and order one online!

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