Who Should Be Demi Lovato's Next Boyfriend? (PHOTOS)

With her relationship with on-again, off-again boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama reportedly off, Demi Lovato is single and ready for a new man. As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea – and Hollywood certainly isn't lacking for sexy studs for this beautiful Disney star to set her sights on.

Preparing for the release of her new single off of her 3rd album, perhaps a fellow high-school crooner will leave this songbird filled with glee. Or, if her prior break-up with Joe Jonas has left her steering clear of musicians for good, Demi could always take a trip across the pond for a little royal treatment.

Will she go younger, following the advice of her BFF Selena Gomez? Or, as the more than ten-year age difference between her and Valderrama can attest to, are older men more her type? Check out our possible suitors for Demi and share your own picks in the comments.



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  • veronica

    yeah yeah date demi,zac she's just the right <3 love ZEMI

  • v33

    hell yeah... dey'l luk gr8 2gatha.....

  • Sammy

    Honestly I'd rather have him date one of those cheerleading girls.

  • zefron

    oh i wish. that would be AMAZING.

  • zacanddemi

    i love zemi woul be great

  • jnkjenj

    There's a chance..

  • fong yang
    fong yang

    I sound better off as her new boyfriend

  • Danielle

    Not gonna happen. Demi can dream all she want.

  • luvlyhoneybabe

    Yea this list is a pretty freakin random! FAIL!!

  • luvlyhoneybabe

    Yeah this would be a good couple they would be good for each other.

  • luvlyhoneybabe

    I don't think he's right for Demi. p.s. he is so freakin haute!!!

  • me

    what the cr**!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is just rubbish....c'mon!!!!!

  • emy

    yeah i fink they can it wud be so cool

  • beverly ann clark
    beverly ann clark

    nononononononono way

  • rami mohi
    rami mohi

    girl u aint gonna find anyone special in zis famous ppl .anyway i don't get it y someone spend his life with different ppl.zat suck .i never date anyone before wat am i gona tell 4my next gf i hv date before her cz she aint trust me after me too if she had u c zis date thing never work 4 me

  • rami

    relation with famous will never work or take long..,i dont get it y someone spend zis 40,60year of life wiz d/t ppl, zat hurt u wen think of it. Wat z use of it?(u don't know wat alcohols did till it leaves u .u don't know z mean of life till u get ur mirror.(love) i hate famouses 4real get ur own love zat never been loved zen u c ur self on it like a mirror

  • dllove

    why she can't be with nick jonas??????they would be the cutest couple ever because nick likes demi that's for sure!

  • XxXSerenityIsn'tAlwaysTheAnswerxXx


  • fckjonas

    youre 2 annoying 2 exist

  • fckjonas

    wtf is wrong with u?? stop hating on her n saying not tryna be rude n dat kinda stuff cuz it doesnt help...n shes not weird..wats weird is how ur judging her without actually knowing her

  • fckjonas

    seriously the 'no offence' part doesnt help...plus any guy would be lucky 2 date demi but 1 thing i agree about is this thing is rubbish...seriously prince harry???

  • emma

    nobody just joe nobody is not such better than joe that to be demi's boyfriend

  • The Voice of Reason
    The Voice of Reason

    She should date me. I'm better than all of those Hollywood fags.

  • staystrong

    how do you guys know NONE of these guys would want to date her ? shes beautiful inside and out , rich and down to earth but i do agree theres something wrong with the list . i just hope she doesnt date another bieber thats all i care about

  • staystrong

    anything but a 17 year old

  • Lucy

    C'mon!!!!!! hahahah be realistic!!!!

  • Clarisse

    NEVER gonna happen!!!!!

  • I Hate Some Things
    I Hate Some Things

    She can't lose.

  • demifan1125

    may be lucas till

  • Gabby

    HA! That's funny.

  • Gabby

    Might happen.

  • Gabby

    Never gonna happen.

  • Gabby

    Never gonna happen.

  • Yvonne

    Whoever wants to be lied to and cheated on would be perfect for her.

  • Salander

    they are both gorgeous and nice people ! :) seems like a nice fit, they would be adorable together.!

  • jblover

    hes too cute for demi.

  • jblover

    oh god... this is just getting bad. no offence.... i bet none of these guys would want to date her....

  • jblover

    ok not trying to be rude or anything... but none of these guys would be good for demi... shes kinda weird

  • kk

    So random, but Robert Pattinson or Andrew Garfield.

  • Miischa

    Alex Gaskarth. The couple of my dreams for 2 years...

  • saraiskiiz

    Cory Monteith. I wonder how that would work.

  • Minnie

    I think she'd look really cute with Taylor Lautner, Cory Monteith, or Avan Jogia. But i think Demi and Joe look the best!

  • chiwi

    andrew garfield FTW, they'd make such a cute couple

  • livesinafairytale

    These are such random "possible boyfriends". Why don't you just throw Barney in there, too? Pros: She already knew him when she was 6! Cons: This purple dinosaur is reported to have a temper.

  • ez

    <3 prince harry,i would date him just cos he seems like he knows how to have fun :-)